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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking site which allows users to share their photos and videos in other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and they launched it as a mobile application in 2010. It has rapidly acquired attention that in just less than 2 years it already had a hundred million users. Today, Instagram celebrates having a community of 400 million active users!



With Instagram’s simple and minimalistic layout, it’s pretty easy to figure out how it  works. Since the site is a photo and video-sharing service, everything is about visuals – unlike with Twitter, which is very text-based. So in order to catch people’s attention and get likes, you gotta post interesting photos. To do this, simply tap the camera logo at the lower middle part of the screen. This will prompt the camera and you can now take a photo. When satisfied with the shot, you will be given the option to apply a filter to your photo.


Tap the one you like the most and you can make some more adjustments by clicking the tool logo. When done, you can type a caption for your photo for a little story about it or you can just post it. That’s basically how you use Instagram. You’re really just sharing photos for your followers to see what you’re up to or what you’ve been up to (hashtag throwback).


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Instagram has greatly contributed to the birth of really popular trends these days like Selfie, OOTD (Outfit Of The Days), TBT (ThrowBack Thursday), and Foodie shots.

Selfie became so popular among people of varying age groups that English Oxford Dictionary named it the “word of they year” in 2013. This trend is not saying good bye for a really long time especially now that it’s got everybody hooked and captivated.



According to Citigroup, the photo and video sharing app increased its value at a very astounding rate. Before, it was valued at $19 billion, but now it is reported to be worth $35 billion! It has now surpassed Twitter with a $12 billion lead and this site is predicted to grow in value even more. This is because Instagram has recently started accepting advertisements from big companies. If you’re in Instagram these couple of months, you’ve most likely seen posts like these ones below:

insta ads


Reports say that Instagram ads cost between $350,000 and $1 million per month. Clearly, advertising in the popular photo-sharing media is not for small businesses who can’t afford the heavy price tag. Hopefully the company will offer budget-friendly ads so more businesses can take advantage of this new marketing concept.



In 2011, Instagram was the runner-up for Best Mobile App at the 2010 TechCrunch Crunchies. That same year, it was named the Best Locally Made App in the  SF Weekly Web Awards. Instagram ended 2011 with a bang when Apple Inc. picked it as the “App of the Year”. In 2013, the app was listed among Time’s 50 Best Android Applications. Lastly, Mashable named  it as The Best iPhone App of All Time and added that it is one of the most influential social networks to date.

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