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Net Worth: $4 million


Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is a name not unknown to many who are acquainted with the functioning and the social life of the Hollywood. Amanda Laura Bynes, born on the 3rd of April, 1986, is a former actress of the American industry. Her rise began with the Nickelodeon’s All That and The Amanda Show. The time period of 2002 to 2006 saw her appearances on What I Like About You aired by The WB. Before taking her leave from acting in the year of 2012, Bynes starred in several major releases like What a Girl Wants (2003), She’s the Man (2006), Sydney White (2007) and Easy A (2010).

How It Began?

Bynes as a kid was brought up in California, the youngest among three children of Lynn, a dental assistant and Rick Bynes, a Catholic dentist. She had her ancestral roots in Russia and Ontario. The beginning events of Bynes acting career are appreciable considering the fact that she started acting professionally at the age of seven and her childhood days were marked with her appearances in various stage shows including Annie, The Music Man, and The Sound of Music. Bynes got a regular appearance with her roles in Figure It Out and All That. What followed to this regular appearances as a direct result was, The Amanda Show, her own comedy of sketchings. In the career front Bynes was a success with many titles under her credit. With the names ranging from Easy A, She’s the Man, Love Wrecked, Sydney White etc.

 Know Her

Byne’s personal life is also interesting. Regarding her religious faith she was never herself sure. Though she had been raised as both in Judaism and Catholicism, she was left to decide which one she wanted to follow when she grew up. But she never was sure about what she believed in and she was always quite frank about it. She was adorned with numerous awards at different periods of time. Blimp awards for four years counted in a row, Favorite Television Actress for three years and Favorite Movie Actress to name a few.

 Net Worth

Awards show

Amanda Bynes earned her monetary standing through various acting endeavors in television and in the films. She created a fashion line of her own named “Dear” and also has had a moderate success in music. At the highest standing of her success Amanda earned between $2 to $ 3 millions per year but that figure diminished gradually with the passage of years. According to Forbes, in 2007, she made 2.5 millions of US dollars and possessed a net worth of 8 millions of US dollars. Since then Byne’s net worth has dwindled and Forbes recently said that she currently stands at a net worth of 4 million US dollars. Though the money is dwindling due to the uncontrolled expenditure on her behalf, her properties still stand good. Bynes spend two million bucks on a big house in Los Angeles in which she longer has the purpose of living.  Details of her exquisite property as detailed in Your Mama are that the house is built from stone and stucco tract, that was built in the year of 2005, the house consists of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms extended in the space of 4618 square feet of luxurious decorated in brown and beige luxury. The expensively crafted and detailing customization of interiors includes an airy space spanned as  a living room with wood-burning fireplace and a high beamed ceiling, tiling of the floors is done in Travertine style and are inlaid with transformed trio of French doors that open into the view of a compacted backyard.   Further luxury includes distressed beams of wood that cabinet the on-demand hot water system and the central entertainment system.

The master floor suite has crown moldings supporting the ceiling with private access to the swimming pool and the backyard for the entertainment area. This is further decorated with dual sinks that are separated by make-up vanity, motcha colored cabinets for housing the potions storage. There is also the provision for separate steam equipped showering system. The floor above the one described is used to house the gyming equipment for her personal welfare.A good amount of the .37 acre grounds is used by a steep landscape that is positioned behind the standing house. The courtyard is gated with splashy fountain and flagstone terraces.

 Present Life

Car being impounded

Her financial and legal problems started to become dominant in the year of 2012, the year of her retirement. In the March of 2012, Bynes was stopped by police for using the cellphone while driving and therefore she was ticketed. Just after the passage of a month after this event she was taken into custody for side swapping a federal vehicle in West Hollywood. On the 4th of September, 2012, she was charged for two allegations of hit and run cases. The hit and run cases were later dismissed following a financial agreement between Bynes and the party of the victims. Further Byne’s driving license was suspended by the Californian legal Department of Motor Vehicles. On the 16th of September her car was impounded for driving with a suspended license. Moreover she didn’t plead an objection to the charge she was levied with and as a result was sentenced probation of three years and in the July of 2013 it was still pending. The list doesn’t end here she was arrested at her Manhattan home for the possession of banned drugs and attempted tampering with the events. The following events led to her undergoing a psychiatric evaluation before she was taken to the police station. In the December of 2013, Bynes was given order of release from treatment and she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for the year 2014 in Los Angeles.

Treatment facility

Amanda Bynes has been portraying erratic behavior and people around her are citing their concerns. She recently made a claim of being as rich as the Olsen twins who have a net worth counting upto $300 million. People close to her say that Amanda has been spending a lot of money mindlessly and might run out of money if she doesn’t check her expenses. Further rumors happen to claim that she spent about $30,000 in a month. Bynes regularly claims that the news about her picturize a different Amanda from her and people shouldn’t be believing them and she further adds that her family and friends won’t be speaking on her behalf as she has snapped her ties with them.

Amanda Bynes doesn’t want anybody’s help and wants to be left alone but she must amend her ways before it gets too late and things go out of her hands.

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