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Net Worth: $16 million


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Bobby Flare was born on 10th December in the year 1964. He is a vigorous restaurateur, a bestselling author and a spirited celebrity chef. His food is finger licking good. His food will surely make you crave for more food. Many people know how to cook but he knows to do it correctly. Chef Bobby Flare is a famous name all round the globe. You see him as a chef or as a celebrity, one thing very much sure about him is that he is a big time foodie. There is a rule he follows while eating anywhere- NO FAST FOOD! He is a celebrated Chef and according to him though the act of eating food is quite simple but there should be an exceptional experience in it. He has chains of restaurant all over.



Bobby Flare was born with the silver spoon still he saw many up’s and down’s in his career. He was born and raised in New York itself. His father’s name is Bill flay who helped him a lot to achieve his goals. From his childhood he wanted to be a chef and he knew he would make something good out of this career option. He was so much interested in cooking and cutlery that as a Christmas gift he asked for an Easy-Bake Oven. But now dealing with all problems he is famous chef today having restaurants by his name. Before becoming a famous chef he used to work at Baskin-Robbins and Pizza Parlour. Bobby Flare is high school dropper but after that he completed his graduation from International Culinary Centre, he started his career when he was 17 and tried his hands in many areas. With the help of his father he was able to make a mark at Joe Allen Restaurant and where he created lasting impression on Joe Allen. This is where his career took a great start as Mr Allen promised to pay his fee for graduation.  He worked as an Executive chef at Brighton Grill.  Then he worked as a chef at Bud and Jams after realizing that he not yet ready to work as an executive chef. He once said that most of the skills he has learned were from the owner of Buds and Jam, Jonathan Waxman.

He became partner with Jerome Kretchmer at Mesa Grill and later opened Bolo Bar and Restaurants in a partnership with Laurence Kretchmer in the year 1993. In year 2004 he opened another Mesa Grill in Las Vegas and the next year he opened an American Brasserie, bar Americain. From here he started opening his own restaurants and bars like Bobby Flay Steak, another Mesa Grill in Bahamas. After becoming a successful chef there was no stopping as he opened Bobby Burger Place in the year 2008 in Lake Grove. Since then he had opened his chains of this restaurant all over.



The net worth of this astounding chef is estimated to be around $234.5 million. His annual earning is around $1.5 million. He owns a luxurious house in Hampton. He has made money through his restaurant chains and he is also a prolific writer and has published many books. The first he wrote was “Bobby Flay Bold American Food” in 1994 and then there were many. The recent ones are “Bobby Flay American Cookbook”, in the year 2011, “Bobby Flay’s Throwdown” in the year 2012, “Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction” in the year 2013. He has done many television shows and was very popular in those specially in “Iron Chef America”, ”Bobby Dinner battle”, “Beat bobby Flay” in the year 2013.  He has hosted many shows like every year he hosts a cooking episode “The Early show” on CBS also the “American Next Generation Restaurant”. He has also judged many shows like the much known “Wickedly Perfect”. Counting on with the special episodes he has done is “Chefography”, “Food Network Awards”,”All-Star Grill Fest”. He has also appeared in many films and other television shows like in 2012 he appeared on “Portlandia” and with the director he made the show popular by teaching him skills of cooking.



Apart from cooking and writing he is interested in “Thoroughbred horse racing”. He owns graded stake race winner. He support major racing charities. He had donated a lot for the after care of horses. He is very much passionate about horse racing and he himself owns horses and takes care of them.


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He is a passionate chef and it made him to win lots of awards. The list of the awards is:

  • In the year 1992, his was awarded for his restaurant with “New York Magazine Gael Greene’s Restaurant of the Year”.
  • In the year 1993 he was awarded with “James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef of the year”.
  • In the year 1995, he received an award for design “International Association Of Culinary Professionals”.
  • In the year 2005 he was awarded with the Emmy Award for “Outstanding Service Show Host”.
  • In the year 2009 he was awarded with another Emmy Award for “Best Culinary Show”, Grill it.
  • He also won the “National Television Food Show Award” by the James Beard Foundations.

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