Liliane Bettencourt – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $30 million

Career / Profession: Chief shareholder (L’Oreal)

Heiress of the never ending beauty product: L’Oreal

She is a buzz in the France’s billionaire list. She is the biggest shareholder in L’Oreal and also owns a majority of stock of Nestle. She was also popular in newspaper headlines because of her legal dispute with her daughter. But in spite of her quarrels and disputes, she has many positive aspects of her personality and is a role model because she follows the line of hard-work and discipline. She gets up at 4 am and goes for a morning walk even at the age of 80. Her hobbies include activities like swimming, exercising and cycling. She is also an active promoter of education and research. She has funded various scholarships. For being such a generous donator, she has received various awards like La Légion d’honneur (highest civilian award of France).


Marital status: Married

Liliane Bettencourt is married to Andre. The marriage took place in 1950. Andre has a political background; he was leader of a French political party and also was the founder of a newspapers named newspaper La France Agricultural and Le Courrier Cauchois. The two came in contact when Andre headed L’Oreal after Liliane’s father’s death. He was the MP of Seine-Maritime (1951-1995). He has worked under the different govt. like of Rene Coty, Georges Pompidou and Charles de Gaulle.

Assets and property

  • Brittany home

Liliane owns a posh villa in one of the renowned areas of France. This home is very dear to her as it was built by her father, Eugene Schueller in 1920’s. It offers a beautiful look as it faces Brehat. The home is spread over a vast area of 3.9 acres and is facilitated with 25 rooms, a swimming pool and a tennis court. The heiress of L’Oreal spends most of her time in this home of hers.


  • Neuilly-sur-Seine mansion

Neuilly-sur-Seine is located in the renowned areas of Paris. The mansion’s beauty is further enhanced as it is situated on the banks of Siene River. The mansion was built in 1951 in a very royal style with a modern touch. It was after the marriage of Liliane and Andre.

  • D’Arros Island: 60 million dollars

Once owned by Liliane Bettencourt, D’Arros Island( located in Seychelles) is now sold for a sum of $60 million. The oval shaped island consisting of Coral and sand is 2 km long and spread 990 meters. The island is home to no. of bird colonies and marine life and scenic beauty here is mesmerizing and beholding. Before Liliane, it was owned by Prince of Iran, Shahram Pahlavi Nia. Liliane bought this island in 1998 from him.

  • Mercedes

Liliane Bettencourt is a proud of owner of a sizzling black Mercedes, a symbol of status in rich society. The car has scintillating leather interiors which are eye catchy and breathe holding. The car’s body is made up of Carbon fiber. This Mercedes is so near to her hear that Liliane has been spotted on several occassion, driving the car all by herself.

Philanthropic interests

  • Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

Liliane founded Bettencourt Schueller Foundation in 1987 in honor of her late father Eugene Schueller. The foundation has a turnover of approximate £160 million. The funds of the foundation are then used for scientific research and education (55%), humanitarian efforts and social causes (33%) and rest goes to art and culture.


  • Liliane Bettencourt has been an active and a generous donator and has contributed a lot towards enriching the education in the country. She has donated 10 million euros to the “Institute de France”.

Woman goes after Brands

Liliane Bettencourt is huge follower of brands. She is also a fashion symbol known for her decent but elegant style of dressing.

  • Yves Saint Laurent

The lady has a huge love for Yves Saint Laurent shoes and has been potted multiple times wearing it. The brand is itself the definition of elegance and royalty. It goes well with her decent personality.

  • Chanel

Liliane has a huge crush for French fashion line Chanel. She has been carrying Chanel bags and wearing Chanel’s dresses on several important occasions. Like every other fashion follower, Liliane’s wardrobe is full with Chanel’s products.


  • Emanuel Ungaro

One of the popular brands in Paris, Emanuel Ungaro is also Lilianes’s favorite brand. The brand has a very feminine touch and is suitable for office use.

  • Lanvin

Liliane Bettencourt is a huge fan of Paris’s popular brand Lanvin. Sge adores all products of Lanvin from its clothing line to its fragrances.

Rich quotes

Some of the famous quotes said by Liliane Bettencourt are as follows:

  • “Man is fond of formulas that Assen its employees as “Work is invincible” or “Intelligence is the ability to see the sets and the views of others, all it takes not too much”.
  •  “When the public finances’ deficit and the prospects of a worsening state debt threaten the future of France and Europe and when the government is asking everybody for solidarity, it seems necessary for us to contribute.”
  • “We are conscious of having benefited from a French system and a European environment that we are attached to and which we hope to help maintain.”
  • “I am especially the daughter of a father.”


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