Slash Net worth Money and More

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Slash Net Worth Money & more

NET WORTH – $32 million

PROFESSION: Singer, Song Writer and Guitarist

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Saul Hudson, who is best known by his nick  name Slash, is a British Musician and Song writer and former lead guitarist of American hard rock Band Guns N Roses, with whom Slash became popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990s.


Young Slash

Slash father     Slash mother 

Saul Hudson was born on July 23rd 1965 in Hampstead, London. His mother, Ola Hudson was a costume designer and father, Anthony Hudson an artist who used to design album covers for the artists like Neil young and Joni Mitchell. Because of the issues between slash’s father and mother, Slash was raised b his father until age 5. Later his mom and dad got separated, due to lots of issues between his father ad mother slash’s childhood life was little problematic. But Slash decided to stay with his mother, and stayed with his lovingly maternal grandmother whenever his mom has travel out for a job. He was given nickname Slash by his family friend Seymour Cassel as he was always in hurry zipping around from one place to another.

At age of 14 Slash decided to form a band with his childhood friend Steven Adler, who is now the lead drummer of Guns N Roses band. So Steven Adler and Slash decided to learn bass as Steven took the role of guitarist. Later Slash decided to shift from learning Bass to playing guitar after getting influenced by the song ‘Brown Sugar’ from the ‘Rolling Stones ‘band. Slash was a very hard working person he used to practice guitar 12 hours a day.


Slash's early bands

slash tidus slaon

Slash joined his first band Tidus Sloan in 1981. Later Slash formed Road Crew band with his friend Steven Adler and Duff McKagan. After few days Slash Disband the group as they didn’t find any singer. Later he along with Steven Adler joined Hollywood Rose band where Axl Rose was the singer.

guns n roses band in 1980's

In 1985 Axl Rose, Slash and Steven Adler along with the drummer Duff McKagan together formed Guns N Roses band. There after the band achieved success and in 1986, Guns N Roses band was signed with Geffen Records. The band released their debut album named “Appetite for Destruction” in 1987, which has sold over 28 million copies world wide. In 1989 this was the only band which stood among US no.1 Hit which has a song “Sweet Child O Mine” super headed by slash’s guitar riff and solo. In 1996 Slash left the band Guns N Roses and in 1994 formed a side project named Slash Snakepit which involved his guns N Roses band mates and other band members also. He later released his first Snakepit Album named “Ain’t Life Grand” in October 2000. In 2002 Slash formed anther band named velvet Revolver along with Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum and found success after releasing many albums and songs .Slash from 2008 started focusing on his solo career by performing his solo albums and also featuring with other artists.

slash with mj

In 1991 slash performed with Michael Jackson’s single “Given to Me” and “Black and White “songs. He also collaborated with many artists. He became famous for his dedication and performance and became one of the lead guitarists. He was also listed as one of the top 10 guitarist in the world.



He was also credited for having done some art work for Aerosmith’s 2012 band.


Slash is the great fan of Angry Birds game and he himself created a hard rock version song named as Angry Bird Space theme song. And also there is a bird’s avatar of slash included in the game.

guitar herovideo game

Slash is also a playable character in a video game Guitar Hero III Legend of Rock released in2007.

Guns N Roses



Appetite for Destruction (1987)

G NR Lies (1988)

Use Your Illusion I (1991)

Use Your Illusion II (1991)

The Spaghetti Incident (1993)

Slash’s Snake pit


It’s Five’s clock somewhere (1995)

Ain’t Life Grand (2000)

Velvet Revolver


Contraband (2004)

Libertad (2007)

Solo albums by Slash

Slash (2010)

Apocalyptic love (2012)

TBA (2014)


Slash And His Family

In 1992 Slash got married to a model-actress Renee Suran in Marina Del Rye, California and after 5 years they divorced in 1997.He later got married to Perla Ferrar on October 2001 in Hawaii. This couple is gifted with two sons London Emilio and Cash Anthony .In 2010 Slash filed divorce from Ferrar but later they reconciled and started living happily.


slash_corvette    guitars

double neck guitars

Slash’s net worth is $32 million. Slash owns more than 100 guitars among them he prefers Gibson Les Paul guitars. This shows that his assets were his music and love for music only. Slash owns 6 old classic cars among them 66 Chevrolet Corvette, 1936 black Forde Coupe and 1967 Black Lincoln Convertible. He also owns a house worth 10.2 billion which is situated at Los Angeles.


Slash received was named as Best Guitarist by Esquire. Slash was awarded a title as Riff Lord during Metal Hammers 4th annual golden god’s award in 2007.In 2008 he was ranked no.21 on Gegwise’s list of the best 50 Greatest Guitarists ever. He was named in the list of Top 10 Electric guitar players in Time Magazine. In 2007 He was honored with a star on the Rock walk of fame, his name was placed along side Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimmy Hendrix. In 2012 Slash was inducted into Rock N Roll Hal of fame as a member of the classic line up of guns n roses.

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