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Hayden Panettiere is a reputed American actor, singer, model, voice actress and activist. Her most well known role is on ABC’s hit TV series Heroes in which she starred from 2006-2010. She is today one of the most beautiful, appealing and widely recognized actresses in Hollywood. Born in New York to soap actress Lesley. R. Vogel, and Alan Lee Panettiere, a fire department captain; her life has always centred around acting. Read on to find out more about this Hollywood beauty’s career.



Panettiere as Sarah Roberts on One Life to Live

Panettiere as Sarah Roberts on One Life to Live

Hayden began her career when she was 11 months old; making her first appearance in a Playskool ad for toy trains. She later landed a role on ABC’s popular soap opera One life to live as Sarah Roberts. Her role lasted a solid 4 years. The show is one of ABC’s oldest running shows. It has a record 43 years of air time to its name- from July 15 1968 to January 13 2012. The show focuses on the relationships and lives of the members of the Lord family.


She went on to play the role of Lizzie Spaulding in the CBS soap opera Guiding light. The soap has earned a place in the Guinness book of world records for being the longest running soap- from 1952 till 2009. In the show, the role of Lizzie Spaulding was played by 6 different actresses. Hayden, who was a child star at the time played the role of 10 year old Lizzie Spaulding- who battled Leukaemia. Due to the nature of the show at this time period, it received a special recognition award from the Leukaemia and Lymphoma society for bringing about national awareness and drawing attention of the day time viewers to this disease.

If you believe, starring Panettiere (left)

If you believe, starring Panettiere (left)

In 1999, she acted in a TV movie If you believe. The movie revolved around the once-successful book editor Susan Stone. When Susan goes to work on a Thanksgiving weekend, she suddenly gets paid a visit from her inner child, in the form of a seven year old girl named Suzie, whom only Susan could see and hear. The inner child refuses to leave until Susan is happy. She keeps interfering with her life, helping her find true happiness again.

For this role, Hayden was nominated for Young Actress aged 10 or under in the category Best Performance in a TV movie or pilot.

Panettiere as Ally McBeal's daughter Maddie

Panettiere as Ally McBeal’s daughter Maddie

Hayden Panettiere on an episode of Law and Order

Hayden Panettiere on an episode of Law and Order

Before Heroes, Hayden starred in Fox’s popular TV show Ally McBeal as Ally McBeal’s daughter. She had a recurring guest role in the wildly successful Malcolm in the middle and guest starred in Law and order: special victim’s unit in 2 different roles.


Hayden Panettiere as cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes

Hayden Panettiere as cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes

The one role that helped Hayden shoot to fame was her role as cheerleader Claire Bennet in NBC’s American science fiction television drama series- Heroes. The show was based on the stories of ordinary people who discover that they possess superhuman abilities. The story revolves around how these abilities affect their daily life. In the series, Hayden plays cheerleader Claire Bennet, who discovers she has the ability to heal herself and spontaneously regenerate at superhuman speed.

Hayden Panettiere on Nashville

Hayden Panettiere on Nashville

In March 2012, an official announcement was made that Panettiere had been cast in ABC’s musical drama series, Nashville, portraying the character of Juliette Barnes, a rising country music superstar who is determined to replace the series’ main character Rayna James essayed by Connie Britton. Hayden denied rumours that the character of Juliette was based on Taylor Swift and instead, insisted that it was based on her own life story- and of Carrie Underwood.


Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans

Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans

Panettiere’s film career began in 1999 when she lent her voice to the animated movie A bug’s life. In the same year, she played a role in Message in bottle portraying a girl who was on a sinking sailboat. Her first full fledged role in a movie was during Disney’s Remember the Titans in 2000, where she played the role of Coach Yoast’s daughter Sheryl. Her next project saw her acting as a cheerleader in the movie Bring it on: All or nothing (2006).

She also played a supporting role as Adelaide Bourbon in Shanghai kiss which released in 2007.

In 2004, she appeared in a Disney movie Tiger Cruise alongside her younger brother Jansen Panettiere. The events portrayed in the film are a mixture of real life events from the September 2011 attacks and fictional events.

In the same year, she appeared as Kate Hudson’s niece in Raising Helen.

In 2005, she was the protagonist’s rival in the film Ice Princess. In the same year, she acted in a movie called Racing stripes. The movie is about a baby zebra that gets inducted into the world of racing. The movie stars Hayden Panettiere in the role of Channing Walsh, the zebra’s rider and trainer

By 2007, Panettiere’s net worth had shot up to $2 million.

In 2008 she appeared in a drama called Fireflies in the garden. It revolves around three generations of families and their flashbacks as they grow up.

In 2009, she starred in a teen comedy movie called I love you Beth Cooper. She played the role of the protagonist’s love interest, head cheerleader Beth Cooper.

{It is interesting to note here that post her appearance in Heroes, she complained that the only roles she ever got were as cheerleaders because that was the kind of image she had unwittingly put forth because of her looks.}

In September 2010, she took up a more serious and controversial movie titled Amanda Knox: Murder on trial in Italy. The movie was controversial as it was based on a real life murder trial.

In 2011, she appeared in Scream 4 which was a sequel to the 1996 slasher flick Scream. She played the role of Kirby Reed in this movie, for which she received critical acclaim. Her role was also said to be the highlight of this movie.

In 2012, she played the role of Amber in The Forger.


Her first tryst with being a voice actress was in 1999, in A bug’s life.

In 2010, she lent her voice to the film Alpha and Omega alongside Justin Long.

In 2011, she voiced the character of Red in Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.



She is one of the few prominent actresses who have lent their voice to videogame characters. Panettiere voiced the character of Kairi in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. She also voiced Xion in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Panettiere is an actress of many talents. She is an accomplished singer who was nominated for a Grammy in 1999 for A Bug’s Life Read-Along.

In 2004, she recorded a song called “My Hero is You” for her film Tiger Cruise. She also recorded “Someone like you” for another movie of hers called The Dust Factory. Her Disney movie Ice Princess saw her sing a track titled “I Fly”.

For Hollywood Records compilcation Girl Next in 2006, she recorded a song titled “Go to Girl” and for Girl Next 2 (2007).

In 2007, she recorded a cover for the character of Cruella De Vil for DisneyMania 5.

She also recorded a song called “Try” for Bridge to Terabithia and a balled titled “I still believe” for Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.

Panettiere’s first independent single was titled “Wake up Call” and it was digitally released in 2008. Clothing brand Candie for which Panettiere modelled, also said that it would provide additional support and promotion for the single in the form of a television advertisement and music video.

She has recorded several songs for Nashville, which were both released as singles and was also included on the show’s soundtrack albums.

In 2013, she recorded a version called “Fabric of my life” for a Cotton Incorporated advertising campaign.


Hayden Panettiere was made the covergirl for Neutrogena’s world wide ad campaign in 2006.

In September 2006, she appeared in a Heroes themed “Got Milk?” ad in a series of photos which would be shot by Annie Leibovitz.

In February 2008, Kohl announced that Panettiere would be the next Candie’s spokesperson.

On September 2013, she signed an agreement to become the spokesperson for the department store Belk.



The star’s net worth chalks up to nearly $10 million combined from acting gigs, singing and brand endorsements. The rising star, recently sold her Hollywood Hills home for $3 million, to move to Nashville where her co-stars owned houses. The move was no surprise, as she had been looking to sell her house for a few months, but it was finalized that she’d be joining her co-stars in Nashville after her home sold on 26 March 2014.

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