World’s Most Expensive Cruise – Allure of the Seas

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Allure of the Seas is the newest ship in Royal Caribbean’s awe-inspiring “Oasis” class. If one wishes to get drenched in the beauty of the cruise well amalgamated with the beauty of the flawless ocean around, an adventurous and a captivating ride of Allure of the Seas will surely fulfill all of the desires. This phenomenal and miraculous ship is not only remarkable for the worth it has but also holds a record for the largest passenger ship ever constructed.

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Allure of the Seas has a voluminous weight of 225,282 ton and has a capacity to accommodate a total of 6,296 guests along with 2,384 crew members. Royal Caribbean’s also has a sister ship named, “Oasis of the Seas” that shares only 95% of its DNA with Allure of the Seas where the latter has beaten the former with an extra size of 2 more inches and price of $ 0.1 million. “Allure”, as the name suggests is so enticing that it has engulfed world’s all kinds of luxuries you could imagine or wish for. Scattered throughout the mass world class steel, wood, glass and trees, gives a feeling of enchanting and unique personality it has. The ship tries so hard to make you feel at home that it includes the first on-board, famous coffee shop, Starbucks. Next in the list is, a new retail shop, “Guess Store”, dining venues, “Hot Dog Stand”, Tony Award winning Broadway musical show, “Chicago” that provides seats up to 1,380 spectators and prestigious green ogre, donkey and penguins, culled from DreamWorks stable. To spice up your ride on-board, the ship includes another set of amazing and sumptuous choices of margaritas and Mexican-fare favorites at Rita’s Cantina, prime cuts comes all the way from skewer at Samba Grill Brazilian Steakhouse.

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This is just not enough as ship provides 3D viewing capabilities to its movie offerings, iPod docks in every cabin and guest kiosks to enable passengers to print boarding passes and keep tabs on escalating on-board bills and even has Classic carousal on the Broadwalk, aerial acrobats in the Aqua Theater, Flow Rider surf simulators plus zip line views over Central Park. Each deck, i.e. total of 16 decks has sports touch screen guides with features like, “room-finder” and “what to do right now”. One can even experience the enthusiastic Caribbean’s famous custom of ice-skating.

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Mad Money Matt is something one should really try owing to the fact that it is very interesting to play. Each session requires each person to pay $ 55 per machine but with low payouts that ranges between $ 100-400. However the payout for three tier session is near $ 1000. The snowball jackpot session costs between $ 500-1000. What should be $ 15 cab ride to a beach four miles away will easily turn into $ 50 that takes you to a route, miles away out of your way?


Royal Caribbean passengers are charged $ 12 per day, per person and $ 14.25 for suite guests. Gratuities can be prepaid or can be added on a daily basis to passenger’s Sea pass accounts during the cruise.


THE RESTAURANTS: The grandiose of the ship invites its passengers for wide range of world class cuisines, some of which are free while some are served on paid basis. Johnny Rockets has free breakfasts as does Solarium Bistro with complimentary 24 hours room-service facility except for the midnight services where they charge $ 3.95. A walk to Giovanni’s Table to enjoy delectable food would cover a charge of $ 15 for lunch and $ 20 for dinner. Chops Grille is a gourmet steak house with wonderful food and surplus of it for $ 30 per person. On the other hand, Rita Cantina and Brazilian Steak House Samba Grill would easily charge up to $ 20 and $ 25 respectively.


JUNIOR SUITES: Are available for the passengers that need more space of about 86,287 square foot with eighty square foot balconies.

FAMILY CABINS: It offers beautiful ocean view and balconies with sleeping hours up to six via two Pullman beds and a convertible sofa bed, which counts up to 260 in number.

PRESIDENTIAL AND ROYAL FAMILY SUITES: On the suite side, plenty of choices will keep large clans and luxury-minded big-ship travellers happy for Presidential Suite can provide space to 14 passengers with four bedrooms and four bathrooms whereas Royal Family Suite features master bedroom and a bath with 238 square foot balcony.

CROWN LOFT SUITES: It measures 545 square foot with 114 square foot balconies and feature living spaces downstairs with pull-out sofa, bedrooms and upstairs bathrooms that has fog free mirrors and limestone mosaic tile accents.

Weeklong Cruises consists of two formal nights and five causal nights. Many men choose to wear tuxedos for formal dining, though dark suites are more common. Women are typically found in cocktail dresses or gowns.

Families flock to Allure of the Seas, a ship that celebrates youthful exuberance in the form of surf simulators, rock-climbing walls and some of the best children’s facilities on-board. But the ship also appeals to the active couples, mianly in their 30’s or 50’s. The majority of passengers hail from United States along with plenty from United Kingdom and Europe.

Allure can be enjoyed for the price of the cruise far alone. But so many temptation, it sure isn’t easy!!

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