Muammar Gaddafi Net worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $200 Billion

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar Al-Gaddafi, commonly known as Colonel Gaddafi was the ousted leader of Libya in 2011. The late Muammar Gaddafi ruled in Libya for 42 years since he came into power in 1969 in a coup d’etat overthrowing King Idris. This Libyan leader remained in controversies all his life on the world stage and after his death his net north was estimated at $200 Billion by Forbes magazine.

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Early Life and Political Career


Muammar Gaddafi was born in Qasr Abu Hadi, in the deserts of western Libya. He comes from a small and UN-influential tribal group named as Qadhadhfa. His Father and mother was a goat and camel herder. He had three older sisters. Gaddafi’s early education was a religious education by a local Islamic teacher. Later he studied at local elementary school and secondary school. Gaddafi as a child was popular at school. Growing up Gaddafi witnessed 1948 Arab-Israeli war, and Egyptian Revolution. He admired the political changes in Arab under the then president of Arab Republic of Egypt. The president Gamal Abdel Nasser was his hero. After going to military school in 1969 he was the Revolutionary Chairman of the Libyan Arab Republic. He was at the position from 1969 to 1977 and was referred as brother leaders. Gaddafi governed his country according to his own ideologies formed during the tenure of his hero president. His ideologies were founded on Arab socialism, Arab nationalism and mostly influenced by his hero Nasserism. During the 70’s he formed the Third International Theory and Third World revolutionary theory. He was against the United states because according to him, United States was imperialist and evil. He saw himself as a revolutionary Muslim sent by Allah to continue the work of Nasser. In 1970, Gaddafi was the reason for the global increase in the price of crude oil.with Crude oil being Libya’s primary export, he sought to improve its oil sector. He claimed that oil trade between Libya and other countries were unfair and it norms were benefiting the foreign countries more then Libya. He successfully increased the price of Libyan oil, his measures bought Libya over $1 billion additional revenue in the first year it self. It improved the economic state of Libya and GDP raised from $3.8 billion in 1969 to $13.7 billion in 1974 and $24.5 billion in 1979.
On 17th February 2011, a major protest broke against the Gaddafi’s Government after his speech in Arab Spring in 2011. There was a huge dissatisfaction among the people regarding corruption and system and unemployment had topped over 30%. During the early conflict, it seemed as Gaddafi’s government will win with its great fire power but because of great torture and killing of civilians and committing human abuse UNSC passed a resolution 1970, which suspended Libya from the UN human Rights Council and an International Criminal Court investigation was help to look into the killing of unarmed civilians in the country. Gaddafi died on 20th October 2011.



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Gaddafi was described as a womanizer. A journalist for LE Monde named Annick Cojean claimed that Gaddafi had raped hundreds or thousands of women. He liked to keep beautiful female bodyguards. Gaddafi First married in 1969 to Fatiha al-Nuri. The couple had a son Muhammad Gaddafi, their relationship strained and they decided to part ways in 1970. His second wife was Safia Farkash who was a nurse from Obeisant tribe they remained married until his death and have seven children together.



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Gaddafi the leader of Libya died on 20th October 2011 during the battle of Sirte. He was found taking refuge in West of Sirte and from there he was captured by National Transitional Council forces. He was killed shortly after that. Initially it was claimed that he died from injuries which he sustained in a fire fight in an attempt to free himself, however eye witnesses and a mobile video of his death shows rebel fighters beating him badly before they shot him dead. The Libyan authorities kept his body for a few day display for people to make sure that everybody in the country knows that he is dead. then the body was moved to the industrial freezer where the members of the public were allowed to view it as confirmation. His body was publicly displayed in freezer until afternoon of 24th October. His body is buried at an undisclosed location in the desert together with his son Mutassim Gaddafi and his defense minister Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr.



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Gaddafi owned a luxurious mansion in London. the home has eight bed rooms with a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and a cinema room. The house has a electrical operated store room. the house has an estimated worth of over $20 million.
Gaddafi also owned a mansion in New Jersey, the mansion had 9 bedrooms and 12 baths. The house features include a huge in house swimming pool, tennis court and a personal shooting range. The estimated worth of the mansion is over $50 million.
Gaddafi use to fly in his private airliner. he owned Airbus A340 plane which is worth $150 million. the aircraft bound with armchair in silver leather, red and grey carpets and nigh club style lighting all over the ceiling.
Gaddafi also used D assault Falcon jet among three jets that he owns. the jet is estimated to cost over $100 million
Gaddafi in total had around 100 cars. his car collection include cars like Libyan Rocket, Rolls Royce, and electric car, BMW. You name it and Gaddafi had it in his garage.
After Gaddafi’s death in 2011, his assets and wealth was estimated to be $200 billion making him the richest leader in the history.


Quote : “I am a Bedouin warrior who brought glory to Libya and will die a martyr”

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