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Salman Rushdie

Born as Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie on 19th June 1947, he was the fourth child of Anis Ahmed Rushdie and Negin Bhatt who were kashmiri descendents settled in Bombay. Salman Rushdie completed his schooling from John Connon School and Rugby school in Mumbai and did his graduation from the famous King’s college, University of Cambridge, where he majored in history. He started his career as a copywriter working for an advertising company namely Ogilvy and Mather and later at Ayer Barker before he became a full-time writer.

Career Earning’s and Net-worth:


Salman Rushdie is one of the most controversial yet acclaimed novelists of the world best-known for his glittering novels that are a mix of startling imagination, exuberance and fantasy he is full of intellectual resources and brilliance. Salman Rushdie with a net worth of $ 20 million is one of the leading novelists of the modern world but unlike others celebrity authors he made his money only from the books that he wrote not even a penny of his worth comes from endorsements deals. Salman Rushdie started his career as a author with his first novel, Grimus in 1975 which was a part scientific fiction tale that failed to make its presence felt, but his next novel, Midnights Children published and released in the year 1981 caught the worlds imagination by winning the Booker prize in 1981. Salman Rushdie’s Midnights Children is a masterpiece as well as an epochal work of fiction and this book is what made him one of the greatest literary voices of our present generation. The magic in the book refused to die and even after 25 years of its release the book went on to win Best of the Bookers and Booker of Bookers in the year 2008. Salman Rushdie’s other works include Shame, The Moor’s Last Sigh, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Fury, Shalimar The Clown, East West, Imaginary Homelands, Haroun And The Sea Of Stories, The Jaguar Smile, Mirrorwork, Step Across The Line, The Enchantress of Florence, Luka and the Fire of Life, Joseph Anton- A Memoir and The Satanic Verses.

Salman Rushdie House, Indian link-delinked:


Salman Rushdie was a proud owner of a high-profile bungalow in the posh Flagstaff Road in Civil Lines in Delhi till the year 2012 before a supreme court the apex court of India passed a order that led to Salman Rushdie losing the 100 crore bungalow. Salman Rushdie’s father Anis Ahmed Rushdie entered into an agreement with the then Congress leader Bhiku Ram Jain and sold his house at an estimated amount of 3.75 lakh with an advance payment of Rs 50,000   but later the deal failed to materialize and the Rushdie’s staked their claim over the property and the Jain’s moved to court filing a suit which gave a decision in favor of them and the Rushdie’s then again moved to Delhi High Court who gave a decision in favor of the Rushdie’s. In the process both the elder Rushdie and Jain passed away but the Jain’s determined not to let go of the property moved to Supreme Court the apex court of India which directed the Rushdie’s that is the present owner Salman Rushdie to hand over the Bungalow whose present market value accounts for around 80-100 crore to the Jain’s at a throw away price of just 6 crore. Salman Rushdie will surely be a sad man but more will be his Indian fans as this was his last ancestral link with India which is lost for the good.

Salman Rushdie Controversies:


Salman Rushdie and controversies walk hand in hand but the biggest controversy that he faced is that associated with his book The Satanic Verses that was first published in the year 1988 in UK. The book initially received critical acclaim from almost all British book reviewers and it also won the Whitbread Award for novel of the year that carried prize money of £20,000. Before the publication, both the editors and publishers received warnings that the book may be controversial but Salman Rushdie turned a blind eye to them and moved on with the book and soon after its release the book garnered wide spread criticism, heated and violent reactions from the Muslim sections of the world. They accused Salman Rushdie of blasphemy and unbelief and in the year 1989 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme leader of Iran issued a Fatwa against Salman Rushdie and urged the Muslims around the world to kill Rushdie. Rushdie later tried to apologies and disown the book but his apology was squarely rejected the Imam Khomeini. The Fatwa received support and criticism from around the world and the UK urged the Iranian government to revoke the Fatwa which they rejected which resulted in social and political fallout of the western and Islamic relations.  Salman Rushdie had to stay indoors for years guarded by armed security personnel 24X7 and he had to constantly change his location to stay safe. The Fatwa affected his personal life and his 2nd wife Marianne Wiggins divorced him, he married Elizabeth West during his sad times and she supported him well but he dumped her for the ambitious and beautiful Indian-born Padma Lakshmi who was 23-year his junior and after four years of relationship his fourth wife Padma Lakshmi dumped him and moved on.

“Sir” Salman Rushdie, Knighted by the Queen:

Honoured ... Salman Rushdie.

In the year 2007 on 16th June Salman Rushdie was created a Knight Bachelor by Queen Elizabeth-II in honor of his services to literature. The knighthood for Salman Rushdie resulted in much controversy around the world with Muslim populated countries openly criticizing the act.

Millions from the book of his life:


Salman Rushdie already immensely rich made a lucrative deal with the highly rich Emory University in Atlanta for an eye-popping amount of £1 million which will take the possession of all his papers, archives of journals and manuscripts that also includes the original 1,600 page controversial manuscript of The Satanic Verses.

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