Ashton Kutcher- net worth, money and more

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Net worth: 140 million dollars

Career / Profession: Actor and Model

Ashton Kutcher is a popular American TV producer, and is estimated a net worth of 140 million dollars. A heart throb of many, he became popular when he did roles like “Kelso”on Fox and That 70s Show. He also hosted MTV Punk’d. He has also done several successful movies. The 6 feet 2 inch and 176 pound actor, was born on February 7, 1978 in the city of Cedar Rapids in Lowa. He was born to Larry M. Kutcher and Diane.  His father was a Bohemian Czech while his mother has Irish origin. However they were both Roman Catholics. His father was a factory worker while his mother was in proctoring and gambling business.He also has an older sister, Tausha. His fraternal brother, Michael has a disease, cerebral palsy. Because of his brother’s condition, his childhood was a bit struggle full. Miseries increased when his parents divorced. He was interested in acting during his schools days. However, he was once arrested for breaking into school. In 1996, he attended University of Lowa where he realized his potential as an actor and a model. He also won many modeling competitions. His prizes were also very lucrative, one of them was a short trip to New York. He also appeared in Calvin Klein Ads. He tasted success when he signed deal to do the role played by Charlie Sheen in the popular show, Two and a Half Men in the year 2011. His show gained a viewership of 28.7 million viewers. His income is 750,000 dollars for each episode. He has also endorsed many products since then. He dated a co-star from Bollywood, Demi Moore in the year 2003. The actress was 15 years older than him. In the year 2005, they tied the sacred knot of marriage. However, the marriage was kept a secret and only close friend and family members were invited. However they could not go long and they finally filed for petition in the court in the year 2011. There were rumors that Moore was cheated by Kutcher. He was said to spend night with a girl from a party.


Richly possessions: Estates and Homes
1.    Hollywood hills house: 3.4 million dollars

This home was in news buzz for a long time because it was Bieber’s gift to himself. The house was then purchased by Ashton Kutcher for 3.4 million dollar. He also lent the home for 50, 000 dollars a month. It is located on Hollywood Hills in California. It offers a mesmerizing view of Arrowhead Drive. Spread over the area of 9,385 square feet. It is surrounded with lush green garden, the house has glass walls, 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and a nice dining room. It also had gym area, massage room, hot tub. It also offers the view of open sky which offers a relaxing view. He has rich and famous neighborhood with neighbors like Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hanks. However he is not that social as his house is on top hill which makes it a private area. He is away from the eyes of public.

2.    Beverly Hills Home 

This house was his bachelor pad before he purchased a house in Hollywood hills. He used to live in this Beverly Hills Home which he purchased for 3,150,000 million dollars from Demi Moore. Demi used to live in this house but after divorce he gave it to Ashton. It is located in the Beverly Hills in California in United States of America. Located on the 9740 Oak Pass Road, it is spread over the area of 6,716 square feet, it is a two storey home which has space enough to accommodate 60 people in it. It features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a grand kitchen, children’s den. From the house there is a mesmerizing look of scenic beauty, oak trees and sky touching treetops. It has rosewood and mahogany trees in its garden area. The home has interior which eye soothing colors. It has a very relaxing interior. It also has a large swimming pool, a hot tub.

3.    Mobile Mansion

Ashton Kutcher purchased this mobile home when he was shooting for Two and a Half men. He rented this home of his 8,750 dollars per week. It is not located anywhere as it has wheels and so can reach anywhere with Ashton. The mansion offers 7 60 inch TV sets, a satellite TV, Kitchen, Master bedrooms, other bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting area.  It offers several other features like a conference room, windows to offer the outside look, it also has large storage area, surveillance system to keep a look. His mobile mansion has a neighborhood of celebrities like Jon Cryer and Angus Jones who seem to spend a lot of time with Ashton on sets. He once said, “I wouldn’t say I’m personally trying to transition from comedy into drama. I don’t look at things like, ‘Oh, I need to do a drama now.’ I get a lot of material sent to me, and if I feel like something has the creative integrity and the right director and the right whoever involved, the right actors and is a great story, then I do it.”


What can he do with the money he has?

  1. 782,122.9 pieces of Etymotic HF3 ear buds worth 179.00 dollars each.
  2. 5,001,786.3 pieces of That 70s Show: The Complete Series DVD Board Game worth 27.99 dollars each.
  3. 1,372.5 pieces of Fisker Karma sports car worth 102,000.00 dollars each.

Ashton Kutcher has enough money to give almost every citizen  in Russia 1 dollar.


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