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Net Worth: $2.6 Billion



Sean Parker is an American serial entrepreneur and the managing partner. Sean is one of three founders at Napster in 1999, he manages it so well and helped the architect to become one of the largest on the net. He is the managing partner at The Founders Fund, a seed venture capital firm. Not only this, he worked as founding President at the Facebook. Recently, he organize the event to launch Causes, an application that bring all individuals together for the charity on Facebook. Besides the relation with Facebook, he is also an investor at the Spotify. The list is not finished yet, we have more to show, what more Sean Parker got. He is also a co-founder of Airtime, a social video company, reuniting with Shawn Fanning, a co-founder at Napsters. The biggest of all is that he co-founded the file-sharing service at Napsters. He also co-founded the Plaxo, an online address book and social networking service.

Early Life


Sean Parker was born on Herndon, Virginia. His mother is Diane Parker who is a TV advertising broker and father is Bruce Parker who is a U.S. government oceanographer. His father taught him and make him learn Atari 800. At the age of seven he learned all this. Hacking and programming were his only hobbies at the teen age. His father is very supportive and always helped him to meet his entrepreneurial dreams. He once said to Sean that “if you are going to take risks, take them early before you have a family”.  One day he was trying to hack the Fortune 500 and suddenly his father unplugged and confiscated his computer keyboard, after that he was unable to log out of the site and his computer IP was tracked. Sean was 16 years old at that time and under 18 therefore he only sentenced to community service. This is how he was spared from the F.B.I. agents.



He only attended the school and skipped the college as he was earning enough and able to convince his parents to start his career. Sean Parker attended Oakton High School in Fairfax County, Virginia for two years. After that he attended Chantilly High School in 1996 for his junior and senior years. At the end of his college he writes code as he started coding in the school time only and later started his companies. 1998 was his year of graduation. During his school time he not interned for Mark Pincus (the former of Zynga) at Washington DC, but also won the Virginia state computer science fair. He won this award for developing the Web Crawler and was recruited by the C.I.A. he was a genius and at the time of high school he earned a lot of money, around $80,000 a year.




Parker met Shawn Fanning at the age of 15 over the internet. The two bounded together by the topics hacking and theoretical physics. After some years the two co-founded the Napster which is a file sharing service for music. Napster has been the fastest business till date and it almost revolutionized the music industry.


Sean launched the Plaxo in November 2002. It is an online address book and social networking service integrated with Microsoft Outlook. It earned 20 million users worldwide. It influence the growth of other companies like linkedin, facebook and zynga.



In 2004, on the computer of his roommate’s girlfriend, he saw this ‘The Facebook’ site for the first time. Later he met Mark when the site was just five month old. He joined Mark as a co-founder President and said that the site has a really big future. According to Peter Thiel, the Facebook’s first investor, Parker always cut off the second thoughts of Mark about the site. Parker helped Facebook allot to raise up to what it is today. He made the clean user interface and developed its photo sharing option. Zuckerberg said that Parker helped transforming the college project into a real company. A drastic change came into his life when police searched a vacation home of Parker and found cocaine. He was only arrested for the suspicion of possession and was not charged. At this time Parker was pressurized to resign from the Facebook. But even after the resignation Parker always helped the company.



He invested $15 million in the Spotify, a Swedish streaming music service. He also funded at Votizen and is a board of directors. In 2011, he found with Shawn Fanning who was also the cofounder of Napster. In August 2013, he invested in a mobile company. Willcall. Willcall cofounded by Donnie Dinch.



His net worth is $2 billion. The facebook billionare , recently purchased the Bucchus House. He once rented the house on $45,000 per month and now he owned it. Bucchus House consists of six bedrooms and fully mowed lawn on third floor. It is five storied mansion and is worth $20 million. It has a indoor swimming pool and a private parking garage. He owned Tesla Electric car. It has breakthrough technologies. Tesla cars are billed as the fastest sports cars on the planet Earth and has a jaw dropping features. He got two cars Electric Tesla Roadster and Audi S5.

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