Donald Trump Net Worth, Money and More

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You cannot for sure learn the meaning of the word billionaire without having a peak of this man’s wealth, estates and fortune. This man has held his head high in the long run of accumulating grandiose wealth to his own peril. Donald Trump, the man behind all the major real estates and skyscrapers of New York has been always the point of discussion. Whether about his reality show The Apprentice or about his presidential run, he has managed to grab our attention.

This real estate tycoon was born in June 14, 1946 to Fred Trump and Mary Anne in Queens, New York. At an early age he had tiff with fellow students and was shifted to New York Military Academy to channelize his energy in positive aspects of his life.  He was then enrolled at Fordham University but he was not satisfied with it and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. His father was professionally very successful in the real estate business before Donald’s foraying into this business. Initially Donald took a job in his father’s company and his first project was revitalisation of an apartment. He proved his mettle in this venture and increased the complex’s worth by one million dollars. Then there was no looking back and he made huge fortune in few years due to his own ideas and initiatives.


His net worth is around $3.5 billion and the brand Trump has an estimated value of $4 billion. Brand name speaks. People prefer to stay in trump houses when it is more expensive than the other house with d same facility n location.

If I am to list down his assets and belongings, I guess the list would be endless. Still some of them would be The Trump TowerThe Seven Spring Estate and Kluge Estate Winery.






One of the elegant and luxurious apartments of times, this tower boasts of being made and resided by Donald Trump himself. The sky palace is on the 66th floor which is embellished with gold carvings and all the luxuries one can ever think of. It is worth $300 million and designed to have a king size life.


This mansion is in Bedford, New York and was bought by Donald in 1995 for a sum of $7.5 million. This 200 acre has 13 bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool and a two storey playroom. The enthralling view from this lavish home is mesmerizing.


This plush villa was formerly owned by billionaire John Kluge and his wife. After his death it was put for $100 million but Donald played safe and bought this for a paltry sum of $14.4 million.This guy knows surely how to strike the deal and make it big.


Donald Trump favourite pastime is playing golf and to enhance it further he has four golf courses in America alone. One of these is The Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles which is the most expensive golf course ever made. It costs around $264 million and was bought just for one intention: to make it the best golf club of the world which is to some extend is true. Known for its lavish and world class service, this club epitomized in the top 100 golf courses by Golf Magazine.


This opulent house is located in Palm Beach, Florida which was designed by Joseph Urban in the early 90s. Donald bought this estate for $10 million. Sprawling over an area of 62000 square foot, this house boasts of 58 bedrooms and a lavish beach club which entertains many high class celebrities.



This private jet is sure to awe you with its lavish and awestruck features. Bought with a huge sum of $100 million, this plane has been renovated to suit Donald’s style. Luxurious attention has been paid to every detail, as even the seat belt buckles boast gold leaf detailing. This extravagant plane has a private bedroom, flat screen TV, a table for meeting, rest rooms. To add upon, the jet has Trump name enlarged in the exterior as to confuse no one of its owner.

trump boing


trump plane


This car replicates Donald’s personality and reputation. It complements Donald in every way and with its styling and amenities, it has made it to the favorites of this real estate tycoon.


One of his first cars, Donald bought this opulent car for $300,000. This Rolls Royce Phantom is not a car everyone can afford for.

trump rolls roy


His show The Apprentice shook the whole world and Donald once again showed that he is the master of all trades and is endowed with captive thinking. Before he started this show, he was discouraged by many but he followed his instincts and now the show is on its 13th season. This is a show where a group of competitors battle for a high level management job in one of the Trump’s enterprises. His most popular catchphrase ” You are fired” could make him even more popular. He has also penned down many best sellers like Trump: The art of the deal.


Donald Trump has been married thrice in his lifetime. First it was Ivana Zelníčková who got lucky to marry this billionaire and had three children before being divorced in 1991.She is known to own a clothing line and has penned down many books. He then married a fledging actress Marla Maples in 1993 which did not last long as their relation officially came to an end in 1999. In January 2005, he married for the third time to model Melanie Knauss. She gave birth to his fifth child Barron William Trump.


trump wife


Donald has contributed a lot for the human cause. Some of these are David Foster Foundation which caters to the need of the families who need organ transplants. It has awaken a new lease of life in their worlds. He also has full assistance to Mississippi Animal rescue league and Jimmy Fund. He is a noble person with a pure heart who makes some effort in helping out the less fortunate people in this world.


Contributor: Pallavi Priyadarshani

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