George Clooney- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $160 Million


George Timothy Clooney was born on 6 May 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. He is an American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. He is a famous talented actor, for which he received Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award. Moreover, he is well known for his social activism and served as one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace from a long time that is 31 January 2008. He received the two Academy Awards one for acting and the other for producing. In the era 1978, he made his debut on Television and get recognized as Dr. Douglas “Doug” Rosson the long running medical drama ER for the period 1994-1999. For this drama he got two Emmy nominations which is really a big achievement. During this work, he received calls from the other films and he worked in many other interesting films like Batman & Robin in the year 1997 and Out of Sight in the year 1998. Not only is his, he took the lead role in Three Kings which is a well-received war satire set. Also, in the year 2001, his biggest win is the release of Ocean’s Eleven. He also directed many good movies like Good night and Good Luck in the year 2005, Leatherheads in the year 2008 and The Ideas of March in the year 2011. Not only is this, he won the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor in the Middle East Thriller Syriana in the year 2005. Moreover, in the year 2005, he was ranked as number 1 on its 50 sexiest stars of All Time lists.



George Clooney is the rich multi-millionaire on this planet. His main source of wealth is acting and producing not only the films but also the television work he is one of the most talented actor I the Hollywood. He has a lot of property which includes the luxurious homes like Villa Oleandra. He bought this viIlla in the year 2001 situated at Laglio, Italy . This white colored mansion has extraordinary features and is all Lakeside. Talking about its stunning features, it has 25 grand rooms and super decorated ceilings. Moreover, the house has outdoor theater, a large swimming pool and a garage for George’s motorcycles a he is very fond of automobiles. He laos owns a Los Angeles home which is reported to have a net worth of $2.2 million. This plush home is located in the residential area of Studio city, Los Angeles, California, USA. It is spread in 7354 square feet and has 3D screening room, a well equipped bar.



George Clooney likes to spend his spare time by the games like is reported that, George wanted to be a baseball player more than actor. But everything happens for good and we can analyzer this from his huge fortune. Also, he is often spotted wearing the full baseball accessories and spending his free time with his friends. Moreover. He also likes to play Basketball. He is very much enthusiastic for this game and loves to play it twice a week atleast and keeps his body toned and fit. He loves motorcycles and cars very much. He owns a lot of them. He owns a Piaggio Mp3 250 scooter which is a slanting three wheeled scooter from the Italian manufacturer and bought it in the year 2006. In compare to other scooters, it is different with two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back. He also owns a Harley Davidson Bike which is often spotted on the roads. Moreover, he also loves to ride Tango 600 which is one of the good looking car and is eco-friendly. Its has stunning features which includes unique battery-powered car design. It is a high speed car  which attains a speed of 60 in just 0.4 seconds. Apart from these, he owns a luxurious car Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible. He love vintage cars very much. This heartthrob actor owns this black red plush car which has a foldable rooftop. It is actually 1958 model and is very notable of its times.

Fun Time:


George Clooney in his vacation loves to go and spends his holidays at a very peaceful and luxurious place. He has been to French Riviera in the year 2008 along with other celebrity friends and the gorgeous Cindy Crawford. He had a lot of fun as he did swimming, jet skiing and chilling in the sun and the yacht experience was awesome. It is spread on 560 miles and consists of both sand and shingle beaches. Not only is this, he has also been to Lake Como which is also called as lago di Como in Italain. He went there along with his girlfriend Stacy Keibler and spotted together taking Mexican sunbath. It is al surrounded by hills and mountains. It is situated in the Italian Lakes District and lies between Milan and the border of Switzerland. George Clooney also adores pets. He adopted dog “Einstein” in the year 2009 and he really takes great delight in pampering it. He adopted the cute Cocker Spaniel pup and takes care very much. He also adopted a pop-bellied 300 pound pig Max who died in the year 2006 and bought in the year 1998. He is very much attached to pets and love them through his heart. He also carried it in some of his interviews. He is also a good hearted philanthropist and a social political activism. Currently, his Tesla Roadster Up for Auction to support Sudan Charity.

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