John Kerry Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $194 Million




John Forbes Kerry was born on December 11, 1943. He is currently hold the position of  United States Secretary of State. He completed his tenure as the chairman of Senate Foreign Relation Committee. He was also the contender George W.Bush but lost by a sufficient margin. His father was in Army Air Corps. Aurora, Colorado was the place where he was born. He completed his primary education from Massachusetts and done his graduation from Yale University in 1966. Boston College Law School was the place from where he received his Juris Doctor. After receiving J.D, he served his nation as an Assistant District Attorney. He was the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts from 1983 to 1985. His vote authorized the President to use force against Saddam Hussein. Later he was nominated to succeed secretary of state Hillary Clinton by President Barack Obama.




In his childhood days, he was made as a Roman Catholic. He enjoyed his life in a upper middle class family. He went to St. Paul’s in his starting days. John Kerry has later said that he had no idea about his origin or from where his parents were from. He was suffering from Prostate Cancerbut was successfully diagnosed and treated in 2003. He also participated in a one to one debate with President Barack Obama durind election campaign of president in 2012.




In 1970, Kerry was married to his first wife, Julia Stimson Thorne. In 1973, they had their first daughter and later in 1976, their second daughter was born. But soon Julia was suffering from depression and called him for a separation. They filed documents for their divorce on July 25, 1988. After Divorce, Thorne married to Richard Charlesworth but she helped Kerry in Presidential election in 2004. She died on April 27, 2006. Kerry was married again to a widow Maria Teresa Ferreria on May 26, 1995.





John Kerry won his first election on a very narrow escape but placed on the top after winning 18 towns out of 22. Many of newspapers of that time were against him and published so much of crucial news stories against him. This made it hard for him to win in general election and he lost against Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. After his defeat, he joined Boston College Law School. Later he was named as executive director of Mass Action. In 1976, he got his degree in juris doctor and became a prosecutor in Massachusetts. After retirement of Paul Tsongas, Kerry decided to participate in the election for the seat. And finally Kerry was sworn in as a U.S. Senator in January 1985.



U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to the press following his meeting with Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird at the State Department in Washington

He joined military service on August 19, 1966. After successful completion of training at Officer Candidate School, He got his commission on December 16, 1966. He was posted in Vietnam during the Vietnam War as this was his first choice to be a Commander of a Fast Patrol Craft.He was called HERO of that war but some people also called him a fraud of Vietnam War.




He got his first military award “PURPLE HEART” during the war in 1968. He along with his two crewmen destroyed the sampans of the enemy and also got a major wound on his hand.

After this war, an another one was waiting for him as in 1969, he received his second Purple Heart award for a wound while acting in the Bo De River on February 20,1969. He again hit by a helicopter and got a wound on his left leg. And after this he made it possible to reach Gulf of Thailand safely.

After a week, he got his third award Silver Star. Kerry opened fire of his boat in front of enemy and caught his men and rocket launcher. All the officials were in confusion whether they should punish him for this irresponsibility or should appreciate him for this act of bravery.

Kerry received his first Bronze Star and third Purple Heart for rescuing Rassmann from the water. His service tenure in military service was full of glorious awards and adventures.




Senator John Kerry is one among the richest lawmakers in the world. His property and his wife’s property contain of many assets and many source of wealth. In 2011, he was in the list of top three richest congressmen. According to recent financial disclosure about the senators, he is the richest member of any senate. He holds the main control over three trusts of his wife’s family. According to financial magazines, the net value of Kerry’s property is approximately $250,645,065. As he is now a state secretary, he plans not to invest more in companies as this will turn into a conflict for a government official. According to his financial disclosure report, Kerry had a total of 446 assets, some of them belong to him and some of them were of her wife. He also has some other properties in addition to these assets. He owns a multilevel Townhouse in Boston near Beacon Hill. His list of homes is so big. Some of them are in Fox Chapel, Idaho and on Nautucket Island. But he was reported for not paying state tax over his yatch in 2010.

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