Cesar Millan Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $45 Million

Profession: American Dog Trainer, author, and a television host.



The complete name of Cesar Millan is Cesar Millan Favela. Cesar was born on 27th August 1997. He is a Mexican cum American dog trainer by profession. He is very popular because of his television series. The name of his television series is Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. His television series was started in 2004. The series got highly popular and people appreciated the work of Cesar in the series. His show was telecasted in more than 80 countries. He is also the founder of dog psychological centre which is located in Los Angles. He had not just acted in a television series but has also written three books. All his books are based on the psychology of dogs. His books made a market of around two million in United States. Cesar’s way is one of his famous books. His books are appreciated in more than 14 countries. In collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, Cesar released a monthly magazine named Cesar’s way. Cesar is also the founder of Cesar and IIusion Millan Foundation. Ilusion Millan is the name of his wife. His wife helped in establishing the foundation. Yale University has also appointed Cesar to work with them.

Early life


Felipe Millan Guillne and Maria Teresa are the parents of Cesar Millan. Sinaloa in Mexico is the birth place of Cesar. His father had a farm in Sinaloa. From his childhood itself, Cesar was quite interested in animals. He was also known as el Perrero(the dog boy).



He started his career by working at a dog grooming store in United States. After gaining some experience form that dog grooming store, he started his own academy and named it as Pacific Point Canine Academy. The name of his first client was Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada helped him a lot in establishing his academy. Jada also gave English lessons to Millan. Cesar specialized in many varieties of dog. He has a successful career. And he has done a lot of things in his career. He hosts a well known television show named Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. He has also written a large number of books which are highly appreciated. His books are famous in more than 17 counties.


Personal Life


Millan is a permanent resident of Unites States. In 2000, he shifted to United States and in 2009 he got the citizenship. Santa Clarita in California is the permanent resident of millan. In 1994, he got married to Ilusion Wilson. After marriage Ilusion gave birth to two children. The name of their elder son is Andre and the name of their younger son is Calvin.  But unfortunately their marriage didn’t work well and in 2010 his wife filed for divorce. Millan even attempted suicide after his wife applies for divorce.

Books and DVDs


He has written many books and has released many DVDs. The list of his famous DVDs include People Training for Dogs, Becoming a Pack Leader,  Your New Dog: First Day and Beyond, Sit and Stay the Cesar Way, Common Canine Misbehavior and Raising the Perfect Puppy.



Cesar is a very rich personality. He leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. The estimated net worth of Sutherland is said to be $45 million. He has received a lot of appreciation in his work. His work has fetched a lot of money for him. Additionally he is a multifaceted personality he is not just an amazing dog trainer but is also a very good author and television host. He has earned a large amount through his television show named Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. The show is quite popular and is telecasted in more than 80 countries. The popularity of the show was so high that Cesar Released seven seasons of the same show. All his seasons were highly appreciated. Cesar id also said to be one among the highest paid dog trainers. Apart from money he also owns many properties and assets. He owns a Dog Psychology centre in south Los Angeles. The centre is quite big and covers an area of 2 acres. Apart from this, Cesar is a well known author too. He has written many book and all his books have made a great market for him. Cesar also owns a beautiful house which covers 3,800 square feet of land. The house is exceptionally beautiful and is equipped with almost all the facilities. The interior of the house is designed by Yosef Aviv.

Quotes by Cesar Millan

  • The dog is a reflection of your energy, of your behavior. You have to ask, “what m I doing”? That’s right question to ask
  • I have never met a dog I couldn’t help, however I have met humans who weren’t willing to change
  • Dogs don’t rationalise. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.
  • Bill Gates can’t control a high level energy dog because his energy is very low, very calm, very intellectual. A dog doesn’t see that as leadership.

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