Vijay Mallya: Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH $ 1.2 billion


Famous for his flashy, colorful lifestyle and cool attitude, Vijay Mallya was born on 18th December in the year 1955. He was born in Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka. He is the successful industrialists and known chairman of the United Breweries Group. UB group is multinational Indian company that has many interests in different fields including engineering, biotechnology, brewing, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, real estate, and information technology and distilling. In the year 1983, his father Vittal Mallya passed away leaving the vast legacy to his 28 years old son. He became the chairman of this company and raised it up to great heights making it a multi- billion company in India. Throughout his lifestyle, he has seen many ups and downs in his life.



With the vast money flowing in and his personal wealth multiplying, his hunger to live a profligate and plentiful lifestyle increased manifolds. He has a net worth of around 1.2 billion US dollars. He is not only a successful businessman but a renowned politician too. He is the chairman of many multi- national companies like the Kingfisher Airlines and UB groups. He is also the proud possessor of Premier League Team, Force India and Formula-1 Team and the Bangalore Royal Challengers. He has made great investments in the Formula One team for which he gave 88 million Euros.

He likes to spend a lavish lifestyle, attending big and rich VIP parties on his mega yacht. On the product launches of his companies he is enraged and a lot of celebrities are always around him on the launches. According to him he is the best face and the ideal model to endorse the tag line of his company “The King of Good Times”. He is fond of his brand, Kingfisher which has interest in fields like beer, airlines and Formula-1 racing cars.



In the quest to have the best residence and in order to have a showy lifestyle Vijay Mallya has bought around 25 properties all around the world. Not only this, he owns around 250 cars with collection of some of the finest vintage cars. Here are some of his lavish belongings:

1. California home: he owns a pricy mansion in Sausalito in California. The mansion is built over a land of 11,000 sq. ft. He bought this mansion at a price of 1.2 million US dollars.

2. Mabula Game Lodge: he bought a game lodge in South Africa and is known as one among the best private game reseves in whole of South Africa which is spread over a land of 12,000 hectares.

3. Le Grand Jardin: Vijay Mallya has bought an astonishing piece of property on the largest ilands among the four Lérins Islands, Sainte-Marguerite. The Le Grand Jardin has a net worth of 60 million US dollars in today’s date.

4: Kunigal Stud Farm: among his many interests, horse breeding is the favourite one and for this reason he has got a farm for himself in Tumkur City in Karnataka.

5: The Kingfisher Villa: he owns a big mansion in Goa which starts from the main road and ends on the lining of the beach.

6: Trump Plaza Condo: he bought a penthouse in the Trump Plaza in New York for 2.4 million US dollars

7: Clifton Estate: when it comes to buying lavish homes and properties there are no boundaries for Vijay Mallya. He bought luxurious Clifton Estate in South Africa for 8.4 million US dollars.

8: Kingfisher’s Tower:  he is raising his Bangalore based ancestral home for constructing 4 million US dollars Apartments

9: Among his car collection of over 250 cars he has some of the most lavish and pricey cars which include a Ferrari 1965 California Spyder, Ensign MN08, Rolls Royce 1913 Silver Ghost, Jaguar XJ220, Jaguar XJR15 Race car.

10: He also owns four private jets which include Boeing 727, Airbus A319 ACJ, Hawker HS125 and Gulfstream III.



Vijay Mallya is a very colourful man. He enjoys partying and chatting with friends in these high profile parties. The parties hosted by Vijay Mallya are no doubts the best parties ever held in town. There are many huge megayachts owned by Vijay Mallya so why not take advantage of that. He usually hosts his parties on his super luxurious megayachts. A big list of VIPs attends his lavish parties. One can see people lining up for getting the glimpse of the unrepentant opulence of his parties.  Apart from luxurious parties, Vijay Mallya is very much passionate about Horse Breeding and Racing.  He always participates in Bangalore Derby held every year. He also owns a stud farm which is the oldest in India.



Vijay Mallaya is proud of him and likes to talk about his success and his life.  Here are some of his words:

  • “Everybody keeps saying that India’s a poor country. Yes, we have poverty. But I blame the government of India, the political establishment, for their failure to educate and therefore their failure to control the poverty”.
  • “If you want India to lower tariffs and facilitate more free trade, then I think Indian producers also have a right to enter the European market”.
  • “I don’t like to leave anything unfinished on my desk before I travel”.
  • “I’m not a T.G.I.F. guy. I get off a plane at 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m looking for my secretary because I want to know what’s going on”.
  • “I work hard and I play hard, too. There is nothing wrong with that”.
  • “One of India’s biggest advantages is our young demographic and that we have a youthful population that is indeed our future”.

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