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American rapper with a net worth of $15 million.



Chingy as we all know him, but born as Howard Bailey Jr on March 9, 1980 is an American rapper and actor. He was born in an area called Walnut Park at St. Loius, Missouri, USA to two struggling parents. He passed his early childhood living in a small two bedroom house with a dozen of his relatives. He had almost never seen money! He had two older brother and two younger sisters and his parents divorced when he is a small kid.

At an early age itself Chingy started loving music and began to write lyrics at the age of 9 and started recording raps at 10. He was a student of McCluer High School in Florissant, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. He still is known among his close friends and family as “Howie”, the same name which he was called by during his school time.



Chingy felt it was such a good idea that he started recording as much as possible. He became a studio rat, almost taking up residence in recording houses. His dedication to his music paid off when the songs he recorded before he became famous ended up becoming the backbone for Jackpot.

He started his musical career by providing a mind blowing super hit song “Right Thurr” which positioned at Number 2 in the US Hot 100 and at Number 17 in the United Kingdom pop charts. He was the name of the households for two long years. He was into limelight with his two platinum selling albums. He also appeared in some television programs and acted in movies. He was first signed by Fo-Reel Entertainment, an artist management firm which took him for a tour along with Nelly in 2002. By the time he met DTP chief Ludacris and signed a deal with DTP in 2003 and released Right Thurr.

He worked on a few tremendous successful songs and albums like Jackpot in 2003 with label Disturbing the Peace, Powerballin’ in 2004 and Hood Star in 2006 with label Capitol Records and after feeling unhappy with the way Capitol Records dealt with its urban artists he came back to DTP Records and released a song ‘Hate It or Love It’ in 2007. In 2011 he was working on his fifth studio album titled No Risk No Reward but never released due to insufficient funds. He then released a music video for “King Judah” and then a song “Watch the World” in 2013 November which reached the second position on the iTunes Urban Chart in both Australia and New Zealand.

Chingy didn’t stop himself into music but also tried his hands at acting like many pop stars in the industry and made his acting debut in the TV Comedy series My Wife and Kids in the year 2005. He also acted in the TV comedies One on One and George Lopez. He then went on to act in the comedy film Scary Movie 4 in a cameo role and also appeared in TV series Yo Momma. In 2010, he even played a role in the movie ‘Speed-Dating’. He also acted in movies like The System Within in 2006, Psycho in 2008 and Polish Bar in 2010. Chingy and his wife Temple also appeared in the third season of popular celebrity reality show Couples Therapy. He also made an appearance in TV shows Punk’d and Caramel.

He is not just an artist, but also an entrepreneur. He launched Full Dekk Music Group which was previously knows as Slot-A-Lot Records. The label currently handles artists like Chris Woodhouse, SmallTalk and DJ Noize.



Chingy has earned his net worth from his album releases beginning in 2003 until to date as well as from his work as an actor. He owns a 2005 Chrysler 300 with custom paint, custom wheels and tires, custom audio and video system, custom Lambo doors, custom interior, custom grill and custom sunroof! This shows how was the taste of the rap star Chingy towards his cars. This custom car is worth around $ 32,995. Many recent reports tell us that the car was kept for sale! He even has a Range Rover worth around $ 60,000, Monte Carlo and pimped out SS96 Impala making himself a collector of cars. But after all this, he still consider himself as a person who does not dig much into the engines and cars!


Chingy is also fond of playing videos whenever possible and in fact carries a PlayStation with him every where he go with him on his tours. He loves to play Need For Speed series a lot and also has contributed a soundtrack for Need For Speed : Underground 2. He plays a lot of other games like Grand Theft Auto : Vice City and every James Bond game.


Chingy is always seen with a bandanas under various hats.


Chingy always considers Micheal Jackson, Marvin Gaye and the Temptations.


His debut album, Jackpot, went double-platinum. His follow-up, Powerballin’, went platinum and 2006’s Hoodstar went gold before he fell off the national radar. In creative terms, Chingy had some jams. His initial singles were massive successes: “Holidae Inn” hit No. 3 on the Hot 100, while “Right Thurr” and “One Call Away” both hit No. 2. He was also featured on Houston’s hit “I Like That.” But commercial success has since shifted away from the rapper, who released a single in 2012 called Let It Go. He hasn’t, but the bulk of his audience has.

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