Tony Romo Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $45 million

Career/Profession: American football player, athlete

Antonio Ramiro Tony Romo popularly known as Tony Romo is an American star who belongs to Dallas Cowboys of NFL (National Football League). He earned this net worth by playing as a football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Honorable achievements since childhood:

Tony was born on April 20th, 1980 in San Diego, California. His father was a Navy man in the United States and his family lived in Burlington. Since childhood, he has been an athlete and at a very early age he joined Little League All-star team. He started playing for his school team in Burlington High School in 1996. In 1997 he achieved several honors and awards by making records against Demons. He also loved to play basketball, golf and tennis and sometimes used to be in their tournaments too. While he was in college, he played for Illinois Panthers football team and awarded with so many honorable titles. These titles include Walter Payton Award, OVC Player of the week, consensus All-America honors, etc. But due to his return he took retirement from the team and it was really heartbreaking period for him.


 His journey with Dallas Cowboys:

Initially Romo was not on the list of Dallas Cowboys instead he was just the trainee under the head coach. Sooner his game was appreciated by the members of the committee and he was forwarded as the holder for the kicks in 2004. But in 2005 and 2006 he replaced quarterback Drew Bledsoe from his position and took that position in his hand. Here is some of his amazing season play:

 2006 Season: Replacing Drew Bledsoe he started his first season as a football quarterback against Houston Texans. After few days Bill Parcells declared him permanent for this position. Then he got a chance to play against the Carolina Panthers. He led his team to victory and achieved success. He also led Dallas to win the game against the Indianapolis Colts. Because of his performance in this season he received Galloping Gobbler Award.

2007 Season: This season’s beginning proved to be quite amazing and successful for him. Started with New York Giants then Miami Dolphins he continuously achieved success and led Dallas to the target. In the fifth week of the season Dallas played against Buffalo Bills where Romo throws five interceptions in a single game. His NFL passing rate was 97.4 which were quite good. His agreement with Dallas was about to end during this season so he took an extension for about $67.5 million. End of the season was disappointing for him as Dallas was defeated by the New York Giants.


2008 Season: season’s winning account was opened with the victory over Cleveland Browns where 24 passes for 320 yards was in Romo’s account. He also got severe injuries during this season that needed surgeries. They also got a victory against Philadelphia Eagles, but lost the game when played against the Washington Redskins. There were several ups and downs during this season, but in the end season proved to be worth playing.

Some other ventures he explored:

As his interest was not limited to football instead he was fond of playing basketball, golf and tennis too. Along with footballer he was an amateur golfer too. He got qualified for the EDS Byron Nelson Championship in 2004 and also for U.S Open Championship in 2005. During his free time with Dallas he was seen playing golf. He also made some guest appearance in radio programs related to sports. In 2006 and 2007 he also hosted the show based on Dallas play called as ‘Inside the Huddle’. This show was aired on KLLI radio station.


Personal life:

Romo even was so successful still had a tough personal life. Once it was in news that he was dating Jessica Simpson, who was an actress. She also came to his game which was against Philadelphia Eagles, but unfortunately Dallas lost this game. In 2009 the couple had broken up and got separated. In 2011, he got married to Candice Crawford. She was a Miss Missouri, USA and a journalist. The couple together has a son named Hawkins Crawford Romo.


His Earnings and Deals:

Tony Romo had several deals and contracts with different firms. His biggest deal was worth $ 119.5 million, which was amongst the top 15 deals in the NFL History. His earnings for several years are as follows:

2008: $605,000

2009: $620,000

2010: $8.5 million

2011: $810,000

2012: $825,000

2013: $11.5 million



He signed a 6 year contract worth $67.4 million with the Dallas Cowboys in 2007.

He signed a 1 year contract worth $3.9 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2006.

He signed a 3 year contract worth $920,000 contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003.

Endorsement Deals:

His earnings and net worth is not only because of his play, but it also includes some fanaticizing endorsement deals. He has signed a five year contract with Starter, an apparel marketer worth $10 million. He has also some deals with Pepsi. Previously, he used to have some terms with Reebok too, which was worth $20,000 per year.



“As a competitor and an athlete, you love that you get to go back and challenge someone, especially the world champs.”

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