Seashell Crowns Fit For Royalty!

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We’ve all been to the beaches and have gathered seashells only to stare at them and toss them back to the sea. Sometimes we keep them and display them in our houses. But never have we ever thought that they can be turned into something much more magical.

Chelsea from Chelsea’s flower crowns looked at these seashells differently than we do. She saw the beauty in them and was able to create art out of these seashells. She has created some of the most stunningly beautiful seashell crowns we have ever seen! One look at her works and you’ll know we’re dead serious.

She makes most of them with shells, crystals, chains and flowers. She has even made crowns for men to wear at festivals! While she is not currently receiving custom orders, you may still be able to purchase a handmade, one of a kind crown from her Etsy shop! Be sure to check out her Facebook Page as well!

If these crowns don’t make you feel like a Mermaid Queen, we don’t know what will.

Be sure to check out Chelsea’s Etysy shop to get these amazing crowns!!

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