Shane Filan – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth: $30 Million

Profession: Singer, Songwriter


Shane Steven Filan is an Irish singer and songwriter. He was one of the lead singers of the Irish boy band Westlife.

Early life-

Shane Filan was born on 5 July, 1979 in Sligo, Ireland. He has six siblings-three brothers and three sisters. He is the youngest of them. Filan attended a Catholic school called Summerhill College with Westlife band members Kian Egan and Mark Feehily. The trio performed in a school production of Grease when they were 12. Back in his early days, Shane used to work as a waiter in a diner owned by his parents named Carlton Café which was  situated on Castle Street in Sligo.



Filan was a fan of Michael Jackson and says that the king of pop inspired him to pursue music as a career.Before Westlife, Filan was with Egan and Feehily in a band known as I.O.U. Afterwards, Shane with Kian and Mark together formed the band that is to be Westlife and named it Westside. The band name was later changed to Westlife. The trio were later joined by Nicky Byrne and Brian McFadden. Their first album titled Westlife, was released in November, 1999. Westlife has received twenty-eight platinum discs and sold 40 million records worldwide.

After Westlife’s split in 2012, Filan showed interest of being a solo music artist. In December that year, it was announced that Filan has landed with a recording contract with Universal Music Entertainment. His debut single “Everything to Me” peaked at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart on the week of release. Filan made his first live solo TV performance On 20 August 2013 as he  performed “Everything to Me” live at the 2013 Rose of Tralee festival. Filans’ debut solo album You and Me was released via Capitol Records on 1 November 2013 in Ireland. Shane released his latest CD “You and Me” in November 2013 and is going a UK tour in 2014.

Filan is also a songwriter and he has co-written several songs for the band including- Fragile Heart, Bop Bop Baby, Don’t Say It’s Too Late, Singing Forever, Closer, and Too Hard To Say Goodbye. He and former Westlife member Brian McFadden have also written songs together for other acts such as Listen Girl by John Ostberg, The Music Won’t Last by Jerry Given, and Sei Parte Oemai Di Me by II Divo.


Sligo House-

sligo house

This three-storey mega mansion belongs to Shane Filan. This five bedroom, six bath house is build on five acres of land and is situated at Castledale, Carraroe, Sligo. It even has a dance studio and a pond. It is on the market for €990,000.

Austin Martin-


Filan bought this-original silver Aston Martin driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond film Goldfinger -on his 30th birthday. Later he sold it for €398,000.

Silver BMW-

silver BMW

Red BMW-


Personal life-

Filan describes himself as level-headed, generous and romantic. He likes horse riding, snooker, pitch and putting. He has two pets- a German shepherd dog called Kaiser and a horse called Carlton Clover. His favourite Football team is Liverpool and he says that fellow band member Nicky Bryne is one of his favourite male pop star.

Filan married Gillian on 28 December 2003. Gillian was Filan’s childhood sweetheart. They have three children- a daughter- Nicole Rose- and two sons – Patrick Michael and Shane Peter. They lived in Sligo, Ireland before moving to England.

Filan was recently declared bankrupt after suffering losses in Ireland’s property crash.

On life after his Bankruptcy-

Shane only had £470 in his bank account just five days after playing to a massive 80,000 crowd at Westlife’s 2012 farewell tour and he couldn’t afford to buy his son Patrick a Spiderman toy that cost £29.99. He said, “It was a scary week. You’re thinking, ‘I’ve just finished in Westlife – I should have millions.’ But I didn’t.” Shane admits he and his family now have a budget and they stick to it, because financially they still are not in a good position.


Nordoff Robbins-

Shane Filan supports Nordon Robbins, a charity pioneered by Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins that focusses on music therapy and is dedicated to transforming the lives of people who are constrained by illness, disability, trauma or exclusion.

Fun facts-

  • Shane’s family has 40 horses. They all have the first name –Carlton- after the family restaurant. Shane’s favorite is called Carlton Flight.
  • Shane still suffers from a knee injury that he got three years ago playing rugby which makes every dance routine quite painful but he never complains about it.
  • Shane always used to snog his girlfriend’s mates and would often go out with a girl purely for that reason.
  • When Shane was little, he owned a soft toy cat. He loved it to bits, but he used to hide it from his mates when they came round to his house because he thought it was really embarrassing to own.
  • Shane never goes to bed without saying his prayers and he never really relaxes on his holidays as he likes to be always up and about doing something.
  • Shane says that he is in love with Gillian without a shadow of a doubt and he got down on one knee and proposed to her on the beach underneath the stars.


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