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Net Worth: $40 Million



Barbara Ann Corcoran was born on March 10, 1949 in Edgewater, New Jersey. Talking about her career, she is not only an American business woman but also an investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author and a renowned television personality. Barbarian is a famous rich personality. Barbara is the founder of the Corcoran Group and Barbara Corcoran Inc. She has a two children. She lives in New York City, New York. Talking about her education she did B.Ed. from St. Thomas Aquinas College. She is a famous ‘shark’ investor on ABC’s Shark Tank. She has two children Katie Corcoran and Tom Corcoran. These two children are from her spouse Bill Higgins. William Edward Higgins (Bill Higgins) was a professional baseball player. He played against Boston Beaneaters in 1888 and Syracuse Stars in 1890.

Early Life


Barbara Ann Corcoran is graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College taking a degree of B.Ed. in education in the year 1971. After her college she moved on to various other works for the occupation. First of all. She gave lectures in the schools and a side job of renting apartments in New York City, New York. She always wanted to be independent and never wanted to work under some. Barbara wanted to be her boss, so in 1973 she co-founded a real Estate business, The Corcoran Group. She co-founded the Corcoran Group along with her boyfriend who took a loan $1,000 loan. Later on she started publishing materials. She began publishing The Corcoran Report on real state data trends in the New York City in the mid-1970s. Currently Barbara Ann Corcoran resides in the New York City along with her second husband Bill and two children.



Barbara is a wonderful speaker. She also wrote many books and featured in various shows. She wrote columns for the magazine, More Magazine, the Daily Review, New York daily News and Redbook including the shows such as Larry King Live. She speaks at the real estate events and is a known famous business consultant. She does this consulting work through her consulting and television production business that is Barbara Group Inc. she is a host in various  shows like NBC’s Today Show and CNNC’s ‘The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran’.  Some of her published known works include ‘If you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails: and other lessons I learned from my mom’, Nextville: Amazing places to love your life and Shark tales: how I turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business.



In her interview she told about her everything. It is a very dramatic act, a boy gave her $1,000 and later ditched her, and to take the revenge she turned those $1,000 into billion dollar business. In the year 2001, Barbara sold her Corcoran Group in $70 million. After that she became the feisty face of residential real estate. She then worked for the Big Apple and published four books. She also served as a real estate contributor or the NBC’s Today and ABC”s Shark tank. Her latest book Shark Tales is penned down which take you to her wonderful and remarkable 22 years and how she braved to become millionaire working in 22 more jobs.

She almost broke down first time when her boyfriend one night told her that he is going to marry her secretary. She personally felt very bad and hated her secretary because she was beautiful and was 10 years younger than Barbara. After that she was alone in the ride of life and looks up new opportunities in life. She start renting houses to people and sometimes sell them to people and soon after she went on publishing things about her Corcoran group that how small it is and what big it is achieving.

Doing this as a regular job she had profits of around $80,000 which is really big and when she is about to sell her company she had $5 billion in sales. When she turned 46 she had a baby boy and to become s super mom and take care of him so she sell her company. She is a rich and wonderful entrepreneur today and is a influence to other people also. Once the business has started and you know the skills you can take it to the peaks. This is what she did she just had a spark and to rise and almost working in 22 jobs she became successful entrepreneur and the Barbara Brand.



Barbara Corcoran has a worth $40 million. All her fortune came from the TV shows and the commentary work. Earlier before getting successful in her life she has changed almost twenty jobs before she turned into twenty three age. But when she co-founded her real estate along with her boyfriend taking a loan of $1,000 to start the Group. This was biggest decision ever made and risky but she turned into one of a successful entrepreneur today. From the hit on ABC, ‘Sharks’ her money rose up. From this money she invested in twenty more companies and hence her money starts increasing day by day and multiplies. Her new book “Shark Tales” tell everything about her life including het TV shows, business and venture capitalism.

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