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Net Worth : $ 8 million


Hasn’t Hollywood seen some of its biggest stars from the background of black African American women who are one amongst the most talented screen players in the industry of television, stage and recording studios? These women have not only served as icons of the camera’s but also been rewarded well with the talents they have, with the world famous awards like the Emmy awards, Academy awards, Tonys, Golen globes and many more. One of these beautiful women is Megan Good born as Meagan Monique Good on 8th August 1981 at Panorama city, Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. She has served as an actress and a film producer since 1991 and is married to DeVon Franklin. She is one of those women who top the list of the richest celebrities with a net worth of 8 million dollars.

Starting with her box office career at the age of four, little Good was doing work as an extra on Doogie Howser an American television comedy which had Neil Patrick Harris as the lead actor. She got her first break when she was of the age of thirteen in the then blockbuster titled “Friday”. Good was also nominated for the NAACP Image award for one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 1997, Eve’s Bayaou. NAACP is and award presented by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people in the genres of television, films, literature and music in America.


Along with a few actors of the film fraternity which included Robert Richard, Ronfell Sheriden and many others Megan worked in a children American television show called the Cousin Skeeter which was aired from 1998 to 2001 which added a lot of money to her net worth. She started with small roles by getting casted in movies like 3Strikes and House Party 4. She saw a transitional career from a variety of movies like Biker Boyz, Deliver us from Eva, The Cockout, You got served, to exceptionally well casted movies like Vemon, Roll bounce, Waist Deep.

Megan good not only has a fortunate career in the TV industry but she also has lead this path with multiple controversies to her bag of wealth. One of the major Controversy that has brought her to lime light is the “Blue Dress Controversy” designed by Micahel Costello which is said to be unethical in terms of traditional and social media. She had stated on the controversy of being a sexy Christian that “there is a classy way to do everything and there is nothing wrong with being sexy or having sex appeal and I think that I am definitely going to be someone who is boldly going to go out to the masses and be someone who say, ‘ Look! Women its okay’…”


The blue dress was a much hype controversial issue as the design of the dress was supposed to be inappropriate to be worn on the occasion of presenting the 2013 BET Award for Best Gospel artist. This award was to be awarded to Lala Anthony on that event. Lala Anthony is a well-known American disc jacket, actress and a television personality. The stunning look of Meagan Good left all her fans spell bound that day with her ears decorated with sparkling earrings and her lips with a dark stunning lipstick along with a silvery heels and clutch adding the much needed accessories charm for an actress of her genre.

With all her busy schedule to make fan loving movies and maintain a high profile image worth 8 million dollars is not an easy tasks. Megan has worked her way out to walk the path of success with her hard work and determination. She has not only well maintained her career but reports even say that she has had a wonderful love and married life with her husband Devon.

Meagan says, “We take care of each other and we look out for each other and we advise each other and we’re not afraid to be in that vulnerable place with each other and be really honest about what that looks like and feels like. But then we also are really best friends.” Devon says, “The dream for our marriage is like we want to continue to grow in love…you know.  That’s not a given. It’s something that has to be cultivated and worked on so I want thirty forty fifty years from now to still be deeply in love and still continue to want to get to know her and learn more about us as husband and wife first and foremost. It’s really about keeping this as the number one priority.”


Growing herself from an actress of just four when she joined the industry with a lot of competition, Meagan has been a constant source of quality movies, TV shows and series and her public appearances have been a part of big controversies as well. Not only this, but Meagan also runs a production house. All of these appearances have made a major contribution to her remarkable net worth of 8 million dollars. Meagan has been a source of inspiration and motivation for young women who belong to the African American origin and aspire to be a part of this glamorous industry.

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