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NET WORTH: $ 15 Million


Chamillionaire is a famous rapper and entrepreneur from America. His real name is Hakeem Seriki. He was born on 28 November 1979, in Houston, Texas. He began his career in the year 2002 with a collaboration album with Paul Wall. He associated with the universal record in 2005 and released an album named ‘The sound of revenge’. The Sound of revenge has the Grammy winning single ‘Riding’. He then released ‘Ultimate Victory’. The album is known for its lack of profanity. He then left Universal records and released an EP named, Ammunition. He is in process to release a new album soon.


Cha's Plymouth!

Cha’s Plymouth!

Chamillionaire was born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother. The family moved to Houston, Texas when he was four. His parents divorced when he was 13. His parents were highly critical of hip hop music. Though, he was intrigued by it. He was inspired by Ghetto boys, NWA, and Public Enemy. Along with childhood friend Paul Wall, he decided to pursue a career in hip hop. Chamillionaire and Paul Wall once met a famous Houston DJ, Michael 5000 watts. Watts was so impressed by them that he decided to feature them in a mix tape. Soon, Paul and Cha began to receive some underground attention. Paul and cha soon release an album named ‘Get ya mind correct’. The album went to sell 1,50,000 copies. Source magazine nominated it as the Indie album of the year. Cha’s first debut album ‘The sound of revenge’ was released in 2005. The album went platinum by selling more 1.5 Million records in United States. It received good reviews from most critics. The album won him Grammy for best rap performance by a Duo. It reached the number 10 spot on Billboard 200. The album’s lead single was- ‘Turn it up’. ‘Riding’ reached the number one spot on the billboard charts. It won the award for Best Video in the America Music awards. The third song from the album was ‘Grown n Sexy’. A track named ‘Grind time’ was used in a NBA videogame. He won the award for best new artist at BET awards. His next studio album was named, Ultimate Victory. Before it, Cha released many mix tapes in order to promote the album. Ultimate Victory received an acclaim by the critics and sold decent number of copies. It was known for its lack of profanity. The video of ‘Hip Hop Police’ became quite famous. Cha is soon going to release an album named ‘Poison’.


Cha loves vintage cars

Cha loves vintage cars

Cha's home!

Apart from his music ventures Chamillionaire is an avid businessman. In 2003, he invested in an auto dealing company in Houston named Fly rydes.The company was established long time back but needed some investments. He let his friend handle the whole company. He owns his own record label, Chamillitary Entertainment. He is the owner of a modelling company named Masterpiece mind frame. He also owns a tour bus company. All the buses have internet, DVD, cable and shower. He launched  global innovation tournament in 2009. He has a net worth of $ 15 Million. His music efforts and ventures are a prime source of his income. He is a great musician and a talented entrepreneur. His first album was declared platinum by RIIA and sold 1.5 Million copies. His next album did a good commercial business as well. His business ventures are successful and he earns a lot of money. He is a shrewd businessman. He has appeared in a few TV shows as well including- Pimp my ride, The game and punked. He is all set to release his highly anticipated next album. It will be named ‘Poison’.


Cha's bike

Cha’s bike

“And the homie you really thought was the realest a snitch, I’m the person you call when you tryin to get out a ditch, Yeah I’m talkin to you, wear the shoe if it fits, The broke people that know you, gon’ say you changed when your rich.”
“Everyday I watch the news and look at how crazy the world is. It humbles you to see other people’s problems and to see the amount of adversity others seem to be going through. If you think you’re going through hard times, you can always turn on the TV to see someone else who’s going through things 10 times worse than you.”
“Haha, I used to be such a playa, ’til I hopped out of the game, Plenty knowledge and dollars, I went to college with fame, Used to look ya relationships like a positive thang, ‘Til I turned into a bank account to deposit your blame.”
“Yeah, racist people look at me like I’m a martian, Check the card, yeah my money lookin dark skinned, Tell the bank teller the black President just walked in, Pac-Man with the grands, I’m, I’m starvin, Fresh to death feelin like I’m in a coffin, Take it with me, I’ll get buried in my vault then.”
 “Out here in Texas, that car thing is big. We’ll do videos and rent all kinds of cars and people will waste all kinds of money on them, and instead, they can come spend that money with me.”



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