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Net worth: $500, 000

If are an ardent fan of the world boxing leagues or you are a member of the fight clubs at your schools or colleges then you are very well aware of the undisputed world champion nicknames “The Real Deal”. Yes you have guessed it right, he is none other than Evander Holyfield who is the only five time underweight champion of the world. He has maintained record of being a victorious boxer but with an earlier net worth of 20 million dollar which has been defoliated today to only one million dollars. Isn’t it shocking yes it is, definitely.

Born on 19th October 1962, he is one of those richest people who do not belong to the glam industry or the corporate sector. He is a Retired professional American Boxer who also won a bronze medal at the Summer Olympics of 1984 in the category of Light Heavyweight. At an age of 52 he is a heavy weight and cruiser weight division champion.

The career of Holyfield in boxing started with the cruiser weight category where he remained the undefeated champion since 1985 defeating a number of boxers like Dwight Muhammad Qavi, Ricky Parkey and Carlos De Leon. After being the triumphant champion at the cruiserweight category, which has a weight limit of 200 pounds. Cruiserweight is one such division that is between lightweight and heavy weight categories of boxing. He joined the heavy weight division in the year 1988 where he started to defeated top rated boxers once again like Buster Douglas, Michael Dokes, Mike Tyson and many more.


Evander Holyfield, along with being called “The real deal “was also nicknames as “The warrior. He has been well rated in all three categories of boxing, lightweight, cruiser weight, and heavyweight. Evander has an admirable height of 189.2 cm that is approximately 6 feet and 2 inches. He was a native of Atmore, in Alabama at the United States of America. He is not only a boxer but has been an ambassador for an philanthropist organization that works for the pledge to feed the homeless of the world.

The boxing records of Evander clearly shows his high talent for the sport and an immense dedicated and inspiration to keep up the title of being the undefeated. Evander has played about 57 total fights out of which he has won 44 which is about 85% strike rate out of which he has lost about 10 matches and 2 were declared as draw and yes 1 of which was a no contest.

Tough at the present scenario of the net worth and money of Holyfield is not at a very high peak but once there was a time when his net worth was $200 million. It is also estimated that there was an incident where Evander had won a prize money of $ 230 alone. But due to his bad luck and unfortunate stars he lost all his wealth and the sports rich list in the year 2008 where his mansion in Atlanta was lost to foreclosure. The most shocking parts of his house were that it costs more than 1 million every year to maintain its 109 rooms which were on 54,000 square feet of 234 acres land.

Despite the house was open for public auction through which 7.5 million dollars were generated, Evander could not pay back the bank the loan he owed them for. This lead to an utter downfall of his name in his industry as well as amongst his ardent fans. This lead to a depreciation of his net worth from 200 million dollars to just one million dollar. This is how stars and fortune take back their roles they played during success. To clear the debt he held he even had to sell off his bronze medals obtained during the Olympics, his flight gloves which were 20 in number and a lot of his rings, belts, robs and shorts.


For the loss of his prize money in gambling he said that, ‘I think it was my lack of education,’ he further adds. ‘You make a lot of money but you don’t know how money works, you don’t know how to calculate. I gave more than I should have. I gave, gave, gave. People talk you into doing things that you’re not accustomed to doing’. He further added, ‘My mother didn’t read, my father didn’t read. They worked. If you told them to do something, they did it. Nobody told me I had to ask questions. Boxers are smarter today, though, nobody gonna rip off the Klitschkos.’

To add to one of the most interesting facts about Holyfield’s life outside ring it is that he had six wives and from whom he had eleven children. Apart from being married multiple times he has also endorsed for household products brand advertisements like that of Diet coke and Coca Cola. Holyfield was also given a privilege to carry the Olympic torch of 1966 to his hometown Atlanta. Holyfield was also indulged in the foundation and formation of the Real Deal Records in late 1990s under which one of the successful groups Exhale works. They has also got Saison and NuWine under their recording studios branding.


The career of Evander Holyfield has seen many ups and downs in his boxing domain as well as his personal life. His net worth’s downfall from 200 to 1 and the number of divorces proves it. But still he maintains his public persona in a very positive and healthy manner in order to maintain his fan following.




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