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Net Worth – $18 Million



Vanilla ice was born on October 31, 1967 in Dallas, Texas, U.S. His birth name is Robert Mathew Van Winkle. He is not just an American rapper but an actor, record producer, singer and television host. To top the billboard charts ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was his first hip-hop single. His nationality is United States. He attended school for a very short time and is a school dropout. He married to Laura Giaritta and have two children. At the age 0f 13-14 he practiced  breakdancing, this is why his friends gave him a nickname ’Vanilla’ ,  the ‘Ice’ was one of his breakdance moves. Vanilla stated that he is very much influenced by underground music, rather than mainstream music which means above-ground. His influences include Hip-Hop and funk artists. He is influenced by various artists like Funkadelic, Rick james, Roger Troutman, Egyptian Lover and Parliament. He is one of the earliest white rappers who achieved a major success, alongwith Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass and House of Pain.



In his mid-teens he began writing but performed songs and practiced breakdancing steps. In 1985, he was into racing and got three winning titles at the Grand National Championship in Dallas. After breaking his ankle during a race, he started practicing dance moves. His debut-album Hooked sold 48,000 copies in the south. A quote ‘I rap about what I know. Girls and Stuff. That’s what is going through my head’ was quoted Vanilla Ice in 1991. He signed a contract with SBK records in 1990 and soon after get famous. After then SBK remixed and re-recorded Hooked under the title ‘To the Extreme’ and spend 16 weeks #1 on billboard 200. He took a stop from music career in 1993 and started racing again. Later on, he started taking cocaine and heroin. In 2001, ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was released as a single. In 2002-2009, independent releases came out. In 2002, on Celebrity Boxing, he fought Todd Bridges under the name of ‘Bi-Polar’. In 2003, he appeared in many episodes, ‘Hollywood Squares’, ’The farm’ and many more. Recently in 2009, on twitter account he announced that he signed a contract with Standby Records. In 2012, he played a role in that’s My Boy. He is currently recording an album for Psychopathic by Mike E. Clark.



This period is a remarkable period in Vannilla’s life. During this period, he took a short break from his music career and get into skiing and racing. Soon in 1994, he was removed from the public spotlight and and less publicity. Vanilla Ice released his second studio album, Mind Blowin in on March 22, 1994. Later on, he started taking drugs, cocaine and heroin. During this drug period he received various tattoos. He then decided to start new and therefore get a leaf tattoo on his stomach. In 1995, Vanilla Ice set up a music studio in Miami. He then joined a grunge bad, Pickin Scabz. 1n 1996, he signed up by his friend Monte Lipman. Monte Lipman signed him as an artist for Universal Republic Records.

Personal Life


He never knew about his biological father. This rapper has a family name from his mother family. Vanilla Ice dated a girl, Madonna for eight months. Later he got married to Laura Giaritta in 1997. He has two daughters, one born in 1998, Dusti Rain and other in 2000, KeeLee Breeze. Vanilla has a number of legal issues. On June 3,1991, firm charges was imposed for threatening a homeless man, James N. Gregory in Los Angeles. Vanilla has a criminal record as was arrested for assaulting his wife. In September 2007, he appeared in West Palm Beach, for driving and expired license. He sometimes performs a drummer and DJ and sprays his audience with a water bottle. Vanilla Ice in 2001, Championship Motocross appeared as a video character on Play Station 2. The current members of his band are- DJ Dirty Chopstix who play Turntables, Kool Keith who play Drum, Krazy lown who is a dancer and is responsible for background vocals and the last one Maniac who is also a dancer. They together make a perfect band.

Awards and Nominations


His nominated work Vanilla Ice won two times as a Favorite Pop/ Rock New Artist and Favorite Rap/ Hip-Hop New Artist in 1991. ‘To the extreme’ was also nominated in the year 1991. In the same year ‘Ice Ice Baby’ won Best New song award. In 2011, ‘the Vanilla Ice Project’ won Best Home show award. In 1992, Vanilla Ice won Worst New Star award. In 2012, ‘That’s My Boy’ was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor.



He has many estates and always lived a royal life. He has Miami Beach Home, located at the western side of Star Island. This house has a gazebo, dock and 100 feet water frontage. It is spread in 8,700 square-foot size. Vanilla ice has seven sedan cars. He has White Gemballa Porsche, the prices mentioned for this car is being $250K-$375K+. Second one is 2008 Lincoln Mark LT, it is a luxury pickup truck by Lincoln and is around $21,488-$26,497 worth. Cadillacs which is a division of United-States based General Motors Company. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, 2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom, 1991 GMC Syclone and 2008 Ford E450 van are the other collections of his property. Vanilla Ice has an estimate worth of $18 Million.

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