Eddie Griffin- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Career/Profession: Comedian, Actor, Film Producer, Television Producer, Screenwriter, Film Director, Television Director

Edward “Eddie”Rubin Griffin as the name itself brings a smile on our face. He is popularly known as Eddie Griffin or we can say a funny man who is always ready to burn the stage with his style and jokes. He is a fantastic American actor and stand-up comedian. People used to know him with his role in the series Malcolm & Eddie as Eddie Sherman instead of his original name. He started his daring and amazed career in 1990. He is a gifted star in the world of entertainment.


Focus shifted from dancing to Acting:

Eddie was born on July 15th, 1968 in Kansas City, Missouri. He was raised by his mother Doris Thomas who was an operator in Phone Company. He completed his high schooling in Kansas and got admitted to Kansas State University in biological Engineering but he left the university after three months. During his school time he was selected as a class clown for continuously three years. Instead he has perceived his career as a comedian but his first love was dance. He opened his own studio and worked there as choreographer. Suddenly his life took a turn when his brother forced him to perform at local stage as a comedian. He was told to perform for only three minutes but he performed continuously without break for 45 minutes. This incident opened a new door for him and he moved to Los Angeles for pursuing his career as stand-up comedian.


Acting gave him a shining career:

Griffin after moving to Los Angeles started his career by performing small roles in several films. He reached to the top after making use of each and every small opportunity. He was seen starred in several movies such as The Meteor Man in 1993, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo in 1999 etc. he established his career as a comedian when he performed for The Last Boy Scout in 1991, Coneheads in 1993 etc. these movies created a big fan following for Eddie and get him a role in Malcolm and Eddie from 1996-2000. The role in this series got him nominated for NAACP Image Award. He continued his acting in movies and list includes Scary Movie 3 in 2003, Norbit in 2007 etc. He also became writer and directed several episodes. He was fed up of doing small roles and taking just small advantage of the movie. Finally in 2001 he got lead role along with Orlando Jones in Double Take. John Q movie brought him respect as an actor in 2002. This list is endless including some big hits and some flops too. He also tried his hands on production of the movie My Baby’s Daddy in 2004 for Miramax Production.

Carved his name among the best Comedians:


As we know Griffin was interested in dancing but took stand up comedy as his career. It was seen that his behaviour and the speed with which he achieved the success in this field gave a feeling of his passion towards this profession. In a period of one month he carved his name in the good books of comedians and sooner he was compared with Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce etc. He was amongst the list of top 100 in the Stand ups comedians of All time. His successful performances led him to make a position in the industry and got so roles in Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam. He was also nominated for Cable Ace Award for One Night Stand in 1992. He also gave some funny musical performances for the Message in the Hat in 1993 and The Message in 1999. His credits are endless and actually increasing with time. He gave his performance for two tracks in two albums i.e. 2001 and Helter Skelter. He imitates Michael Jackson and Crack Cocaine in a very amazing way that sometimes his identity is lost. He came on Chappelle’s show in the role of Grits n Gravy.

Personal Life:

Griffin made a hat trick in marriage. He firstly got married to Carla in 1983 and at that time he was just 16 years old. The couple had been together for 13 years. After getting divorced from Carla he got married to Rochelle in 2002 but unfortunately this relationship also ended. The couple had nine children. In 2011 he tied knots with Nia Rivers.

Investments and his Assets:


Eddie Griffin is very particular about his looks and apparels. He is always seen in some new looks and tends to follow the trends. Starting from his glasses he nevertheless used to step down from the particular brand and his glasses are generally polarized. His accessories which he used to wear during his acting or stage comedies are generally of Aklia. He used to cover his head with NY Yankees Cap every time. He tends to invest all his mponey

Perfect mixture of talent:

Recently Eddie is working for Comedy Central for the show You Can Tell ‘em I said it which started in 2011. He was entitled amongst the top 100 greatest comedians of all time by Comedy Central. He has made his image not only on the stage but also covered silver screens. He has a record of 47 films and around 20 television shows. He is perfect mixture of talents and skills.

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