Warren Buffett- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth – $58.5 Billion



Warren Edward Buffett is a known American Business tycoon, a generous philanthropist and a successful investor. Nor his age and neither his health condition has put bars on him to earn money. In spite of suffering from prostate cancer, this determined man is still making money and he is the second richest man on this earth.



Warren Buffett was born on 30th August in the year 1930 to Howard and Leila Buffett. His father was a stockbroker who later turned into a congressman. He belongs to Omaha, Nebraska. He has done his schooling from Rose Hill Elementary School in Omaha and has done his graduation from Woodrow Wilson High School in the year 1947. He has done his education under Benjamin Graham who is better known as “the father of value investing”. He says he is “15 percent Fisher and 85 percent Benjamin Graham”.  Since his early years, when he was just a child, he had a keen interest in investing and had an aptitude for money. He started investing at the age 11 and he had his small business when he was just thirteen years old. He earned money through selling soft drinks, chewing gums, magazines and also had a paper route. The money he got from these works, he invested in buying a 40 acres land for himself. His interest in the stock market is also dated back to his early days as a child. He has made investments in the customer’s lounge belonging to a regional Stock brokerage. Though Graham, after graduation rejected to give Buffett a job, but after a short while he hired him for a job in New York.



Warren Buffett is known as the “Oracle of Omaha” because of his investment skills and abilities. He has earned a net fortune worth 58.5 million US dollars. He is a successful businessman and the credit of his richness goes to his company, “Berkshire Hathaway”. He was once the richest man on the earth, but then he donated a large amount of his wealth in the charity which landed him on the second position in the list of the richest person in the world. He became a billionaire in the year 1990 when his company, Berkshire Hathaway begin selling class A shares. Even though he has a net worth in millions, Buffett is still penny-wise. He lives in a house which he bought for $31,000 in Omaha which has a current value of $700,000. He also had a house in Laguna Beach which he bought for $1,100,000 which he later sold for $5,450,000. He purchased a corporate jet for himself which is known as “The Indefensible”. He bought this jet for 6.7 million US dollars. The chairman of Berkshire Hathaway also had a four door magnificent sedan “Lincon Town Car” which he gave away for charity.


with wife

He married to Susan Thompson in the year 1952, and though they were living separately after 1977, he was still married to her until she died in the year 2004. Though they separated after 25 years of their marriage they remained friends and Susan had no issued with Astrid Menks, a restaurant hostess. Susan herself introduced Warren to Astrid, so that Astrid can take care of her husband, while she was pursuing her career in singing. When Susan died in the year 2004, Warren got married to Astrid. Susan and Warren have three children, Susie, his daughter and the two sons are Howard and Peter.

When it comes to his interest, he is a keen player of the game “bridge” and despite of having a busy life he still take out 12 hours in a week to play this game. He is a dedicated fan and follower of the Nebraska Basketball Team. He also loves playing Ukulele, a four string guitar. He loves collecting stamps and this is the hobby about which Warren thinks that it increases thoroughness and studiousness in a person.



What would you have done if you had billions of dollars and was the richest person on this earth? If you were the successful investor, Warren Buffett, it is sure you would not have kept it for yourself and would have given the money to the needy people. It was stunning news, when in June 2006 Warren announces that he will give 83% of his property to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This organization aims on the health issues faced by people in the world and US liberals and Global School. One can call him the true global ambassador of kindness and donation as he has decided to give 99% of his wealth to charity. Apart from the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” he has also decided to donate 1 million shares, which will be divided among three organizations which are handled by Warren’s kids. He will also donate 1 million more shares to the organization run in honour of his late wife. He has always been donating money through his “Buffett Foundation” and does not believe in passing huge wealth to the next generation.


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Here are some of the advices given by the most successful investor:

  • Rule No. 1: never lose money; rule No. 2: don’t forget rule No. 1.
  • The stock market is a no-called-strike game. You don’t have to swing at everything — you can wait for your pitch. The problem when you’re a money manager is that your fans keep yelling, ‘Swing, you bum!’
  • Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that ‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’ Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.
  • Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls-Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.
  •   You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ.


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