Stephen King Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $400 Million

Introduction to Stephen King


Stephen king is also known as John Swithen and Richard Bachman. He was born on 21th September in year 1947. Portland in United States is aid to be his birth place. He is a multitalented personality. He is known to be a great novelist, screen writer, and short story writer. Additionally he is also an actor and a film director. He has even produced many television shows. Stephen king has written many categories in novels like horror, drama, fantasy, science fiction, genre fiction, post apocalyptic fiction, and dark fantasy. Tabitha King is the name of his wife. His writings are quite famous. More than 350 millions of his books have been sold. Nearly fifty books written by Stephen king are published out of which seven books are published under his pen name which is Richard Bachman. Many of his stories have been depicted in movies and television dramas. About 200 short stories are written by Stephen. He has been graced with many awards for his incredible work

Property and Assets


His writing quality has led him to be one of the richest writer in the world. He has earned quite enough for him and his family so as to lead a king size life. They have three beautiful houses of their own. Two of their houses are located in the state of Maine. And the third one is located in Mexico. He has a set of luxury cars in his garage. One of his house is located in Gulf of Mexico is said to be the most expensive house. the house is quite beautiful and is sea facing. He even has a private jet.

Life History of Stephen King

life history

Donald Edwin King and Nellie Ruth were the parents of Stephen King. His father was a merchant seaman who was born in Peru and his mother was born on 28th December in Maine. When Stephen was two year old his father left his family. Nellie did some work to raise her children. She had gone through a lot of financial strain after Donald left.  Stephen even had an older brother who was adopted by his parents. When Stephen was eleven he and his family started living with his maternal grandparents.




There are a variety of incidents in Stephen life which inspired him to write things. He has written a variety of thing form his life experiences. At a very young age he once went to play with his friend. While playing his friend got caught on the railway line and was killed by the train. This incident had very intense impact on Stephen. This incident is said to inspire the king for his darker works.



Stephen completed his schooling from Durham Elementary school. He went to Lisbon Falls High School for his higher studies. Form his childhood itself he had a great interest in reading horror comics. He used to read EC’s horror comics. He stared writing at a very young age. When he was in school he used to write many stories for fun.” I was a teenage Grave Robber” was his first story which was published. In year 1966 Stephen started to study English from the University of Maine. He completed his graduation from the University of Maine in year 1970. After his graduation he even got the certificate to teach in a high school. He has written many short stories for men’s magazine like Cavalier. While his graduation he met Tabitha Spruce in the library of university. Both of them got married in the year 1971. He even worked as a teacher in Hampden Academy.

His Collaborations

his  collaboration

He has worked in collaboration with other people too. He has worked with a novelist named Peter Straub who used to write horror novels. Both of them together wrote two novels The Talisman and the Black House. Black house was the sequel of The Talisman.  He is writing the third book of this series named the Tale of Jack Sawyer. He even wrote a nonfiction novel in collaboration with Stewart O’Nan. Apart from novels he even wrote a play in collaboration with John Mellencamp. The play they wrote was musical and it was named as Ghost Brothers of Darkland Country. Moreover he was good at playing guitar too. He played guitar in a band named Rock Bottom Remainders.  The members of this rock band were also authors.

Personal life

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Stephen and his wife were graced with three children named Naomi, Owen, and joe. They have three beautiful houses of their own. Two of their houses are located in the state of Maine. And the third one is located in Mexico. The house is Mexico is very beautiful and expensive.  In his middle age Stephen got addicted to drinking and smoking which led to a negative impact on his career. After some time he recovered from his addiction and then he wrote a novel named Needful things. His wife and both the sons are also authors. His wife named Tabitha King has written nine novels of her own. Both his son have published a great number of stories. Stephen is big fan of Basketball.

Writing Styles

writing styles

He has a very different style of writing. According to him if one wants to become a good writer then he should write for at least six hours in a day. Stephen has kept a daily target for himself. He writes 2000 words daily and doesn’t stop his writing until his target is met. He says that he loves writing not because writing is his profession rather he love writing because he like to portray things by writing them on paper. Writing is not just is profession but is also his passion. He said that he cannot imagine his life without writing. He even has his own radio Corp which consists of two stations 103.1 FM and 620 AM. He first appeared in the film of George Romero named Knight Riders.

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