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Net Worth: $400 Million



Michael Bay was born on 17th February 1965. His complete name is Michael Benjamin Bay. He is an American film director and producer. He is not just a very popular film producer but is also a well known actor and a camera operator. He has started his career in year 1986. His generally produces a high budget film. His films are characterised with a lot of special effects and editing. His most notable work is in Armageddon which was released in year 1998. Then in year 2001 he produced Pearl Harbour which is also counted in the list of his notable work. In year 2007 his film Transformers released. The film was highly popularised and it made a market of around $3 Billion worldwide. The production house named as The Institute for the development of Enhanced Perceptual Awareness is founded by Michael only.  He is also the owner of Digital domain which is the house of digital effects.

Early life

early life

Los Angeles, California is the birth place of Michael Bay. He was an adopted child and was raised by Harriet and Jim. Harriet was shopkeeper and a child psychiatrist. And Jim was the CPA. He completed his schooling from Crossroads school which is located in California. He completed his graduation from Wesleyan University in year 1986.


Michael-Bay career

Before starting his career he did an internship under George Lucas. He did this internship at the age of 15. He was very impressed by his experiences in the film industry internship. This raised his interest in film industry and so he decided to become a film director. He started his career by working at Propaganda Films. He directed music videos and commercials. One of his coca-cola advertisements was highly popularised. It was a 90 second advertisement. His commercial even won an award named Clio in year 1992. The Goodby Silverstein & partners got milk advertisement was also directed by him. Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson were highly impressed by the music videos which were directed by Michael. And so they hired Michael for the direction of feature film named Bad Boys. This film was shot in year 1994 in Miami. The actors were Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. This was an action film and the role of Smith was highly appreciated. Smith got a big break with the help of his role in this film. Before this film Smith was struggling with television series. In year 1996 Michael again collaborated with Jerry Bruckheimer to produce The Rock which was again an action movie. The cast in this movie was Sean San, Ed Harris, and Nicolas Cage. The movie was shot on an island named Alcatraz Island. He founded Platinum Dunes which was named after one of the students of Bay.




His net worth is estimated to $400 million. It is said that most of his films earn more than $1 billion.  He is a co-owner of Platinum Dunes. He has a house in Miami. The estimated worth of the house is said to be $13.5 Million. The house is around 17,000 square feet in area. The presence of beach in front of the house further enhances the beauty of the house. The interiors of the house are outstanding. Elegant bedrooms add upon the beauty of the house.

Personal Life

personal life

He lives in Miami as well as Los Angeles. His companions are his two bullmastiffs. The names of the two dogs are Grace and Bonecrusher. Both his pets were also present in his movies like Armageddon and Transformers. He is very keen to his pets. He is a philanthropist as well. Because of his love for animals he donated money for animal shelter. Most of the time he includes his bullmastiff dogs in the movie he is directing. Apart from the two bullmastiffs he also had another dog. His dog Mason died in year 2007 during the production of one of his film.

Awards and honours

awards and achievmnts

Bay was awarded with MTV movie award. He received this award five times. The first time he received this award for Best Movie Director. Then he received this award for his well known movie named Transformers. His movie Pearl Harbor, The Rock and Bad Boys II received the MTV Movie Award for best action. In year 1994 he was awarded for the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercial. The directors Guild of America honoured Bay with this award. In year 2009 he received Vanguard Award for brilliant Film making. In 2011 he received Alliance of Women Film Journal Awards for the sequel of Transformers. He also received many other awards like Evening Standard British Award, People’s choice award and Teen Choice award. His 3-D films were also highly appreciated and he got a Scream Award for best 3-D movie. Because of his criticism he was also nominated for negative labels like Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Award for worst film and Golden Raspberry Award for worst Director.

His collaboration


He collaborated with many people for his films like Ben Affleck, Steve Buscemi, Peter Cullen, Michael Clarke Duncan, Ed Harris, Martin Lawrence, Joe Pantoliano, Will Smith, Peter Stormare, Tony Todd and John Voight.

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