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NET WORTH of over $140 million

PROFESSION:Actor, producer, former model and a comedian.

ashton kucher

On 7th February 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Lowa, Larry kutcher, a factory worker and Diane kutcher, a Procter and gamble employee welcome the birth of twin boys. Christopher Ashton kutcher the younger boy to the couple, now  known as Ashton kutcher has made it big, shining in Hollywood with estimated net worth of over $140 million, is an American actor, producer, former model and a comedian.


Rags to riches

ashton-kutcher jobs

TV’s highest paid actor had a turbulent teenage life, been arrested and charged for trying to steal money from school. Working in a cereal factory and donating blood for cash to pay his way through a biochemical engineering degree. While studying biochemical engineering in Lowa and working in a factory cleaning dust, kutcher entered the fresh face of Lowa modeling contest and wins a trip to New York City to peruse modeling. Soon the handsome Lowa boy walked down fashion runways from Paris to Milan. he made his mark as the handsome airheaded Michael Kelso on the fox series ” that’70’s show” from 1998 to 2006.he starred in several comedy films, including “Dude, Where’s My Car?” (2000), ” Just Married” (2003), and “Guess Who” (2005).His high-profile romance with actress Demi Moore shot Kutcher’s celebrity stock high in 2003. Kutcher and Moore got married on September 24, 2005, in a private ceremony- the wedding was attended by about 150 close friends and family of the couple, including Bruce Willis, Moore’s ex-husband. In 2003, Kutcher produced and hosted the popular MTV hidden camera show “Punk’d”; he also produces several other reality and game shows through his production company, Katalyst Films, and served for a time as the creative director of the Voice Over Internet Protocol startup Ooma.In 2009, Kutcher became the first actor to gain over one million followers on twitter, beating out CNN and donating $100,000 to fight malaria.

kutcher has made his way from being a mill dust cleaner to 2nd highest paid actor in 2011, dancing and singing all the way to the bank after replacing Charlie sheen in famous sit com “two and a half men” with a one year contract reputedly paying him a whopping $20 million, gaining whopping $700,000  per episode. Besides his high salary from Two and a Half Men, Kutcher makes millions in residuals from syndication of “That 70s Show”, his movies, Production Company and restaurants that he owns. You might think that was all Ashton’s luck used up right there, but no, kutcher was part of many successful movies such as “jobs” grossing  $35.9 million ,”New Year’s Eve” grossing over $142.0 million, “Valentine’s Day” with business of $216.5 million worldwide- and the list goes on and on.

Once kutcher had made a name for himself with decent number of fans drooling over him, in the world of acting and comedy, production seemed to be the next big thing. This is exactly what kutcher did. Katalyst network was founded in 2000 by Ashton kutcher and Jason Goldberg to develop television and film properties. The company is known for developing TV series such as “real wedding crashers”, “punk’d”, “true beauty” and producing movies such as “killers” grossing over $47,000,485, “the butterfly effect” grossing over $96,060,858.

Kutcher’s annual income has been rising every year, he managed to earn $24million as of June 2013 according to fobes


Other investments:-

Multi-million dollar sit-coms, films, production network is not all that kutcher have. in addition to his rising wealth Kutcher has also successfully invested in several technology start ups. Some of his investments include Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb, Path and He is also a co-founder of the venture capital fund A-Grade Investments  and Lenovo announced that it has hired Kutcher as product engineer.

In 2009, Kutcher established an international human rights organization with his then wife, Demi Moore. DNA Foundation, later known as Thorn, works to address the sexual exploitation of children and the proliferation of child pornography on a global scale.

He also appears in advertisements for Nikon cameras

Kutcher launched his own Twitter client with UberMedia, called A. plus. While the app was initially available exclusively for desktop computers with Adobe Air installed, it eventually became available on mobile platforms, for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.


Luxurious life

ashton kucher home Ashton Kutcher Ferrari

Ashton owns very high end luxury cars like Lexus Hybrid, Red colored Ferrari and super luxurious villas. He has recently bought a new multi-million dollar villa christened Hollywood Hills for $3.4 million The beautiful home has over 9,385 square feet with 0.57 acres on land on top of the Hollywood Hills. Inside this bachelor pad, there is a beautiful living with glass walls, a gourmet kitchen, 5 large bedrooms, 8 full bathrooms and a floating dining room. When Kutcher is on the go back and forth from the Two and a Half Men set you can see him traveling or staying in his mobile size mansion, which is rented out by CBS for $8,750 per week. In addition to this Ashton Kutcher has bought the ultra lavish Mobile home for $2 million. The mobile estate in concern is a total of 53 ft in length and is 13 ft 6 inches high when closed and 17 feet when opened, and weighs in the neighborhood of 70 tones. This luxury caravan has a total space of around 1100 sq ft, of which 603 sq ft space is on the main lower deck and 340 sq ft on upper retractable floor. Apart from the earthly luxuries, kutcher became virgin galactic 500th customer for a trip to moon which cost $200,000.



ashton kucher wife

Ashton kutcher have had an image of a Casanova. His dating history includes Nelly furtedo, Monet Mazur, January Jones, Ashley Scott, Demi Moore, Brittney Jones, and his present girlfriend Mila Kunis

Quote: I’m continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.- Ashton Kutcher

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