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Tech N9ne is a famous rapper from America. His real name is Aaron Dontez Yatez. He is the founder of strange label record label. Known for his intricate flow, Tech N9ne has sold more than 2 million albums worldwide. He has appeared in films, TV serials and video games as well. He opted this name inspired by the semi-automatic handgun Tec-9. He has a fast rhyming style.



Tech N9ne was born on 8 November 1971, in Kansas city, Missouri. He began rapping at a very young age. He never met his father and his mother suffered from epilepsy. It emotionally affected him and he began searching for god at a small age. In 2003, his best friend was shot and killed. This tragedy affected him deeply and he began taking his anger out in music.

In 1991, he joined a rap group named Black Mafia. He met with some moderate success in the group song ‘Let’s get fucked up’. He signed with the Perspective records in 1993. He then joined the group named ‘The regime’ by rapper Yukmouth. He then appeared in the song track of a movie, Gang Related. He appeared in the song ‘The anthem’ along side Busta rhymes, Eminem, Xzibit, Kool G rap and KRS-One. Later that year, he founded strange music record label.

In 2001, he released an album named ‘Angehellic’. The album received rave reviews from the critics and was an underground success. Absolute power came out the next year. It reached number 79 on the billboard 200 charts. The album has sold more than 2,50,000 copies. Everready  (the religion) came out in 2006. The album was certified gold by RIIA. It received rave reviews from the critics. He then released the album Misery Loves Kompany. The album received good critical reviews and was a moderate success. Later that year, he released Killer. It’s album was a homage to Michael Jackson. The album had 32 tracks though it was not marketed as a double disc album. The album did a good business and was a moderate mainstream success.

Sickology was released in 2009. The album was quite a success with rave reviews from the critics. He later released the album named ‘Kink of Darkness’. The album received rave reviews from the critics and was a mainstream success. He released various other albums after that. Many of them were EPs, Many of them were mixtapes. They were critically well received and were a moderate mainstream success. In 2011, he released an album named Welcome to Strangeland. The album did a very good business and was well received by the critics. Teck N9ne released an EP named Boiling point in 2012. It was followed by a studio album, Something else. The album was met with a critical acclaim with an average score of 85 on Metacritic. The album has sold 92,000 copies which implies a moderate mainstream hit. The album featured guest appearances by many esteemed artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Game, The Doors and Wiz Khalifa and BoB. It debuted at number 4 on the Billboard charts.


Tech N9ne's Car!

Tech N9ne’s Car!

Tech N9ne has a net worth of 8 Million Dollars. He has accumulated this net worth as a result of his music albums, TV and Video games. His albums have sold more than 2 Million copies world wide. He is the co-founder of Strange music recordings. He has appeared in many films such as Born to race, Gang Related, Alpha Dog. His song ‘Let’s go’ was used as a commercial for Axe. He also appeared in the movies Vengeance and the night of the living dead. He songs have been used for many video games such as 25 To life, EA sports MMA, Madden NFL 2006. He has been active since 1991 and has garnered this fame as a result of his music efforts. He is known for his intense and dense flow. He has a bizarre style of rapping and is appreciated for that.


“It’s not that I’m afraid of death, but afraid of the thought of my people laid to rest; They saying there is 6 million ways of death but not even one way to fade the stress.”
“So what you ask of me? you get no tax from me, I got white, native and mexicans and blacks with me, Im tryin to get up there with master p, pass the d cause thats the way it has to be.”
“If I wasn’t a fan of the Doors and Jim Morrison’s music, I never would have called my label Strange Music. So I’ve always had a rock edge, but this is my first full-on rock project.”
“if they don’t like it and my fans want me to just stick to being Tech N9ne then I’ll just do that. And if I morph into doing something else, then I’ll do that. I’m a builder. I build ideas and give them to the people and they receive them in such a wonderful way. Fourteen years and it’s still on the incline — it’s incredible.”
“Together we are a powerful force, As one mind, body and soul. Let no evil enter nor attempt To Beliefsreduce us because of the beliefs we hold. And with this love combined with our strength, We ward off pain”

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