Arianna Huffington – Net Worth, Money and More!

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Arianna has earned all her riches being a Journalist and an Entrepreneur. She is the proud owner of the most famous political news website “The Huffington Post” which was acquired by AOL for US $ 315 millions.


Portrait Of Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington was born on 15th of July, 1950 as Arianna Stasinopoulos in Athens, Greece. She is the proud daughter of the couple Konstantinos and Elli Stasinopoulos. Her father was a journalist and management consultant. She is the sister of a renowned author, speaker and performer named Agapi. She learnt a lot from her mother in her life though she was close to her father.

Arianna has been exhibiting her excellent leadership skills from her ear;y childhood. She spent 16 years of her childhood in Greece and later she stepped into United Kingdom to study economics at Girton College in Cambridge. She joined the college debating society and was the third female president of the Cambridge Union and the first foreign one. In 1972, Arianna completed her master’s in Economics and started working as a columnist, critic and a television host. Then, gradually, she with the help of Bernard Levin in the editorial matters started writing books.



She started her career in 1971 when she appeared with Bernard Levin in a show called “Face the Music”. During her period of work with Bernard, she began considering him as her mentor and a role model. Both of them traveled all around the world for the BBC to cover music festivals. Later in 1973, her first book “The Female Woman” was the best selling book of her career. The book became so famous through out the globe and started questioning many of the glitches in the early feminist movement. She saw a tremendous fame and success with the book.

In 1978, her second book titled “After Reason” didn’t receive the expected response from the public which made her work for the British editions of the famous magazines like ‘Vogue’, ‘Cosmopolitan’ and newspapers like ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Spectator’. Then, in 1980, due to some personal problem, she finally got shifted to New York. She then wrote a biographical book titled “Maria Callas – The Woman Behind the Legend” which was a big hit in the new city. An unimaginable number of copies were sold which gained her tremendous success and she was well known among the people. She continued writing for newspapers, magazines, and also wrote books one after the other. She then had become famous and also supported conservative and became one of the most influential speakers in the Republican Party.

Later in 1998, she began hosting a radio show every week by name “Left, Right and Center” where she was the right-winger and the centrist being Matt Miller while the leftist was Robert Scheer. She then started opposing the NATO intervention in 2000 and initiated the “Shadow Conventions”. Later, in 2003, she was the independent candidate against Arnold Schwarzenegger in California’s elections. But fate had written something else for her. She lost the battle.

Later in 2005, Arainna founded The Huffington Post, a news blogging website along with Kenneth Lerer, Jonah Paretti and Andrew Breitbart. Before this, she hosted a website called “Arianna Online”. But, prior to all, she entered into this internet business through her first website called This website was created to call for the then President of USA, Bill Clinton, to resign from his chair.

Being a powerful speaker, she had a great command over her voice which made her lend her voice in the animated series, “The Cleveland Show” in 2008. She gave her voice to the wife of “Tim, the bear” which was also named Arianna. She also later appeared on a number of shows like Roseanne, The L Word, How I Met Your Mother, Help Me Help You and the film Ed TV.



When she was 30, Arianna fell deeply in love with Bernard Levin, her co host with the show Face The Music. But he never had any interest in marriage and nor in children. Thus, she decided to move on and then shifted to New York in 1980. She then met Michael Huffington 1985 whom she married a year later. They both moved to Santa Barbara, California, in order for him to compete as a Republican in the US House of Representatives. He did win with a great margin. Later, the couple divorced in 1997 due to the reason that Michael was bisexual. The couple have two daughters.


Arianna was stuck in an accusation for stealing some content for her book “Maria Callas” in 1981. The court came in favor of Arianna and Callas’ biographer Gerald Fitzgerald had paid a fine of some low five figures amount. Again in 1994, Lydia Gasman accused that Arianna had stolen some material from an unpublished Ph.D thesis which was used in the biography of Pablo Picasso written by Arianna in 1988. Yet, Lydia didn’t file any suit. It had also struck the headlines that Arianna had copied some content originally owned by Columnist Maureen Orth for her book “The Gods of Greece” released in 1993.


Recently, rumors have spread that Arianna has purchased a luxury loft for $ 8. 15 million on the Mercer Street. The loft is having three bedrooms, a large master suite and a whole lot natural light throughout.

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