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Thomas Kramer is a real estate developer, venture capitalist and a television personality, who was born in Germany in 1957. He is a played an important role for the redevelopment of South Beach, Miami, Florida. He is also a very well-known high society figure and philanthropist. Also Kramer hosts charitable events at his Star Island mansion which is located at Miami Beach.



Kramer’s development  was described as “transforming the community which was shattered once into a revolutionary, world-class destination”, by  Haute Living which is a periodical magazine dedicated to luxury & high end living, and travel. Which includes prominent examples like Apogee, Portofino Tower, Murano Grande and the Yacht Club.

He has a bold lifestyle and besides all this, he was married to Catherine Burda, who is also a daughter of a well-known German publishing family, which made him a regular feature of European press before he arrived in the United States. He is also a colorful and controversial public figure in all of Florida, because of his association with the restoration of the South Pointe at the South Beach at Florida.


Early Life

Kramer’s father, Willi Kramer was a Frankfurt stockbroker and like his dad, he took up a brokerage apprenticeship in London and became a license broker. Later he joined his father’s firm, before he moved to the Shearson Lehman Brothers. Later, Kramer founded a company, TK Kapitalverwaltung GmbH in the year 1986, by which he made 1987 windfall which got very famous. He came to prominence as a stock speculator and he correctly predicted a sharp down turn in 1987. German newspapers reported that he made approximately $30 million in profit and later, he turned to the real estate market in former East Germany, which he thought to be an attractive opportunity.



Kramer’s entry into the Miami real estate market met with mixed opinions when he purchased a large portion of the South Pointe in the early 90s, which is the southern tip of South Beach, for $45 million. There were many doubts about his experience and ability to attract investors. His deal with the municipal government of Miami Beach allowed him to consolidate his holdings in a land swap which also cleared zoning to allow the erection of the tallest buildings south of Manhattan.

Prior to the development by Kramer’s immense investments, South Pointe was known to be a very high-crime and a poverty-stricken area, which is now a hot living destination for the wealthy and the high-rise and high density buildings are called as a “concrete jungle.”


Worldwide Investments

A major mixed use tower project in Germany, pre-development stages of TK’s SoBe Towers in the Middle East & Asia, the Safe Island Project in Pakistan, and development of TK’s SoBe Towers in Brazil which contains a few Five Star Hotels, luxurious residential towers and exclusive shopping estates.

His projects also include mega development with the luxury living concept in Riyadh, the royal Agadir Beach Club in Morocco. Jet Set Marina: The world’s most spacious and luxurious all-suite hotel in Bali.

He has also invested in a software design of future application for the real estate brokerage community.

Kramer has signed an agreement with real estate tycoon in Pakistan, Malik Riaz to build first ever Island City in Pakistan, named Bundal & Buddo Islands. The deal is worth US $20 billion and the project is expected to complete by 2016 but the deal fell through since Kramer was not able to provide the necessary funds which he promised.

Kramer was also subjected to a fine for an individual from the Federal Elections Commission because of his investment into political candidates as a foreign citizen, which is illegal under United States campaign finance laws. Later, he claimed that he had no knowledge of the prohibition and pointed out that he is a influential public figure and always known to be a German citizen. He turned himself in to the FEC and requested for the refund of all of his political donations. The fine was imposed upon kramer as a part of a voluntary conciliation agreement with the Federal Elections Commission.



Kramer has become known as a philanthropist in recent years and established the Thomas Kramer Foundation which is now his main charitable vehicle. Make-A-Wish, Kristi House or Red Cross are some of his charity organizations. He also regularly rents out his Star Island mansion in Florida for all of his charity events since all these payments support him to pay his taxes. Recently, Kramer has appeared on the TV series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and also in The Real Housewives of Miami. Kramer is also known for his purchases of famous art pieces below their expected prices. A famous example is Pablo Picasso’s “Woman in an Armchair”, which was painted by him in the year 1932 and which he purchased in 1992 for $2.86 million which was very well below its expected price range of $3.5 million to $4.5 million.

Lremer owns a 10,000 sq ft, two-story Main House that has a total of 13 bedrooms in Miami. It contains many sophisticated museum-quality antiques, sculptures & the finest finishes. This estate also features an art home theater, a Creston Smart Home System that controls the lighting, audio-visual, the home theater and the entire security systems. Also it includes a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, spectacular pool area and specially a dock. Also it has an original hand painted ceiling with a wine cellar that contains 10,000 bottles of wine.


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