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NET WORTH: $90 million

“Stop saying these negative things about yourself. Look in the mirror and find something about yourself that’s positive and celebrate that.”

– Tyra Banks


The above mentioned lines are so meaningful. Everybody has flaws and god hasn’t fixed any kind of ratio between the good qualities and the bad qualities that he blends in a person. It is up to the person and depends on his perspective. If we will keep on cribbing about the bad qualities then we will waste our entire life. We should rather have a positive attitude and learn to live with our flaws and flaunt (as in positive manner) our good qualities because life gives us thousands of reason to feel depressed about and only a single reason to be happy about, so let’s not get trapped into the web of making choices and choose the best and only available reason and be happy. The celebrity discussed in this article is a perfect amalgamation of beauty, generosity and a confident lady that has been an idol for many young girls out there. She has proved that the only thing that is necessary for achieving success is hard work and it is her constant hard work over the years that have earned her a worth of $90 million. Not only money the amount of respect that she has earned can be gauged from the very fact that she is among one of the four African Americans and seven women who have repeatedly ranked among the world’s most influential people by the Time magazine.


tyra with erik

Tyra Lynne Banks was born in California on December 4, 1973. She is an American television personality, producer, author, actress and former model. Her mother Caroline London is a NASA photographer and her father Donald Banks is a computer consultant. Her childhood was not as beautiful as her present as according to her it was “an ugly duckling” period of her life as when she was eleven she grew three inches and lost 30 pounds in three months. She first became famous as a model, appearing twice on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and working for Victoria’s Secret as one of their original Angels. Banks is the creator and host of the UPN/The CW reality television show America’s Next Top Model, co-creator of True Beauty, and was the host of her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. She has been romantically involved with a number of people from time to time which includes Musician Seal, film director John Singleton, actor Will Smith, and NBA player Chris Webb er. Presently, she is dating Erik Asla who is a fashion and fine art photographer.


tyra on cover of elle

Tyra appears to be quite a versatile personality because of her diverse experiences in various fields. Talking about her modelling life, she started modelling at a tender age of 15 when she was attending school in Los Angeles. She then temporary put a hold on her education since she was offered a modelling contract in Europe and hence moved to Milan. I her very first Paris Fashion Week she was booked for 25 shows. This was a very good stat for a novice model like Tyra and her success didn’t seem to halt since then. She has also appeared in the covers of the fashion magazine like Elle, Teen Vogue and Vogue. She has walked ramps for designers like Chanel, Valentino, and Fendi and has featured in the advertising campaigns of fashion giants like Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren and Nike. She has the privilege of being the first African American women to be on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue. Also, she was chosen to be on the covers of Victoria’s Secret catalog and she presently contributes to the Vogue Italia website.


Her television career started from the fourth season of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in which she starred with Will Smith. It was then when she was romantically linked with Will Smith. She has also appeared in television series like All That, MADtv, Felicity etc. She also started with her own production company called “Bankable Production” – which produced The Tyra Banks Shows which is one of the Morning’s highest paid shows, America’s Next Top Model and the movie The Clique (2008). Talking about movies, she has co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in the movie Life-Size. Apart from this the other movies include Love Stinks, Love & Basketball etc. She has also appeared in several music videos including Michael Jackson’s Black or White, Tina Turner’s Love Thing etc. She also recorded her first single “Shake ya Body”. The list is not yet complete. Her first novel Modelland was among the New York Times best sellers list in October 2011 and she has also co-authored a book entitled Tyra’s Beauty, inside and out. In 2011, it was also reported that banks has enrolled in three year long Owner/President Management Programme in Harvard Business School.




lexus sc 430

Lexus SC: She loves driving around her $66000 Lexus SC 430 twin seated convertible. the interiors are lined with high end leather and the maximum possible speed is of 250km/hr Also, it boasts of a high end Mark Levin son Audio stereo system.


Holiday destination: Conzumel and Cancun is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Tyra. Conzumel is situated at a distance of 14 miles from the Yucatan coast in Mexico and Cancun is one of the famous beach resorts.



(a) L.A.M.B. Darrel Pumps: It is one of her favorite shoes’ brands; designed by Gwen Stefani. The shoes boast of genuine leather with 4.5 inch stiletto heels.

tyra in christian dior glasses

(b) Christian Dior Glossy Sunglasses: It is one of all time favorite shades of most of the celebrities. They offer 100% UV protection and cost about $250 and are available in variety of colors including metallic black, silver etc.

christian louboutin pumps

(c) Christian Louboutin Declic Suede Pumps: She has been seen in various events flaunting her high profile shoes . These are of Italian origin and has almond toe pump and have a classic red lacquer trademark sole. The unique feature of these shoes is the 0.5 inch concealed platform.

Tyra Banks Shows Off Her Dance Moves

(d) Brixton Castor Hat: She is often seen donning this hat on shooting. It is a perfect combination for a casual look and it seems that Tyra is in love with this hat.


Since 2005, Tyra’s earnings have maintained an ascending order ranging from $6 million in 2005, $18 million in 2007, $23 million in 2008, $30 million in 2009 and now the situation is such that her talk show The Tyra Banks Shows alone fetches her an income of whooping $5 million on annual basis.


Tyra has always been listed amongst the most philanthropic personalities. Whatever money she earns, she puts it into great use for the welfare of the society. Let us have a glimpse of these organizations.

1. Dream Foundation: Tyra annually donates a large sum of money to this organization and this organization’s goal is the uplift the quality of life of people and their families.

2. Get Schooled Foundation: Tyra has sincerely put her cent percent efforts in these organizations by donating enormous sum and also hosts a number of charity events. This organization basically is devoted to raising the standard of high school and college education.

3. Yele Haiti Foundation: She is one the board members of the advisory committee of this organization. This foundation was organized by the musicians Hugh Locke and Wycliffe Jean in 2005. It is a non-profitable organization and emphasize on providing relief during emergency situations.


4. TZONE: Last but not the least, TZONE which is Tyra’s Foundation. It is often tagged as “A fierce cause for Girls”. This foundation empowers girls and young women to live their dreams, discover new possibilities within themselves and take on life’s challenges with fierce determination and drive.

tyra and tzone

Hearing from Tyra that girls can do whatever they set their minds to will be one of the defining moments of their lives! Thanks for believing in the power of girls.”

These words were from the members of TZONE foundation for Tyra thanking her for the great work that she is doing for them. TZONE is about building self-esteem and confidence, launching leaders, showing the world that girls can do and be anything they set their minds to. TZONE supports community organizations doing this work, whether through the arts or activism, media or mentoring, dancing or directing – however they choose to create their best futures. Recently, Tyra hosted a Flaw Some Ball for her TZONE foundation which was able to draw a huge sum of $1000, 000. Likewise, she has been involved in a number of charity events where she hosts concerts, balls and parties for drawing charity for the betterment of the poor and the oppressed.

Tyra is one of the living examples for all the young girls who want to reach great height in their life. Her achievements certainly do put a big lock on the mouth of the people who think girls are not capable of doing great work. Not only this but also she holds the record for being one of the four African American women who have had the honor of being listed among the world’s most influential people by the prestigious Time magazine as well as one of People magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful People’. This is a big thrash on the faces of the people who still believe in the concept of the whites being superior to the blacks. Her life teaches us that no matter what happens just have confidence in yourself and believe in your dreams; as these aspects are helpful in the treading journey of life happily. She once quoted, “I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s okay if there are flaws here and there.” So, groom yourself up to the extent that nobody can ever put a question on your capability and point out your flaws because nobody knows you better than you yourself and revealing your flaws to the others give other people a chance to put you down.

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