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NET WORTH: $ 10 Million



Redman is a famous rapper, DJ and actor from America. He rose to fame after he was signed by Def Jam Label in 1990s. He is also known as one-half of the famous rap duo Method Man and Red Man. He was born on 17 April 1970, in Newark, New Jersey, U.S. His real name is Reginald “Reggie” Noble.


smoking a blunt!

smoking a blunt!

Redman mad his rapping debut in 1990 with EPMD album, Business as Usual. He made an appearance on the tracks ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Brothers on my Jock’. In 1992, he released his debut project ‘Whut? Thee album’ The album is considered to be a Hip Hop classic and is considered to be his best effort. ranked ‘Whut?..’ at number 32 on its list of 100 Greatest Hip Hop albums. The album reached the number 49 spot on the billboard charts. It was certified gold by R.I.I.A. He released his next album ‘Dare is a Dark side’ in 1994. It sold more than 4,00,000 copies and was certified gold. It received mostly positive reviews by the critics. In 1996, Redman released his 3rd album ‘Muddy water’. The album received an a universal acclaim by the critics and was certified gold. Some of its single like ‘Whatever’ and ‘My Big Brother’ became very famous. The album was certified gold by R.I.I.A. in 1997. He then established close friendships with Method Man and Tupac Shakur. He even appeared on Tupac Shakur’s legendary album, ‘All eyez on me’. In 2000, he released an album named ‘Doc’s the name 2000’. It was an instant hit selling more than 1 Million copies. It was certified platinum by the R.I.I.A. Critical response was good as well. The album peaked at # 11 on the billboard charts and #1 on the R&B Hip Hop charts. It was Redman’s most successful album. In 2001, Redman released his 5th album ‘Malpractice’. The album reached #4 spot on the Billboard 200. It was declared gold by R.I.I.A.  “Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In Da Club)” and “Smash Sumthin'” were the two single from the album. After Malpractice, Reggie released a few mix-tapes. He featured in a few tracks by Pink and Christina Aguilera. In the ‘The Eminem Show’, Marshall regarded him as one of the best rappers in the industry. Redman has been an active producer and has produced many albums. His next album was ‘red Gone wild’ in 2007. It received good reviews from the critics and was a commercial success. Redman and Method Man have released two successful albums ‘Blackout’ and ‘Blackout 2’. The duo became extremely famous in the 2000s.


In 2001, Redman along with Method Man starred in the movie ‘How High’. The movie received negative reviews but was a commercial success earning $ 31 Million. The duo became quite famous after the movie’s release. Redman played an important role in the movie ‘Seed of Chucky’. He appeared on the TV series Method & Red. Redman announced that a sequal to How High is being planned. Redman has been selective about the movie roles that he does. His prime aim is music though Redman is a good comic actor.


Redman's Car

Redman’s Car

Redman has a net worth of $ 10 Million. He’s been active in the hip hop industry since 1990. His major source of income is his music albums which have been very successful. He was mentioned in the song ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem as one of the greatest rappers in the industry. He has earned good money through his acting ventures as well. He is an active producer. Almost all his music album have achieved a gold status. His first album is considered to be a Hip Hop Classic. He is a car fanatic and has a good collection of cars. He has earned this net worth as a result of his efforts and dedication.


“I’m standing in the…of course, hip-hop is art. Hip-hop is only poison to people that don’t understand it. What is poisonous about it? It’s not like we’re spoon-feeding it to them like this is the only thing you have to listen to. There’s like a billion other cultures of music out there. Why pick with this one?”

“Listen, I’m not going to tell you not to smoke, I’m not going to tell you not to do this. You have to learn on your own. What I can teach you is that you should only act a fool if your business is right. ”

“Listen, I’m not going to tell you not to smoke, I’m not going to tell you not to do this. You have to learn on your own. What I can teach you is that you should only act a fool if your business is right. ”

“One girl who stands out was this Miami stripper. She still lives with her mother and father, and they know she strips. They call her by her stripper name, Freaky Red.”
“Its the truth, like vodka 1-80 proof. dont drop your drawers, ill fuc through your daisy dukes (TRUE!). So come on light da buddha check your honey while I scoop her. da Soopafly, Jimmy fly Snooka rips the roof off. And am out. peace 2 my 9 tray, 1.”

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