Anthony Bourdain Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $9 million



Anthony Bourdain was born in the year 1956, on June 25th. Anthony Bourdain full name was Anthony Michael Bourdain Anthony Bourdain was born in the hospital of New York City. Anthony Bourdain’s father was Gladys Bourdain, who was a Columbia Records executive in the music recording industry related to classical music. Anthony Bourdain’s grandfather and grandmother i.e. his father’s parents were French. His grandfather during the time of World War I, traveled from Arcachon to the New York. His father also grew up in France; Gladys Bourdain spent a considerable amount of his childhood summers in France. Anthony Bourdain mother was Pierre Bourdain. Pierre Bourdain was an editor at The New York Times. Anthony Bourdain did not had much knowledge of religion, this was because of two religion affecting his ancestors; Jewish and Catholic. Anthony Bourdain spent and grown up in Leonia situated in New Jersey. Anthony Bourdain completed his graduation in the year 1973 from Dwight-Englewood School. Thereafter he joined Vassar College. From start only Anthony Bourdainwas keen to acquire more advanced culinary skills and so in the year 1978, he completed his graduation in this course from Culinary Institute of America. Anthony Bourdain also worked as a veteran in many high professional kitchens but was never appointed as the main chef, still he did not ever lose his hopes and kept on trying to sharpen his skills by continue, working as an executive chef in Brasserie Les Halles situated in New York. In the year 190, Anthony Bourdain gets married with his high school girlfriend and dating partner, Nancy Putkoski. Their happy married life stays for around 20 years and then they got divorced. Then on 20th April of the year 2007, he gets married with Ottavia Busia. But just 11 days before this wedding, Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Busia were blessed by the baby girl Ariane. Ariane was born in the year 2007, on April 9th.  Ottavia Busia appeared in No Reservations various episodes. Anthony Bourdain in the year 200 launched his book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. In the year 2005, he began hosting well known programs; Anthony Bourdain: No reservations and The Layover of the Travel Channels related to culture and culinary. Later in the year 2013, Anthony Bourdain hosted another show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, by joining CNN.


Training and growing up phase


Anthony Bourdain in his book, Kitchen Confidential explained his love for food got flamed up in France. Once he went to France with his family for the family vacations and there in the oyster fisherman’s boat tried an oyster and from that day only, his temptation was increased was increased towards the sea food. Afterwards when he came back, along with Vassar College, Anthony Bourdain used to work in famous seafood restaurants so that he can gain more and more knowledge about that food. His keenness towards the culinary activities got empowered after this and he made an irrevocable decision of becoming a chef and making cooking his career. From Culinary institute of America, Anthony Bourdain completed his graduation course and soon after that, he started running various restaurants like Supper Club, One Fifth Avenue and Sullivan’s situated in the New York City. Brasserie Les Halles situated in Manhattan along with in Miami and at the Anthony Bourdain’s tenure time, in Tokyo, Japan and Washington, D.C. too.



Anthony Bourdain’s first book, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly showed a big hit of his life at the start only. Anthony Bourdain collected a lot of fame from that book. This book came as New York Times bestselling book in 2000. This book was not only about recipes in fact it was about all the facts related to food, which are either ignored by the people or are hidden from the world. This book carries the experiences, feelings, moments of Anthony Bourdain’s life which revolves around the culinary world. Thereafter in the year 2001, Anthony Bourdain again launched another book, A Cook’s Tour which again was New York Times bestselling one. In this book, A Cook’s Tour Anthony Bourdain describes about his different travelling experiences on food along with in synchronization with his television show series. His third book was The Nasty Bits, which again includes the paragraphs and facts on food. There is no doubt that Anthony Bourdain’s thoughts were always occupied with the food and its related stuffs since he throw up three books; Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, A Cook’s Tour and A Nasty Bits, all three were only related to the world of food and nothing else. Anthony Bourdain’s articles also gained fame soon and started publishing at various places on regular basis.




He is a very rich personality. He leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $9 million. His television shows have gained a lot of popularity all around the world. And hence they made good money. He has written many books also and almost all of his books are titled as bestselling books. His books have made a great market. He owns a beautiful mansion which is equipped with almost all the facilities. He owns many other luxurious and expensive gadgets also.

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