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Net Worth-$ 16 million



Ne Yo is the popular stage name of a famous American pop singer Shaffer Chimere Smith. He is a well known singer- songwriter, recorder and producer. Besides being related to song he is also related to dancing and acting. He is perfect with instruments like guitar, piano and vocals. He started his career in the year 1998 and is popular for his R&B, Hip-Hop soul and dance. Ne Yo is very zealous about arts and children and has shown his support For Little Kids Rock.

Early life

early life

Ne Yo took birth in Camden, Arkansas in United States of America on October 18, 1982. He was brought up by his mother in Nevada, Las Vegas. Ne Yo’s father was an African American and his mother was of Chinese American descent. His parents were both musicians by occupation. From his childhood, he started testing his skills in the field of song writing. While he was studying in The Las Vegas Academy he took up a stage name “GoGo” and joined an R&B group called ‘Envy’. This band did not last for long but he continued writing songs for other singers before he decided to start his solo career.

Personal life

personal life

Ne Yo was secretly married at a very young age of 19. In the year 2005 his girlfriend Jessica White delivered a baby boy which was further revealed not to be his child. In the year 2009 he met Monyetta Shaw at a Jamie Foxx Concert. He said he found his true love when he met Monyetta Shaw. He was very much impressed by her beauty and nature. After this he started to be in touch with her by inviting her at various occasions. Monyetta Shaw was an actress by occupation. He has two children from her named Madeline Grace and Mason Evan.



Ne Yo started his music career in the year 1998. At a very young age he recorded his first album with Columbia Records. The release of Ne Yo’s track “The Girl” in 2003 made him to be recognized as a top songwriter. Ne Yo continued to write songs for the next two year and contributed his tracks to an American singer Teedra Mosses’ album ‘Complex Simplicity’ in 2004. A turning point came when he wrote ‘Let Me Love You’ for Mario (American Singer). This song remained on the top of the lists for a lot of time. The stage name “Ne Yo” was invented by Big D Evans who was a producer. Ne Yo’s second album ‘Because of You’ got released in May, 2007.Other songs were also written by him for famous artists like Rihanna (song ’Take A Bow’), Mario Vasquez (song ’Gallery’), Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. In 2009 one of his greatest albums ‘Ne Yo- The Collection’ was released in Japan. He had many successful singles like ‘So Sick’, ‘When You Are Mad’ and ‘Sexy Love’. His career some acting credits in the films ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ (2011) and ‘Red Tails’ which led to a position of senior Vice President at Motown Records in January 2012. His fifth studio album R.E.D (realizing every dream) was released in September 2012. Till august 2012 he became one of the most popular and top R&B artist after his “Summer Beats Concert Series”. His latest work in 2013 was “Incredible” For Dion’s album ‘Loved Me Back to Life”.



Ne Yo has reached heights in his career. He has sold About 8 million albums and 23 million singles all over the world. In United States his three albums gained RIAA double platinum albums for sales of each album to about 2 million in number. He has gained five platinum and one RIAA gold single in total. His significant awards up till now are Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary R&B Album for his work “Miss Independent” in 2009. In 2009 one more award is listed under his name i.e. Grammy award for Best Male R&B vocal performance for his creation “Miss Independent”. In the earlier year 2008 also he was awarded for the ‘Best Contemporary R&B album (‘Because Of You’) at the Grammy Awards.



Ne Yo has always been an award winning singer and has his 5 songs in the Billboard 100 and two in Billboard 200. Due to his work he has topped many charts. His net worth reaches to about 16 million dollars. Owing to his great performance and net worth Billboard ranked him as one of the top artists in 2000’s decade. He has always been selling around 10 million copies of many of his albums worldwide which have added a great to his net worth. He is even said to have worked with Michael Jackson and Tim McGraw. Ne Yo claims to have a large mansion in 5900 square feet area having 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. He also owns a golf course. In his home he has a huge deck for entertainment and a spacious kitchen with double ovens. He owns another house named Alpharetta, Georgia house which has an exercise room and an elevator to reach all the floors of the house. He also possesses a condo in the New Gallery, Residence Tower which he bought in the year 2008 for 1,155,000 dollars. This includes a library, art gallery and a club-room. He owns three cars one of which is Mercedes Benz.

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