Tamra Barney Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $800000

Career/Profession: Television Star, Real Estate Agent

Tamra Barney is an eminent television icon along with a licensed realtor. She has a net worth of about $ 800 thousand and make a profit about $325 thousand every season. The fame and popularity she has gained is because of her character in ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’ in the third season and this journey continued in fourth, fifth and sixth season. She has pursued her career as a real estate agent which added extra money to her net worth.

Early Life:

Tamra Barney was born on 2nd September in Glendale, California. She remained there for whole life and was brought up along with her two brothers. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a homemaker. But her parents got separated when she was 25 and after that they both got remarried. She loved to play clarinet when she was young and was a band geek. Her beginning as a working lady was not that easy and she embarked it by working as a manicurist for Burger King.

Difficulties in her married life:

Tamra got married at a very early age with Darren Vieth and Ryan was the only son of them. But this relationship did not last for a long time and they got divorced. After that in 2010 she got married to Simon Barney, who worked for Fletcher Jones Motorcars as a sales associate. She had three children with him named Sophia, Sydney and Spencer. This marriage lasted for 11 years, but then Simon filed a case against her regarding abusive behavior and infidelity at the time of the fifth season of the Orange Country. The divorce got more complicated when Tamra claimed that she was being physically and mentally harassed by Simon. She left her home and their disputes regarding their child’s appearance on TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’ are still on. Simon claimed that she is exploiting her children.


Got a soul mate:

Tamra managed and made endeavors to collect the pieces very well with the help of Eddie Judge. She started dating Eddie before getting divorced. The relationship heated up and they both announced that they would be getting married in the near future. Her wedding ring gifted to her by Eddie costs $35,000. Eddie at the time of their wedding took a pledge to support her four children and to love her endlessly. Her third marriage with Eddie Judge was captured and aired on TV as Tamra’s Orange Country Wedding.


The Real Housewives of Orange Country:

Bravo reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’ gave her a bang start. She joined this series in season third and continued her character till sixth season. She earned $325 thousand per season and this amount increases her net worth. Once she had an estimated worth of about $2 million. She was self obsessed and thinks that she is the hottest housewife in the series beating every other wife. This series has almost two million viewers across the country. Her character in this series was enough to keep her busy whole day.


Simultaneous Achievements:

Barney was really appreciated for her work in ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’ but she did not want her career to take a pause in this TV Industry only. Her interest in real estate took her to that field and she began to work as a licensed realtor and became a real estate associate. She got involved with ‘Ladera Realtor’, a real estate agency. This has increased her success and income graph with a high rate. She used to make a profit of $1 million as a commission by selling houses or business property to celebrities and businessman. She also established and invested about 40 k in a wine club called ‘Wine by Wives’ and a fitness club C.U.T Fitness along with her husband in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. She also involved herself with cosmetics business along with surgeon Dr. Ambe. Her long term objective is to establish a successful company for her family while elucidating women entrepreneurs to take risks and inspiring women of every age to lead a healthy life.

She also launched herself publicly as spokeswomen for the Duzoxin weight management system. She in her spare time used to make guest appearance in some of the shows. She also played and appeared in various other shows such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, “The Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What” “Lopez Tonight”, Top Chef Masters and “A-List Awards”.



The biggest controversy aroused when his ex-husband Simon Barney refused to expose his children on camera, whereas Tamra wanted her children to be the part of her show ‘The Real Housewives of Orange Country’. He took the case to the Orange Country court where the judge ordered the investigation team to investigate whether they should appear on screen or not. Her ex-husband Simon claimed that his children Sydney and Spencer went through ‘social ridicule’ after giving some shots for the series which involved Tamra’s head in strippers’ crotch. The judge postponed the hearing for some days and refused the children to appear in the series.

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