Charlie Sheen Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $125 Million

Actor Director Producer



charlie sheen

Carlos Irwin Estevez or as we know him by the stage name of Charlie Sheen is an American actor and director. Touched new heights of fame and popularity by his show “Two and a Half men” which he quit after the eight season. He has been in the news and headline for all the right and wrong reason. Wrong reasons include cases and alcohol and drug abuse as well.


Early Life and Career

Sheen’s first movie appearance was at the age of nine (1974) in his father’s “The execution of Private Slovik”. He was expelled from college just few weeks before graduation because of poor grades and attendance. It was then he decided to pursue acting as a career and adopted the stage name of Charlie Sheen. He finally got a break in 1984 with the film Red Dawn and since then kept on raising his bar by landing roles in films like “Wall Street” and “The Platoon”. In 2000 he made his Television debut with Spin City. Then he went on to grab roles in Two and a half men and now latest was Anger Management in 2012.



In 2010 Sheen was the highest paid actor on television. He earned about 1.25 million per episode as salary and if you include back end syndication points he earned about 2 million per episode. Wow that’s some salary! Two and a half Men had 24 episodes that season and that made his earnings about a whopping 48 million that year. He was recently making headlines for gifting exotic cars like Mercedes and porches’ to porn stars. His salary for the show Anger Management is 2.5 million dollars per episode, that’s phenomenal. It was also reported that Sheen earned around 1 million from twitter endorsements and around 7 million from the North American Tour.


Personal Life

Sheen’s personal life has been troubled. Married thrice and had numerous affairs. In all he has five children and a grandchild as well. He was first married to his high school girlfriend Paula Profit.

sheen and preston

In 1990 he shot his fiancee Kelly Preston accidentally in the arm. As a result she broke off the engagement immediately. In 1990’s after that he had dated many adult film actresses.

sheen and peele

In 1995 he married Donna Peele.

sheen and richards

In 2002 he married the gorgeous Denise Richards and had two children together. But in 2005 she filed for divorce and reported Sheen for drug abuse, alcohol and threats of violence. Their divorce was finalized in November 2006.

sheen and mueller

Finally in 2008 Sheen married Brooke Mueller. But had to file for a divorce in 2010 only.


Net Worth


Mulholland Estate

sheen mulholland

Charlie Sheen owns an exotic mansion in a plush guar gated residential area of Mulholland Estates. His luxury mansion is actually situated in the Sherman Oaks, CA and is one of the plushest mansions of locality. Well with such high earnings he ought to own such an exotic masterpiece. The interiors are all custom made and designed to perfection.


Silver Valley Ranch

sheen silver ranch

A mansion in the Beverly Hills is every new actor’s dream and it was once of Charlie Sheen as well. Finally he owns a Silver Valley Ranch in the Beverly Hills of Southern California. This plus mansion is his second asset and just few blocks away from his first home in Mulholland Estates. Charlie has nicknamed it sober Valley Ranch as he got sober after shifting into this mansion.

Not much of a car fan if we go into the list of cars he owns or owned. I guess he likes vintage cars more over the new fast and mean cars.


1966 NASCAR Ford Mustang (Auctioned Off)

sheen mustang

Bad Boy Charlie Sheen got it modified in 2006 by getting a six speed transmission and a 650 Hp engine. This made Mustang a beast. Well Ford Mustang is a very common car among PC games like Midtown Madness, but Sheen played Midtown Madness in real life. His car has been stolen twice from the garage and involved in multiple crashes as well. The car got auctioned of pretty recently for around 100,000 dollars proving serious money issues with Charlie Sheen. The car was only driven 155 miles after restoration.


Mercedes Benz S600

sheen merc

A proud owner of the Mercedes which boasts a tremendous power output. His super plush car worth 160,000 dollars was stolen recently and recovered from a cliff below Sherman oaks.


Controversy King

He has been involved in way too many controversies. Had it been someone else, the actor’s career would have ended with such acts of defaming. But he is simply Charlie Sheen. He got famous and more loved. The major controversy of his career was with the Warner Bros when he was fired from the sets of Two and a half Men by CBS and Warner Bros. In 2011 after it was Sheen’s third attempt at the rehabilitation centre CBS had to ban Sheen from entering the production house and later on he made derogatory comments about the creator of Two and a half men Chuck Lorre. Sheen also claimed that he was underpaid compared to what the series was making. Second controversy which surrounded Sheen was of assaulting his wife Brooke Mueller in 2009 under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He was arrested and later released at a bond of about 8500 dollars. Further he has been involved in multiple incidents of drug overdose and then hospitalization. Charlie Sheen also tried to bash his replacement Ashton Kutcher on twitter by tweeting that “quit barfing on my old brilliant show”

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