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Net Worth:  $1.5 million



MC Hammer, the first hip hop artist to have a Diamond selling album is not only a rapper but also a dancer, entrepreneur, spokesman, an occasional actor and a gospel; adorned with almost every adroitness, one can think of. MC Hammer, a celebrated rapper has been given this stage-name by Reggie Jackson, a baseball player, owing to his resemblance to Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, while his real name being Stanley Kirk Burrell.  Kirk born in Oakland, California on 30th March 1962 is illustrious for his records, flamboyant dance movements and trademark Hammer pants. Hammer gave a full-fledged meteoric start to his rapping career by launching his first release, “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” in 1990. He thus brought rap music to the mainstream that became the biggest selling rap album of all the time. Poverty-stricken family faced an extreme saturnine and a catastrophic phase when his father, Lewis Burrell a warehouse supervisor nearly lost everything when he took a leap in the dark. Stanley was passionate about music, dance and baseball and at an age of 11 he started earning by performing outside Oakland Coliseum during A’s home games. Before giving a melodious turn to his career, Burrell caught the attention of Charles O. Finley, who not only offered him to watch a game from his luxury box but also hired him as team’s bat-boy. The CEO of team, Finley could not asphalt sparkling pavement of his baseball propensity as Burrell flunked to make a final cut against San Francisco Giants thus ending his hopes of playing in majors.

MC_Hammer    MC hammer pants


MC- Master of Ceremonies did not have enough funds to start on with his euphonious vocation and so borrowed money from two former A’s players, Mike Davis and Dwayne Murphy and pioneered his first, own record label Bust It Productions. He released two albums, “Feel My Power” in 1987 and “Let’s Get It Started” in 1988 that fetched him enough to deal with Capitol Records. Hammer, considered to be an innovator and a progenitor of pop rap, re-issued his first album with additional tracks. The album included, “Pump It Up”, “Turn This Mutha Out”, and “They Put Me in the Mix”. Even after his first multi-platinum success that got his album sold over 2 million copies, MC was unsatiated and had undergone a mutational shift from a standard rap format. Following up the success of “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em”, “Have you seen her” and “Pray” were among his later releases that hit a position of #2 on the Billboard hot 100 chart, thus making MC an international star.

mc-hammer-     hammer

Hammer then dropped MC from his stage name and continued to give hits after hits, with his “Too Legit to Quit” in 1991 bagging a position of 5 in not Top 100 but among Billboard Top 200 album chart. Hammer later left Capitol Records and signed up with EMI and released, “Greatest Hits” in 1996, “Family Affair” in 1988, and “Active Duty” (as a homage paid to the people who lost lives in September 11, 2001 terrorists attack) were among his collections that fetched an amalgamation of success and jinx.

Hammer appeared everywhere in his trademark parachute pants with his albums being played incessantly on radio. According to Forbes estimation in 1990, Hammer had glossed success with an ineffable wealth of $ 33 million. To tap his success tale in the form of movie, he produced and starred in a film, “Hammer” that unveiled the fictional story of a rapper who returns home and defeat’s country’s biggest kingpin.


As quickly as Hammer rose to the top of the world music, he just as rapidly fell from pinnacle. After six years of his glimmering and thwacking album releases, Hammer was filed for bankruptcy. He claimed to have assets worth $ 9.6 million against debts of $ 14 million. His extravagant and squandering affinity had cost a lot to him. In the investigation, it was revealed that he had an army of 40 employees, owns at least 17 cars, several racehorses and a mansion worth $ 30 million that was sold later. In February 2013, Hammer has been handcuffed for a prolonged verbal altercation with a police officer, who indicted MC for his car was not registered under his name.

A successful businessman within Hammer enabled him to try his fate in fashion, tech and mixed martial arts. Apart from being entrepreneur, Hammer even appeared in different commercials and television shows as a host and dance-judge, a record-label CEO and even as a co-creator of a dancing website called DanceJam.


  • Hammer has sold over 50 million records worldwide.
  • He has won three Grammy Awards for Best Rhythm and Blue Song in 1990, along with Best Rap Solo and Best Music Video: Long Form.
  • Hammer remade himself into a “Social Media Guru” who is also the most sought speaker at places like Harvard and Stanford.
  • He rolled with a 40-person entourage that came with $ 0.5 million a month payroll.
  • Hammer has a long list of 3 million followers, in fact he was one of the first celebs to join Twitter and reply for the tweet he gets. He believes such unimpeachable platform is pivotal for maintaining social contacts and craze among fans.





Since 1985, Hammer has been married to Stephanie Fuller. The couple has five children and the family lives in Tracy, California. MC Hammer has been reported to have an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 million. Hammer has spent $ 30 million to build his 40,000 square foot dream mansion, right from scratch using Italian marble floors, two swimming pools, and multiple tennis courts in the hills of Oakland. Even after the case of the bankruptcy, Hammer still owes the IRS $ 800,000 in back taxes and penalties and every dollar that he earns first go to IRS in order to maintain peace in his personal life.


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