Don Omar Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $22.5 million

Career/Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Age: 36

don omar

Don Omar, originally known as William Omar Landron Rivera is a famous singer from Puerto Rico. Born on February 19, 1978 to parents William Landron and Luz Antonia Rivera in Puerto Rico, he is the eldest child of his parents. From a very early age, he showed interest in music. Little did we know that this little boy is someday going to be the world famous rapper and song writer. When he grew up a little, he got actively involved and became a member of a Protestant church in Bayamon and there he at times would serve sermons. But after four years, this work started to bore him and he left the church work to pursue and nurture his passion in singing.

Here Comes the Singer

The first performance Don Omar made as a singer was at a nightclub where he was accompanied by the DJ there, Eliel Lind Osorio. That was where his journey had started, but he still had a long, really long way to go. Ever since that performance in the nightclub, he began to collaborate with many disc jockeys and music producers and began to appear in their albums. While recording songs in other artists’ compilation albums, he once sang as one of the backup singers for Hector & Tito. It was Hector Delgado, who helped Don Omar produce his first solo album.

Don Omar’s first studio album, The Last Don was a blockbuster and the huge success of this album brought him in limelight. It was Platinum certified by the Recording industry Association of America. According to sources, the album has sold over 10, 00,000 copies worldwide. This album won Don Omar the Latin Pop Album of the Year award and Latin Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in the year 2003. The album was also nominated at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards.

king of kings

His next album in 2006, King of Kings was a smash hit, which went on to become the highest ranking reggae ton album in the top 10 US charts ever. The album made a debut at the number one position on the Latin charts and also on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Radio Chart. Don Omar surpassed and broke the record set by Britney Spears’ record with Virgin music store of the Disney World. The album King of Kings was ranked number 7 with more than 74,000 copies sold. Time for awards again. This time Don Omar won the Latin Billboard Award for the Reggae ton Album of the Year in 2007. The album was regarded as the Most Successful Album of the decade in Latin America and also the Most Successful Album in the history of this genre of music by Billboard. The album was said to have sold more than 4.1 million copies worldwide by 2009. Few of his songs were even used in super hit films like Fast Five, Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift etc.

His next album iDon came in 2009 and the songs in the album became the most requested song on Latin American radio stations.

don omar awards

Next in line was Don Omar’s 2010 album, Don Omar Presents: Meet the Orphans featured many artists and many reggae ton artists under his record label, Orfanto Music Group. The album used the song ‘Hasta Abajo’ as its promotional single. There were also songs by artists like Lucenzo, Kendo Kaponi, Syko, Zion & Lennox, Yaga & Mackie and Danny Fornaris.

Don Omar’s latest and most recent album was out in 2012, which was called Don Omar Presents MTO2: The New Generation, which featured the newest artist of record label Orfanto Group, Natti Natasha. It also featured many other reggae ton artists. One song from this album called ‘Hasta Que Salga El Sol’ won the Best Urban Song award at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards and Natti Natasha’s ‘Dutty Love’ was nominated at the award. This album was a huge blockbuster as well. It won the Best Urban Music Album of the Year award and was a top seller on iTunes as well.

Few of his other hit albums are, the Armageddon edition of the King of Kings in 2006, Don Omar Presenta: Los Bandoleros and Da Hitman Presents Reggae ton Latino in 2005, Don Omar Presenta: Los Bandoleros Reloaded in 2006 and Don Omar Presenta: El Pentagono in 2008.

This high profile rapper and singer has four children. After his divorce from his journalist wife, he now supports and raises all four of his kids. So his expenditures basically revolve around his children and bringing them up. But some of his huge investments include the posh New Jersey bungalow he had bought and his fetish for cars that he is famous for. He is also known for spending a lump sum amount of money for the promotion of his shows or his soon to be released albums.

All is well for Don Omar if only he learns to change his attitude. Don Omar is infamous for cancelling his shows and live performances at the last moment and at times also changes the concert schedule at a moment’s notice, thus incurring huge losses on the promoters. He is one singer who has to regularly pay the highest amount of bail due to this attitude and the losses people suffer due to him. If only he changed this habit!


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