Almas: The Most Expensive Caviar in The World — Guinness World Records

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Are you a millionaire who wants to impress his date or won the lottery and wants to taste the most delectable and expensive caviar in the world? Well look no more, because we know where you can get it and what it’s called.

Resulta ng larawan

Indeed, the world’s most expensive caviar is Almas, from the Iranian Beluga fish. Just a kilo of this ‘pearly white gold’ is sold for $35,000.

Resulta ng larawan

Almas, Russian word for diamond, is the rarest type of Beluga available and is taken from the 100-year-old female albino sturgeon. The Beluga sturgeon can take up to 20 years to reach maturity and the fish’s genetic mutation (albinism) is one of the major reasons for the caviar’s rarity. The fish harvested for caviar are often nearly 900 kg. The eggs themselves are the largest of the commonly used roes, and range in color from dark gray (almost black) to light gray, with the lighter colors coming from older fish, and being the most valued. As a general rule, the older the fish, the lighter the color of the caviar and the more exquisite and elegant the flavor is.

Resulta ng larawan

Of course, it’s not a surprise that this extremely rare and expensive delicacy is sold by only one outlet, and that is the Caviar House & Prunier in London’s Picadilly which is thought to be the site of the most expensive meal in Britain.

And obviously, it comes in none other than a 24-carat gold beautiful tin.

Resulta ng larawan

Just an important thing to remember when eating this emperor-worthy food, never use metal spoon or silver containers as this will ruin the caviar’s flavor. Also eaten by placing it on the skin between your thumb and point finger and then rolled around  the mouth and popped to release the flavor. Goes best with wine or vodka if you’re a purist.

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