Patti Labelle- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $50 Million



Patti Labelle was born on 24 May 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. She is also known as Patricia Edwards. Her birth name is Patricia Louise Holte. She is a song-writer and a beautiful actress. She is renowned by Grammy Award for her singing. She has spent 50 years in music industry. Her 16 years of life were contributed to as a lead singer of Patti Labelle and the the year 1970 they released an iconic disco song “Lady Marmalade”. Labelle started her solo career and made few albums which includes “On My own”, “If You Asked”, “Stir It Up” and “New Attitude”. Not only is this, she also recorded R&B ballads such as “You Are My Friend”, “If Only You Knew” and “Love Need and Want You”

Early Life


Patti Labelle was born to Henry Holte, father, who was a railroad worker and lounge singer. Her mother, Bertha Holte who was a domestic and housewife. She has three other sisters and lived a happy childhood. Her parents divorced when she was only 12 years of age. The four daughters then alone was raised by a single mother. Her voice is god gifted and she sang her first song at the age of 10 when she joined a choir at Church and sang her first solo song at Beulah Baptist Church at the age of 12. In the year 1958, she formed Ordettes with three other friends.

Personal Life


In the year 1969 she was married to Armstead Edwards and had one child together named, Zuri Kye Edwards in the year 1973. Soon in the year 1970 they adopted two teenage boys , Stanley and Dodd after their mother died of Cancer, who lived in their neighbor. In the year 200, the couple announced their divorce which was finalized in the year 2003. In the year 1995, Patti was diagnosed with diabetes. Before her marriage with Edwards, Patti was engaged to the Temptations singer Otis Williams and breaking it off owing to conflicting schedules. In the year 2011, she was sued by a woman, Roseanna Monk after she allegedly hurled insults at her for allowing her then 18 month old daughter to walk steps away from her apartment lobby.

Awards and Achievements


She won many awards in her life including Grammy and other awards. First time in the ear 2004, she was nominated for Grammy awards for the category of Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance. Later she won it in the ear 1998 for the category of Traditional R&B Vocal performance and later in the year 1991, she won I for Best Female R&B Vocal performance. Not only is this, she has won other awards too, which includes, Living Legend Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Legends hall of Fame, UNCF Award of excellence and many more.



Patti Labelle is a very talented actress. She is a rich multi-millionaire of the era. Her net worth is $50 million. She is super rich and can afford all the comfort of life. She has all the luxuriousness available and has a grand mansion in Pennsylvania. This is simply elegant and its interior beauty is charming. It is spread in a large in Pennsylvania. There is a separate dining room and a large bedroom. Patti Labelle married to Armstead Edwards I the year 1969. A few brands that Patti Labelle wears include Soiree bracelets in Coral and Turquoise and Zang Toi. She is super rich and still likes to spend her money in a good cause. She is attached to many charity works and done a lot charity till now. She is attached to Bells for Peace whose ultimate aim is to protect, levate and enbrich the history of Virginia Union University which is a historical African American College that was opened in the year 1865 by preserving the University’s prominent cornerstone. Moreover, it will provde new bwlls in the empty belfry of the University’s Belgian Freindship Buliding, restorevthe bulding, develop partnerships with great institutions and entities that will propel students from all over rhe world to make their mark. Not only is this, Patti labelle is also involved in Carma Foundation cause whose mission is to measurably improve the health of poor and vulnerable women and children in the area of Haiti. Her next cause is Clothes Off Our Back which show the todays;s hottest celebrity attire and where items are put up for bid to the public with proceeds going to benefit children’s charities

Moving over to her other causes, she gave charity in Elevate Hope Foundation which provides abused and abandoned children an alternative method of therapy through music and arts and also funds special services that assists the needs of these children. Elton John AIDS fOundation is another one in the list which is one of the world’s leading nonprofit HIV/AIDS orgamniztions supporting innovative prevention programs. Another one is First Book whose aim is to give children their own first books to read and learn. Next one on the list is Lisa Lopes Foundation which provides neglected and abandoned youth with the resources necessary to increase their quality of life and the another one is Red Cross which provide relief to the victim of disasters. This was all about Patti Labelle.

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