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Net Worth: $120 million

tom brady

Tom Brady was born on 3rd August in the year 1977 and is a very famous American football quarterback. He was born in the United States and is among the top five quarterbacks NFL has seen till now. He was born in a family of sports lover and sports fanatics and there was no doubt in his being a 49ers fans as he was born very near to San Francisco. Tom is not only a successful football quarterback but is also a recognized and successful model. Brady has played a major role in the victory of Michigan’s 1999 Orange Bowl which they played against Alabama.




Tom Brady was a football player since his school life and played in his high school and his senior years with the school football team. He has completed his Bachelors of Arts/ Science from the University of Michigan. When he was in University of Michigan, he played in his college team and in spite of his glorious games in his college life; Tom was not highly drafted after his college life. In spite of all this, Tom has challenged all the odds and has made enough money to live a lifestyle of a rich and elite celebrity. Later, he was drafted for the 2000 NFL Draft’s sixth round by the New Zealand Patriots.




Tom is a big name when it comes to American football quarterback. When he was very young he used to often go to see 49ers games and there he started idolizing Joe Montana, a retired American footballer. Joe Montana started playing for the NFL in the year 1979 and he became a successful quarterback. Since then Joe Brady has mentioned him as his inspiration in many interviews and has said he idolize him.




Tom Brady has a successful career in the football game and has earned a good amount of money which has helped him to secure a net worth of 120 million US dollars. The estimated annual salary of this ace football quarterback is around 26.5 million US dollar. His earnings last year accounted to $22 Million out of which $12 million was his salary from the Patriots. He has been a won Super Bowl three times for the New Zealand Patriots which has added money to his accounts. He even signed a $72 million contract with the Patriots and became the star quarterback after the injury of Drew Bledsoe. This has been the highest deal made by NFL so far. He has earned $10 million from his endorsements out of which Under Armor is the main contract he possesses.He surely has taken a lot of heat for many things that have no relation with his game which includes his property. He has sold his NY condo for 17.5 million US dollar which incurred him a profit of around 3.5 million US dollar. He even sold off his Boston condo for around $10.5 million. He owns a luxurious house in Los Angeles which is worth around $20 million. The house contains eight bedrooms, a garage which can house at least six cars and a bridge. Due to his sexy looks he has modeled for many fashion lines and his fashion choices are tracked very closely by people.



personal life

Apart from a sexy footballer, Tom is a known celebrity and as a result he has many things to deal with. It is just not the pressure from the game but also the stardom that he has to trade with. He is married to a successful and stunning Brazilian Model, Gisele Bundchen who has a great part in making Tom a fashion idol. Gisele and Tom got married in the year 2009 in Santa Monica. The couple owns a wealth which has a net worth of around $100 million. The money in the family has flowed from the modeling assignments Gisele works for and also from the contract that Tom has with the NFL patriots. Before getting married to Gisele, Tom had an affair with Bridget Moynahan with whom he also had a son. Brady has two children with Gisele: Benjamin Rein Brady, his son and Vivialn Lake Brady, his daughter.




Tom Brady after Joe Montana is the only NFL player who was awarded with the NFL Most Valuable Player award. He has won Super Bowl MVP awards in the years 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Brady has leaded his team to five Super Bowls. He and John Elway are the only quarterbacks to do so. In the year 2007, he was awarded the Male Athletes of The Year from Associated Press. After Joe Montana he is the only NFL player to receive this award. He was also titles as the NFL Most Valuable Player for the year 2007 as well as 2010. He was awarded as the Best Player in the NFL after he played in the 2010 season. He along with Bill Belichick has made one of the most successful and astonishing quarterback-coach team by winning 148 season games and eighteen postseason games. They both have together appeared for 5 Super Bowls.




The charities & foundation Tom works for are:

  • Best Buddies International
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation KaBOOM!
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

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