Alex Rodriguez Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $300 million




Alexander Emmanuel “Alex” Rodriguez also known as “A-Rod” by his fans is an American professional baseball player. Originally of Dominican descent, Alex Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975. He plays as third baseman for the New York Yankees of Major League baseball (MLB). He has also played shortstop for the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners. He was one of the most talented young players scouts had ever seen and is considered as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His talent for baseball was recognized when he was still high school. At that time he was representing his school team and had already gained National Recognition. He was also awarded the USA Junior Baseball player of the year. However, Rodriquez’s career has been mired with controversies due to his expensive contracts and usage of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Not only is he the youngest player ever to hit 500 home runs, breaking the record Jimmie Foxx set in 1939, but he is also the youngest to hit 600, besting Babe Ruth’s record by over a year. Rodriguez’s record of 14 100-RBI seasons in his career is the most by any player in the history of baseball. On September 24, 2010 Rodriguez became the all time leader in home runs by a player of Hispanic descent, surpassing Sammy Sosa’s mark of 609 home runs.

In 2007, Alex Rodriquez broke another record when he signed a new 10 year contract with New York Yankees for $275 million. Breaking his previous record contract of $252 million, this was the richest contract in the history of baseball. In February 2009, Rodriguez admitted to using steroids, saying he used them from 2001 to 2003 when playing for the Texas Rangers due to “an enormous amount of pressure” to perform.


Alex Rodriguez earns baseball’s highest yearly salary at $33 million a year. As mentioned above he has a net worth estimated at $300 million. Alex has signed two of the biggest contracts in the history of baseball, $252 million with the Texas Rangers in 2000 and $275 million with the New York Yankees in 2007. The Yankee deal also includes $30 million in additional compensation if he reaches certain home run targets. Even though he was sidelined for the 2013 surgery after hip surgery Yankees still owed him $89 million after this season. At one point of time his endorsement deals with Nike and Rawlings used to be among the highest in the game. He still uses the products, but no longer gets paid for it. He recently sold his Miami Beach home for $30 million. Below are his career earnings from baseball until 2013:

1994 Seattle Mariners $442,333
1995 Seattle Mariners $442,333
1996 Seattle Mariners $442,334
1997 Seattle Mariners $1,062,500
1998 Seattle Mariners $2,162,500
1999 Seattle Mariners $3,112,500
2000 Seattle Mariners $4,362,500
2001 Texas Rangers $22,000,000
2002 Texas Rangers $22,000,000
2003 Texas Rangers $22,000,000
2004 New York Yankees $22,000,000
2005 New York Yankees $26,000,000
2006 New York Yankees $21,680,727
2007 New York Yankees $22,708,525
2008 New York Yankees $28,000,000
2009 New York Yankees $33,000,000
2010 New York Yankees $33,000,000
2011 New York Yankees $32,000,000
2012 New York Yankees $29,000,000
2013 New York Yankees $28,000,000


In 2012, Forbes magazine ranked Alex Rodriguez 18th amongst the richest sports persons and 63rd amongst the celebrities around the world. With so much of salary also comes the liberty to enjoy the luxuries of life. Rodriguez is known for spending lavishly on himself. For instance, his home on North Bay road was listed for a whopping $38 million. The 19,861-square-foot lair comes equipped with 16 security cameras, a full gym with sauna and steam rooms, an outdoor pool, 275-feet of water frontage overlooking Biscayne Bay and an independent generator that works in case of power outages.



He also owns three luxury cars: a Maybach, Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Convertible, and a Ferrari.



In February 2009, a report in Sports Illustrated claimed that Rodriguez had tested positive for two anabolic steroids Primobolan and testosterone during his 2003 season playing for the Texas Rangers, the same season in which he captured his first American League Most Valuable Player award, broke 300 career home runs and earned a Silver Slugger Awards. This information was part of a government sealed report which had claimed that over 100 MLB players had been tested positive for performance enhancing drugs during a 2003 drug survey. After the leak of the report became a huge controversy, in an interview with ESPN Rodriguez admitted to using drugs during 2001-2003 citing an enormous amount of pressure to perform.

As if this wasn’t enough, there was another accusation against him that he had received HGH (Human Growth Hormone) from Biogenesis of America, an anti-aging clinic in Coral Gables, Florida. Everyone was under the impression that he Rodriguez would be suspended for his involvement. The first confirmation came on August 3, 2013 MLB rebuffed the players’ union’s last-minute offer to negotiate. Instead, as a result of this Rodriguez got until the afternoon of August 4 to reach an agreement regarding a greater punishment or suspension for his alleged role in the Biogenesis affair. As a result of the Biogenesis scandal investigation, Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games on 5th August 2013. But he was allowed to play while the suspension was under appeal. The original suspension, had it been upheld, would have been the longest non-lifetime suspension in baseball history. His suspension was reduced to 162 games after an arbitration hearing.

Alex Rodriguez

Such were the previous contracts signed by Alex Rodriguez that even if he would have been banned for life he would still get some money. Shocking isn’t it. Apparently, if the lifetime ban would have become a reality Texas Rangers would still have to pay him $40 million. CBS New York reported:

After playing for the Mariners from 1994-2000, A-Rod signed a 10-year, $252 million deal with Texas, at the time the richest contract in sports history. The club still owes the three-time Most Valuable Player approximately $40 million in deferred money from the initial contract that A-Rod signed in 2000, according to the newspaper. That figure will eventually grow to almost $50 million. The Rangers will pay the 38-year-old from 2016-2025, according to the Dallas Morning News.”

One must have thought that after being involved in such a big scandal he would be hit financially and would have to pay for his mistakes. Well they were wrong. He will continue earning despite not playing. Well, good for him!

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