Lil Scrappy Net worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $700 Thousand

Profession: Rap Artist

Genre: Southern Hip-hop/Crunk



Born Daryl Kevin Richardson II to the star of VH1’s reality TV show Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Momma Dee in Atlanta, Georgia. He has 13 siblings, 6 brothers and 7 sisters. He made his debut album “Bred 2 live, Born 2 Die” in 2006 with 50 Cent. His first single “Money in the Bank” became his biggest solo hit and also the most commercially successful single till date in the U.S. It was number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. He, along with Trillville was discovered by producer Lil Jon while performing at a bar in Atlanta and was one of the first acts signed to his Black Market Entertainment Recordings. Lil Scrappy’s first independent album “Prince of South” was released in 2008 through Real Talk Entertainment. The album featured guest appearances by rappers Lil’ Flip and J-Bo of YoungBloodZ. It reached number 22 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and number 1 on the Independent Albums Chart. In 2009, he featured in the movie Just Another Day, the tale of realities of rap music. He also announced his second studio album Tha Grustle in early 2009, which would be distributed through Def Jam, but it couldn’t get an official release until March 2012. The official first single of the album was “Helicopter” in which Scrappy is joined by 2 Chainz & Twista over Nonstop’s street ready production. The second single from the album was called “No love” featuring Tocarra which gained over a 100,000 views on YouTube. His second Independent album “Prince of South 2” released in October 2010. Lil Scrappy has done a quite a few music video cameos with artists such as Young Buck, Ludacris, and 50 Cent. After Lil Scrappy left BME Records, he later signed with Atlanta rapper Ludacris’s Disturbing The Peace Records, which was a short lived relationship. Now, Scrappy is signed to S-Line Records which is founded by Kevin Clark. Lil Scrappy is also affiliated with the Black Mafia Family gang which is a street gang founded by brothers Demetrius Big Meech Flenory & Terry Southwest T Flenory. Members are known to wear the color black to show affiliation to the gang.


Lil Scrappy is one of the key artists to have propelled the genre of crunk hip hop. Crunk hip hop started in the 1990s as a sub-form of southern hip hop. Producer Lil Jon is widely credited with spearheading the movement. True to its name, crunk constitutes a chaotic interpolation of club beats and high-energy chants. Scrappy made a strong following throughout the Southeastern United States through mixtape releases. Scrappy gained popularity with vulgar lyrics and that infamous heavy southern bass sound that Atlanta was known for in the mid 00’s.

Personal Life


The rapper started dating Erica Dixon in 2002 and in March 2005 gave birth to their daughter Emani Richardson. They broke up in 2007. The same year Scrappy started dating rapper Diamond, whom he met in 2004 after working with the rap group Crime Mob. Scrappy and Diamond got engaged in 2008. In April 2011 Diamond dumped him for rapper Soulja Boy. In 2011, Scrappy reunited with Erica.

In late 2012, Lil Scrappy was arrested for violating his probation. Following the event of failing a court-ordered drug test, the rapper was sent to a rehabilitation facility in June 2013 to get rid of his addiction to marijuana. And in August 2013, the “No problem” hit maker, was arrested in Georgia after he attacked a man who allegedly insulted his girlfriend. Lil Scrappy has been in a few rap feuds during his career, his most popular ones being with rapper Parlae Escobar of the former hip hop group Dem Franchize Boyz, Crime Mob, Soulja Boy and Trouble (rapper).

He currently features on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with his ex- fiancé Erica Dixon.

Momma Dee


Deborah Gaither is the mother of Lil Scrappy who is famous as Momma Dee on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta which aired in 2012. Her experiences include singing, modeling and pimping as she is a registered nurse. She is known to create quite a stir in Scrappy and Erica’s relationship as Erica and Momma Dee have never gotten along. However because Erica shares a child with her son, they are forced to be in one another’s lives, but neither of them find pleasure in this relationship. Momma Dee has been quite open about her not liking Erica and being completely against her marriage with Scrappy.




Lil Scrappy supposedly got paid 200k for season 2 of the hit show. Scrappy purchased a big body Mercedes Benz and a big house in Alpharetta, Georgia. He also owns a white color Bentley.

Lil Scrappy and his rapper girlfriend Diamond were in Foreclosure. Lil Scrappy bought a 2,836 sq ft home in Conyers, GA back in 2004 for $182,800 back when he was still dropping singles on the radio, but not only the home was devalued to $123,000, but the bank foreclosed on it August 2010. The same thing happened with his girlfriend, Suntrust Bank got her Walden Park neighborhood Atlanta, home foreclosed in September 2010. Diamond’s car was also repossessed and both of their homes were put up for sale. They rented a home in Cobb County, later.


Current Deals


In late 2013, Lil Scrappy signed a new album and record deal. The rapper has inked a new label partnership between his Gri$tle Gang Records, Chinga Chang Records and Sony Entertainment. He will release his “Reparations” album through this deal. He has been behind the scenes working on his this project, which is scheduled to release in Spring 2014. Scrappy took to Instagram to share the good news.

“Partnering with Chinga Chang Records is the best move I’ve made since I entered the Hip-Hop game, period!” says Scrappy in a statement. “’Reparations’ reflects the maturity and wisdom I’ve learned from being in this industry.”

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