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 Net worth: $65 Million 

Profession: singer, songwriter, and record producer


Joe Walsh was born on 20th November 1947. Wichita in United States is the birth place of Joe. He started his career in year 1964. He is a multi talented personality. He is not just a singer but is also a songwriter and record producer. He has been an active member of many popular bands like Barnstorm, James Gang and Eagles. His success can be traced by the appreciation and popularity which has been given to his work. He has been placed in the list of top 100 guitarists of the world by Rolling stone magazine. He is said to be the highest paid guitarist in the world.


Personal life

CMT Crossroads - Joe Walsh & Friends

Joe Walsh was born in United States. His father was killed in a plane crash. His step father took the charge of Joe. His biological father died when he was just 5. Form his childhood itself he developed his interest in music and playing guitar. His mother was also a well trained pianist. Walsh has an Amateur Extra Class Amateur Radio License. He is a philanthropist as well. He donated his guitar for charity in Newington, Connecticut. On 13th December 2008, Walsh got married to Marjorie Bach. She is the sister of Barbara Bach. After their marriage, Marjorie gave birth to a daughter. They named their daughter as Lucy Walsh. Their daughter is also a well known musician. She released her debut album in year 2008 and the name of her debut album is Lost in the Lights. She worked with many famous people like Ashlee Simpson. Walsh had one more daughter who was born in year 1971. The name of his daughter was Emma Kristen. Unfortunately Emma died at the age of three. She died because of a car accident. Her death inspired the track named song for Emma. In year 2001 Walsh was given an Honorary Degree by Kent State University.


joe walsh

He started his career by replacing the lead guitarist of James Gang named Glen Schwartz. James gang is a five piece band and this band became a power trio when Joe joined it. Walsh took the band to new heights. His guitar playing talent was highly appreciated by people. He also released many albums with James Gang. In year 1971 he left James Gang and created a new band. The name of his new band was Barnstorm. His first album with his group was named as Eponymous. This album was released in year 1972. The sale of this album was not that remarkable. But still the album got highly popular. There were two other albums which were released by them after this album. The names of the two other albums are The Smoker you drink and the player you get. Both the albums were released in year 1973. In year 1974 he produced another album named Dan Fogelberg. After 1974 he released two consecutive solo albums named so what and you can’t argue with a sick mind. In year 1980’s, the sale of his albums went quite low. In spite of such low sales he maintained his profile. In year 1981 Walsh and Vitale worked on the solo album of John Entwistle. The name of the solo album of John Entwistle was Too Late the Hero. The album got highly popular. This was the fifth album of John Entwistle. The major hits of this album were Too Late the Hero and Talk Dirty. In year 1984 he joined an Australian band named The Party Boys. It was one among the most famous bands of the world. The band included many talented personalities like Kevin Borich. He joined the band and performed with them for several years. He was also a part of the live album of this group. The name of the live album of this group is You Need Professional Help. He is not just a guitarist rather he plays many other instruments like keyboard, bass guitar, harmonica, bagpipes, oboe and Clarinet.





He is a very rich personality. His leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $65 million. He is considered to be the highest paid guitarist in the world. He has performed quite well in his career. He earns around $40 million in a single year. He owns many properties and expensive assets. He is a multi talented personality. He has more than one profession. He has earned a lot of money through his professions. His guitar skill is very popular throughout the world. He has joined many groups and all groups have given him a lot of popularity and money. He owns a beautiful house which is made up of orange stone. The location of the house is quite exotic. The presence of garden outside the house further enhances the beauty of the house. The house covers a total of 2,308 square foot of area. The estimated market price of this house is said to be $4.5 Million. The bedrooms and the bathrooms of the house of equipped with all the facilities. The interior of the house is quite luxurious.

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