Taylor Swift Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $150 million.

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American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $150 million.


Early life & Career

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Taylor Alison Swift popularly  known as Taylor Swift was born in December 1989. She is a popular American singer and songwriter. America’s youngest and the brightest face gets highly excited by anything that falls in the category of cute and Cozy. The charismatic singer has an Oprah like gift for radiates natural sincerity and loves to meet and greet her fans. She began playing guitar at the young age of 12. Swift is born in bought up in Pennsylvania. Her career accelerated after her she moved to Nashville with her parents. it is in Nashville where the music industry veteran Scott Brochette got highly impressed with Taylor’s performance at a local Cafe. After listening to her at the cafe he immediately signed her to his newly formed record label entitled Big Machine Records. Swift wrote three songs from the album alone, out of three songs two were singles. She also co-wrote the remaining eight songs of the album with song writers like Robert Ellis Orrall, and Liz Rose. At the release of the album, New York Times described the album as a small master piece of pop minded country. The Editor of New York times described Swift as a prodigy when she was only sixteen years old. Apart from New York times, Rolling stone magazine described swift as a bright and seasoned singer and admired her work. By this time she had became a popular name for all the teen age girls who loved country music. Her single “Our Song” made her the youngest person to single handed sing and write a number one country song. She toured extensively to build her fan base and she also took on Myspace to build a huge fan base. Apart from her own work she also played songs covers by Rihanna, Eminem and Beyonce. by her hard work and excellence in music in the initial years of her career, Swift managed to win Horizon Award for best new artist, Top new female vocalist award, and Favorite country female artist award. Not only this with her great music she also got nominated for Grammy award in the category of best new artist, however Amy winehouse won Grammy. Her second studio album Fearless also made a mark in the heart of her fans. She wrote seven songs of the album alone and co-wrote the remaining six songs. Her album Fearless positioned Swift as the year’s biggest star and her album went platinum on bill boards.2009 yet again became the year of awards for swift. She won four CMA award that year, won female vocalist of the year award, entertainer of the year award and five American music award. Her third album Speak Now went a triple platinum shortly after its release. The album became a major commercial success and opened with number one position on billboard 200 charts. In total the album sold over 5.7 million copies worldwide. After the success of her third album, she went about and released her fourth album “red”. The album sold over 6 million copies worldwide. During the course of her career, Swift had sold more then 26 million albums and over 75 million song downloads. Currently Swift is working on her fifth album which is expected to release in mid 2014. Apart from her singing career, she has worked in TV series like “CSI”,” new girl” and ” Saturday nigh live” and has done cameo roles in “Jonas brothers” movie and ” Hannah Montana : the movie”. She played lead in “Valentine’s day” and lent her voice for 2012 released movie ” The lorax”. Till date Taylor Swift has won seven Grammy Awards and several other Awards.



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Taylor Swift is one of the cutest and successful artist in tensile town. Swift being a beauty attracted in avoidable male attraction. She first started dating Joe Jonas in July 2008. just three months after they started dating, things went sore and couple decided to part ways in October the same year. After breaking up with Joe Jonas, Swift remained single for a year heart broken. But the beautiful girl found love again in Taylor Lautner in October 2009. Like her earlier relationship, this relationship too didn’t last long and they broke up in 2 months. Then she was romantically linked with John Mayer until the end of 2010. The month of October seem like a month of love for Swift. She yet again found love in October 2010 and this time in actor Jake Gyllenhaal but just like her other relationships even this relationship didn’t last. Since then she has dated political heir Conor Kennedy and Harry styles. She is currently single.



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American sensation Taylor Swift earns her wealth from Song writing, Acting and by several endorsements. She has an estimated net worth of $150 million.
America’s singing sensation was just 21 when she bought her Nashville Condo worth $3 million. the condo is in spread of 5000 square feet and the area is surrounded by vast gardens. The house is incredibly spacious with high ceilings. swift’s home boasts 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with a gigantic kitchen along with a huge fireplace, a library and a large entertainment area.
Swift bought herself a 3000 square feet Beverly Hills home. The home is designed in new England style and boasts three bedrooms and four baths. the master bedroom has a walk in closet. Apart from this the home has a huge fireplace. The house is worth $5 million.
Swift is in love with Nashville. her love for Nashville made her Purchase 5600 square feet Nashville Mansion. This luxurious mansion boast four bedrooms and five bathrooms with ample of living space and swimming pool. The property is worth $ 4 million.
Swift bough her Cape Cod beach home for $4.8 million. the original price of the property was listed at $15 million. The home has seven master bedrooms and six bathrooms and a private beach. The mansion is in spread of 1.11 acre plot and the living space measures 4500 square feet.
Swift loves to cruse in style. She owns a Audi R8 Sports car worth $100,000. she also owns a Mercedes Benz Viano worth $50000. her long list of cars also include a Porche 911 turbo which is worth $200,000.
Apart from spending her wealth on luxury Taylor Swift makes donation to several trusts like Feeding America, Music for Relief, UNICEF, Family health international and Red Cross charity.


Quote :” People haven’t always been there for me but music always has.”

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