About Us

Who doesn’t like riches and the people associated with them? Whatever we say or whatever we do, but the pleasure of owning something top of the class and the most expensive, is surely unmatched

Everyone likes to know about the immoderate, luxurious lives of affluent people and sometimes, even imitate them. When there is a lot to gather, we tend to lose track. And which is why, Rich Glare presents a one-stop solution to all your ‘uptown’ queries. It is a unique website of its kind where you can browse through, to find exclusive content about every possible thing on earth which is rich and expensive in its own terms.

Who owns the wealthiest house, who is auctioning their plush belongings, which gadget is worth a million (literally too), who got hold of that antique collectible you read about online; find every little detail of the filthy rich on Rich Glare.

In spite of an uncanny resemblance to the websites selling celebrity gossip, we have an edge over the rest as we give you an insight into their bank accounts, not personal lives.

Working with a team of efficient writers who dig up every nook and corner for the most accurate and interesting information, we provide you the daily dose of everything beautiful, dirty and rich.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

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