Justin Bieber Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $110 Million

Justin Bieber is a Canadian Song writer- and singer who has built incredible name and fortune of more than $100 million in just three years after release of his most popular single ”  Baby”. Bieber has an estimated net worth of $110 Million.

Early life and Career.

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Bieber started developing interest in music from early age of three. Since then he learned piano, playing drums and other musical instrument. Bieber who is now a singing sensation was spotted on you-tube by a former marketing executive of SoSo Def, is now ruling thousands of hearts as the most successful child star after Michael Jackson. He has a huge female following and the female teenage population is heavily affected by Bieber fever and idolizes him. Justin has an ability to melt any girl’s heart by his floppy hair and his charming and youthful voice. Justin is the second most popular celebrity on Twitter. He has over $14 Million followers. Justin Biber’s twitter account has more followers then the entire population of Canada. Bieber took the first does of success at the young age of 12, when he competed with experienced singers in a local singing competition. After that his family and friends started sharing his performance videos on YouTube, and eventually ended up with over 10 million views. Pop manager Scooter Braun spotted him and took him to meet Usher and Justin Timber lake. From then there was no stopping him. In 2008 Bieber signed a major record contract and soon his album ” My World” with backup vocals from usher was seen on every girl’s recent song play list. The album debuted at number 6 position on the album charts and his first popular single ” one time” made him tremendously popular and known face worldwide. Justin’s recognition as a good artist and good music began when he was awarded as the Best New Artist by MTV and got a nomination as the Best New Artist in Grammy Awards. Justin’s second album a sequel to ” My World” , called ” My World 2″ smashed all the records internationally and went for double platinum in record sales. Apart from his music career Bieber has appeared on CBC crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A biopic concert film entitled “Justin Bieber : Never Say Never was release in 2011, the film topped the box office with an estimated gross of $12.4 million on its opening day, for the weekend it grossed over $30 million. His third album “Believe” released in 2012, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 becoming his fourth number one album. 57,000 copies of the album were sold in just a week in Canada alone. In December 2013, Bieber said on twitter that he is all set to officially retire from his career, however later his management team denied the news and said the singer was just kidding and is very much looking forward to have huge career ahead of him.



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With great success  comes great responsibility. Handling  stardom is not an easy task . Time and again Bieber has been in beef with law. He has been arrested and booked for DUI, possession of marijuana and beating up paparazzi to name a few. In 2013 his tour buses were raided twice, the officials found narcotics and stun gun in first raid and marijuana in later. Recently in January 2014 he was arrested in Miami, Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence and for driving with an expired licence and for resisting arrest. He was later released on a $2500 bond. A drug test found that Bieber had THC in his system at the time of arrest. He was also seen getting out of a brothel.
Recently on 4th March , thousands of fans booed their hero Justin Bieber after he turned up nearly two hours late on the stage in London for his performance. Furious parents and fans tweeted their frustration and anger when the pop singer failed to appear on time.
Again on 5th March Bieber showed his arrogance to his fans after he made young girls wait for nearly 3 hours in freezing cold and then barely acknowledging them.



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Justin Bieber is romantically linked with several beauties. Bieber was dating Caitlin Beadles the sister of Justin’s best friend from 2007-2008. The couple decided to part ways shortly before the singer found fame. the rumors however went around in 2010 that they were back together after twitter post from both that they were vacationing together.
In 2009 he was rumored to be dating Mandy Rain, Debby Ryan, Jessica Jarrell and Kristen Rode heaver. Soon after the endless rumors of him dating several women around the globe, Justin started dating Selena Gomez in 2010, the couple was in on and off relationship for over two years and in November 2012 they finally decided to part ways. If rumors are to be believed, Victoria Secret model Barbara Palvin was the reason for trouble between Justin and Selena Gomez. but Barbara claims such rumors as ridiculous. After breaking up with Selena Gomez Justin was in state of confusion as far as his love life is concerned. Bieber was emotionally attached to Selena Gomez and to get over her, the pop singer had several romantic encounters with names like Milyn Jensen, Jordan Ozuna, Tati Neves and his recent encounter Chantel Jeffries.



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Justin earns an estimated $300,000 per concert plus hefty cash from record sales. HE once gave a lock of his hair to a talk show host Ellen DeGeneres who later auctioned it for whopping $40,668. Justin leads a lavish lifestyle, he drives some of the most luxurious super cars.
Justin gifted himself a lavish mansion on his 18th birthday. The house is built in three stories and has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. the home comes with an exclusively designed kitchen, bar, private theater, personal gym, a massage room and a infinity pool. The house is situated on the Hollywood Hills and has a floating dining room. The house was previously rented to Ashton Kutcher for $50,000 a month, later Bieber purchased it for $10.8 Million.
Justin also owns a $1.7 Million luxury condo in New York. the Condo spread in the area of 2400 square foot and is lavishly decorated.
Justin Bieber has recently bought a 1.28 acre Casablanca mansion for $6million. it is a Hacienda style home with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. the house has six fireplaces, a pool a spa and an elevator.
The teen sensation owns some of the most luxurious cars. He is often spotted in Porsche 997 Turbo worth $100,000. He also loves to ride in his stylish Ferrari F430 worth over $150,000 plus other modifications worth $50,000. Men’s fashion designer P-Diddy gifted Bieber a Lamborghini Gallardo that costs a mind boggling $ 200,000. Bieber dished out $160,000 on a customized Range Rover Evoque to impress his girl Selena Golmez. the car has a sound system worth over $80,000 alone. For his 18th birthday, Usher gifted young lad a $100,000 Hybrid car Fisker Karma. When it comes to luxury, the pop sensation stops at noting other then what he wants exactly. CEO of famous West Coast Customs has done a Cadillac CTS-V coupe for the star worth over $250,000 and he calls Biber’s Cadillac ” the sickest CTS-V on Earth”. Bieber also owns a Ferrari Italia 458 worth over $200,000, the car include Bluetooth, WiFi, cell phone connectivity and a detailed leather work.



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Justin Bieber is associated with many charitable causes. He is associated with Children’s Miracle Network, the organisation helps in saving and improving lives of children by raising funds for children in hospitals.
He is also associated with Usher’s New Look Foundation, which supports young generation to enter into the business of sports and entertainment. The organisation also help families in need and has worked for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.
Bieber is closely associated with Red Cross organisation which provides relief to victims of disasters and helps by providing blood and blood related products in United States.


Quote : I’m looking forward to influencing others in a positive way. My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.

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